Mega PPs

Last Online - Monday 8th of May 2023
Display Name Elroy Jazz
Member Since May 24, 2008
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 1082-1139


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2-9-2023 10:32 pm EST
I've never seen your camp, welcome back, ar eyou on the forums?
7-15-2016 7:29 pm EST
Welcome back to the game. Get a forum login if you don't have one. New game updates and strategy talked about there.
7-22-2008 12:59 pm EST
Look at this shit! Knocking bitches in the dirt. http://www.mmarmy.com/showfight.php?fight=1104669
Gorilla Brown
Swamp Killers
7-8-2008 5:51 pm EST
http://www.mmarmy.com/fighter_display.php?id=148410 4 and 1/4 stars
Nihon Ichi
7-1-2008 6:31 pm EST
try out footwork and martial arts with your chop down fighters
6-18-2008 8:35 pm EST
CHECK THIS OUT! http://www.mmarmy.com/showfight.php?fight=937684
6-11-2008 9:04 pm EST
http://www.mmarmy.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3470&highlight=style http://www.mmarmy.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=775&highlight=style+choose
Antonio Herrera
Los Luchadors
6-8-2008 8:54 pm EST
camp colors are fun
Glenn Brown
GBs Corinth Boys
6-4-2008 5:10 pm EST
glenn brown is mma
Bill the Thrill
Bolt Action Brawling
5-30-2008 8:03 pm EST
boo boo
5-27-2008 2:12 pm EST
What a bunch of cocksuckers...