Stand Up University

Last Online - Saturday 8th of May 2010
Display Name KO Champ
Member Since Apr 29, 2009
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 307-406


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7-5-2009 2:58 pm EST
Yah ive been in your shoes before and was always pissed when i didnt get the shot so, i didnt want to make an enemy haha. nice camp by the way!
7-4-2009 8:41 pm EST
shit dude, so sorry, didnt see your message until it was too late.- Dino Philips
6-24-2009 6:37 pm EST
or not since it just booted me for being too popular for the organization
6-24-2009 6:36 pm EST
yup next reset just re-challenge him and you can have a fight