The Axe Murderers

Last Online - Monday 11th of April 2011
Display Name WandyGuyPerson
Member Since Mar 1, 2009
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 1093-1077


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3-22-2011 8:16 pm EST
I saw you joined GC, if you ever want any CS tips, or have any for me, hit me up. Good luck man, glad to have you
3-19-2011 6:01 am EST
Im ready to go CS vs CS anytime brother!! haha
Eleven Lounge
3-5-2011 4:25 pm EST
no problem man
Eleven Lounge
3-5-2011 12:36 pm EST
well ur best option to getting ur stats up high is 2 have one primary style. over time this will allow u 2 get ur sats as high as all the top camps u see. usually u have a style u can switch 2 if u r fighting someone who will kill ur primary style. if not build up a second style that will win against the guys that rape, or beat ur primary style.
deeez nuts
the ball sack
1-23-2011 12:03 pm EST
gota luv those shoulder throws eh :D good fight meng
5-11-2009 8:39 pm EST
no problem
sick of you too
are you stupid
4-27-2009 9:07 pm EST
no problem bro. im learning the game as well, but i have realized that guys that go 8pts or Chop Down or Fast Feet all get ate up by Jui Jitsu guys(Flying Subs or Pull Guard). so just spar some brawling and get it up to around 2 1/2 to 3 stars and you can counter them guys. good luck bro.
4-19-2009 4:24 pm EST
Thanks bro, how does next shot sound? send me a challenge tommorow morning.-Ernest Wilson
Sukh Klass
King Cobra
4-4-2009 10:50 am EST
Cheers mate it was a good fight, some of your guys are to light for weightclass move them a division down. Train patterson and howard in power and you will win more.
The Axe Murderers
3-10-2009 1:49 pm EST
I want a rematch!