Smacku Two

Last Online - Sunday 27th of December 2020
Display Name Smacku
Member Since May 12, 2008
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 9027-6741


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Troops of Doom
11-7-2018 2:29 am EST
Troops of Doom is back :)
5-3-2012 5:12 pm EST
i like your camp, keep on jammin out with your clam out.
10-13-2010 5:39 pm EST
Cool new avatar man
No Surrender
8-25-2010 12:35 pm EST
congrats on 5k
KP Keough
Beast Mode
3-1-2010 9:35 am EST
Congrats on 4k Smack.
1-21-2010 10:43 am EST
Lol, your guys are getting better and better, you should get used to beating me all the time.
Big Ace
12-1-2009 12:18 pm EST
Mr. Smacku - thanks for all the fights and ass whoopins. Look for Groundhogs or MAXX anytime. Big Ace
11-17-2009 12:00 pm EST
back to normal...thanks for the beatings lol
11-10-2009 4:36 pm EST
wow, went 3-0 today...only wrote it cause i respect your camp so much and i never win. thanks for tall the great battles! looking forward to some more in the near future!
SnaPs N TaPs
10-27-2009 5:50 pm EST
I was looking over my fighters records and other camps that they fight rather often and your camp shows up everywhere which means you're a TRIED and TESTED, respectable coach. I appreciate all the fights and it's very refreshing to see an elite coach that's not a part of the crowd that'd rather belittle a camp instead of just fight them. You're a credit to say the least when comparing most other vets in this game. tap
10-25-2009 7:06 pm EST
I like your camp , some tough GNPers
Wiked Deuce Black Cats
Wiked Deuce Black Cats
9-20-2009 2:14 am EST
…I am always rooting for u. just not when u fight me of course…haha.
Wiked Deuce Black Cats
Wiked Deuce Black Cats
9-20-2009 2:13 am EST
ok.so I am posting this on one of your camp pages cause i like all of your camps.I like fighting your guys cause I can always look back and say.”oh this guy fought Smack". and then i know he is adequate. U can ALWAYS send me a challenge, and i will almost always accept. It is good to have a camp like yours in MMArmy. you are #1 of a kind. The’re are probably too many nice things to say about ur camp. I have probably fought u more or about 100 times …and I am down for the next 100. good luck.
Kitten Smacku
Mrs Smacku
4-13-2009 12:34 pm EST
Hi Babe!
3-4-2009 1:16 pm EST
2-15-2009 7:45 pm EST
anytime man much respect to ur camp
1-25-2009 5:19 pm EST
I always enjoy fighting your team...
Smacku Two
5-29-2008 5:00 pm EST
I suck!