Last Online - Sunday 6th of July 2014
Display Name SlNlSTER
Member Since Jul 2, 2013
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 513-238


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Gracie jiuNETsu
10-30-2014 10:27 pm EST
glad this faggot is no longer playing. man this camp was such a pussy ass camp. worst coach ever. style dodging stat raping bitch.
1-3-2014 7:48 pm EST
New event starting on the forum in a week. Join Now!
11-20-2013 2:24 am EST
If you play this game often and you're interested you could become part of the WDOA alliance, we have alliance events that make the game so much more fun for all involved, think about it. Obviously you need to have registered on the forum.
11-19-2013 4:44 am EST
Nice camp man, you part of an alliance?