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2-1-2010 11:49 am EST
DUDE!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11-29-2009 10:42 am EST
Yeah man, we've been fighting a ton. Good stuff.
11-18-2009 4:04 pm EST
Yep... Clobberin' time... that and I like his hair cut... lol
9-21-2009 5:16 pm EST
just as you ask for me to address my problems, i urge you to see a psychiatrist and see what might be hidden in that big closet in your brain. ok? just tryin to help ya
9-7-2009 9:07 pm EST
so jealous?
9-7-2009 4:03 pm EST
haha...just wasnt sure if you were aware of your "problem"
9-6-2009 9:53 pm EST
is the word jealous?
9-6-2009 4:18 pm EST
ok man, ive noticed something and im worried. ive been checking out a few of your fighters' nicknames and worried isnt the word for it. lets name a few: Ass Bandit, KumKum, Urge to Ejaculate, Mushy Testicles, Anal Attacker, Naked Orgasm, Albino Gay, Hide in my Vagina, Masturbating Oat, Crowning Vagina, Itchy Penis, Blew my Wad, Anal Matrix, You so Gay, Anal Bear, I Sex Minors, Gay Co, Frustrated Sexuality, Buttfuck, Pickled Clitoris, Raging Gay, Licked a Stinky Vag, and Frat Boy Date Rapist. ??
9-6-2009 4:14 pm EST
8-23-2009 5:21 am EST
lol...what do you mean? cleto has never missed weight in his career.
Ben A Werewolf
Team Werewolf
8-3-2009 12:27 pm EST
No and no, I don't think I have a real interest in an alliance
8-3-2009 10:15 am EST
Yeah, I'm on the forums, but I don't spend much time there.
Master System
Flying Fortress
6-29-2009 4:10 pm EST
No, I am still on the game.
6-23-2009 3:40 pm EST
LOL! I literally waited over eight months before I got a HW and it was those two worthless pieces of trash! My quest to collect all of the belts will never finish if I cant get one.
5-24-2009 2:26 pm EST
i dont have any sponsers
Master System
Flying Fortress
5-20-2009 4:54 pm EST
I don't need martial arts for now. I am almost mastering the secret to beat GnP with FS. Actually, not every GnPer is able to beat my guys.
Coach K Konrad
Minnesota Maulers
5-19-2009 10:21 pm EST
no i have never visited the forums, why do you ask?
Master System
Flying Fortress
5-18-2009 3:50 pm EST
Yes, but I only spar the PG stats when the fighters get negative stats.
5-8-2009 12:42 am EST
yes... that was me.
jimmy chin wynn
4-30-2009 8:43 pm EST
Tulsa oklahoma man i was recently in a small college town in southern ok, got a physcial training job up here so here i am!
jimmy chin wynn
4-27-2009 8:41 pm EST
Soon i will return ive just relocated because of my job... have been really busy putting in 60 hour work weeks and getting used to the big city life.. going to get high speed back in the next few weeks and i will rebuild from scratch bro! Good Luck and See you in ring soon!
4-24-2009 11:17 am EST
I'm trying to psyche myself up to restart my camp again...
mike callahan
wmb production
4-23-2009 9:34 pm EST
ok i will i will i m you on the forums
mike callahan
wmb production
4-23-2009 3:42 pm EST
hi thank you for the tip your doing prety good
4-16-2009 1:23 am EST
yeah i check the forums but i don't post. why do you ask?
Master System
Flying Fortress
2-15-2009 3:07 pm EST
Yeah, my FS fighters are becoming able to defeat GnPers. I have the ultimate secret, mwahaha
2-9-2009 4:46 pm EST
come on man, that was a close fight and i was gnp against cd... im 13-5 against only top competetion... give me one more shot...
1-3-2009 4:13 pm EST
Wow...I didn't notice I had 3k till you pointed it out. Thx!
12-28-2008 9:21 pm EST
Beb...if you want to have any guys in the alliance tourney post in the thread in ttt forum. it's tomorrow night in delirium, btw. we need more guys with funny nicknames, so hopefully you can join up!
12-23-2008 6:16 pm EST
Beb! Are you alive? Read the pm I sent you!
Pietari Oskari
Viking MMA
11-28-2008 6:02 am EST
Thanks for the fight. "I Sex Minors!" killed the Rave, i'll have to get better.
11-8-2008 8:58 pm EST
Well done! lol - Silvermane
Master System
Flying Fortress
10-21-2008 5:22 pm EST
I´m back to the action. Check out some of my new fighters.
9-24-2008 12:42 am EST
I need more belts.
Master System
Flying Fortress
8-31-2008 1:03 pm EST
Thanks, dude.
team gorilla
8-4-2008 4:56 pm EST
sorry man i was not online...im sad
team gorilla
7-30-2008 10:34 pm EST
welcome beb..i know its going to be fun..
team gorilla
7-30-2008 5:23 pm EST
7-26-2008 6:51 am EST
LOL! I was wondering if you would notice ole Logan "Snikt" lol
team gorilla
7-8-2008 1:47 am EST
hehehe...im just fascinated with them...btw it seems you like madonna...why?
7-3-2008 12:56 pm EST
Yeah, I believe it is, even though he's not the reason I want to go, Kimbo trains there. "Chainsaw" Charles McCarthy used to train there as well.
7-3-2008 10:28 am EST
Wait a minute...you had a fighter named Goro Fujimoto? Did the server give you that name? The reason I'm asking was because last september I roleplayed at Gfed Wrestling as Goro Fujimoto who I made into a badass MMA fighter. That is one funny coincidence.
7-3-2008 10:26 am EST
Nope, to be honest I don't really have time. I'm on vacation right now, and after vacation ends, I plan on moving to Florida where I hope to join the Freestyle Fight Academy, not as a fighter, just to learn.
7-3-2008 6:52 am EST
While GnP is the preferred style, sometimes fighters like Hugh Mitchell have skill sets that need to be showcased. As time passes and the camp improves, we'll be able to train more ground n pound. I'm impressed by how strong your camp is.