Last Online - Friday 4th of August 2017
Display Name PunkazzINC
Member Since Jun 7, 2010
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 1760-1879


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4-5-2017 8:19 pm EST
"You're all a bunch of goddamn, no good, bums! You'll never be anything but bums!" - Trainer Mickey Goldmill to the current roster, AUG 2554
Welsh Warriors
4-29-2014 10:16 am EST
Yo wassup, you facy joining back up with the alliance?
Welsh Warriors
8-25-2012 7:53 am EST
Get yourself back on our forum bro, your in.
8-24-2012 9:39 pm EST
Will get you in now - welcome back bro
8-18-2012 12:00 am EST
Yo Punk hows things? Good to see you back, you want to join back into WDoA?
Welsh Warriors
11-17-2011 1:40 pm EST
Yo Punk - check out the ultimate fighter thread and see if you can get a guy in there.
Soldiers Creed
10-24-2011 8:59 pm EST
Great fight. anytime!
Kim Gym
Kims Gym
9-29-2011 4:43 pm EST
Thanks to you as well
Muay Thai Champions
9-29-2011 4:29 pm EST
no prob bro anytime nice camp u got here
Welsh Warriors
9-17-2011 5:54 am EST
Welcome aboard!
Welsh Warriors
9-9-2011 1:30 am EST
Hi mate only just returned from holidays, we are currently recruiting coaches for our alliance and wondered if you want in? Only thing we ask is for you to post on our sub forum on a regular basis. Register to the forum and PM me, b33rm0n5t3r, and will sort it out from there. Cheers
Team Goat Beard
8-26-2011 11:42 am EST
How did Cole Price retire so early? Did you force him?
Welsh Warriors
8-26-2011 10:39 am EST
Also are you in an alliance? If not we are recruiting at the moment for "Wanted Dead or Alive" brings a new element to the game, I run all the in house competitions, let me know if your interested and will give you a bit more info. Cheers
7-21-2011 8:13 am EST
Cant argue with that. I thought I had seen your screen name there before but I just wanted to check. Good luck with the camp man.
7-18-2011 10:05 pm EST
Hey dude are you on the forums? We are trying to bring more coachs to the forums in hopes of retaining the newer guys. Hit me on on my wall to let me know if you are interested or via PM there. I am grapple420.
12-15-2010 2:02 pm EST
Nice match
Jack the Accountant
Hit Stuff
12-12-2010 10:51 am EST
Hey I noticed you have been using Ippon with one of your fighters and had success. What exactly does a fighter have to be good at to use it?
team tank
8-28-2010 8:57 pm EST
thanks for the shot, but i went to recieve it and it said that " this fighter has already fought in the last reset" so i had to deny it. give it another try?
team tank
8-28-2010 1:41 pm EST
give me a title shot?