Last Online - Saturday 19th of April 2014
Display Name Coldballsny
Member Since Mar 1, 2009
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Overall Record 6718-6248


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Goodkid MMA
4-28-2014 6:48 pm EST
Hello sir, I belong to The Lebowski Crime Syndicate alliance on the forums. We are looking for active coaches to join our alliance. Some of the best coaches in MMArmy history are in our alliance, and we are looking to add one more! You! We want you to join our alliance! I am "GoodkidCC" on the forums. Join the forums and send me a PM sir. We want YOU to be the next member of TLCS. We are hands down the greatest group of players looking for our next brother in arms. Join the forums! Join us!
420 Fight Club
3-11-2014 11:10 am EST
no problem man. welcome back to the game.
8-21-2011 5:41 am EST
haha thanks man
7-27-2011 4:28 pm EST
Thanks man, I'm slowly learning. Some guy is mad at me about not giving him the shot, even though I challenged the #2 ranked. Is this a rule I don't know about?
Flying Armbars
7-21-2011 5:04 pm EST
fair enough. if not us then another alliance eventually. ur a great coach, ud be an asset to any team :)
Flying Armbars
7-11-2011 1:14 pm EST
cmon! join the mod! with the loss of a few coaches we need u now more then ever!
Mister Judo
7-1-2011 5:38 pm EST
lol sorry for the damage but ty for the fights! :P
Mister Judo
7-1-2011 3:19 pm EST
thanks for the efc shot, good fight
Mister Judo
6-30-2011 8:57 pm EST
yeah i seen that man! congrats. however i run flying armbars also and rein pettersons comming for u! lol
Mister Judo
6-29-2011 6:28 am EST
notta problem i love fighting ur camps u got some unique builds. also what chief said! v lol
6-22-2011 1:20 am EST
Thanks. Come join us in MoD already.
6-5-2011 10:02 am EST
That makes a lot of sense. Thanks!
6-3-2011 4:44 pm EST
Thanks man! Now if only my fighters with the best stats didn't have chins made of tissue paper I'd be set. Thanks for all the help.
5-21-2011 6:45 pm EST
I was thinking of going HKK and CS, but I dunno if that's smart. I'll pm you. Thanks!
5-21-2011 5:01 pm EST
Hey man, I'm kind of new, and you have a seriously awesome striking camp. Any tips on using counterstrike?
Mister Judo
5-15-2011 3:06 pm EST
lol thanks for understanding. nice camp u got cola
5-8-2011 5:37 am EST
Yea good fights man. You won the series today lol..
Team Laughing Gas
3-25-2011 6:43 pm EST
Thanks, man. Good win. -Zeke
The Axe Murderers
3-24-2011 5:14 pm EST
Haha yeah, nice K.O! And alright will do.
Team Laughing Gas
3-23-2011 5:25 pm EST
Damn, I forgot to set my styles.
The Axe Murderers
3-23-2011 1:49 pm EST
Thanks man, I would love to hear any tips you have!
2-13-2011 3:06 pm EST
Yeah He Took Exception To Me Pointing Out That He's Feeding, But He Seems To Have Chilled Out Now Lol!
2-4-2011 12:38 pm EST
well pun sir
1-31-2011 7:33 pm EST
hehe yeah. nice matches, completely forgot aboutSnB posibility there in the first match... you just turned my good reset bad. lol. thanks for the fights.
1-30-2011 7:56 am EST
No no alliance, I don't have the time to spend with one
1-26-2011 3:37 pm EST
Hey notice your EFC WW champ retired after beating my guy. Tough luck bro, he was a good fighter.
1-22-2011 5:22 am EST
When I recruited Warwick I always thought he was gonna be an EFC champ. Hopefully he gets it done
1-21-2011 5:23 am EST
Good fights. Your guys are huge WW. 200 and 201 pounds is insane. For some reason my CD switch doesn't work very well and those two guys are very streaky. I'm hoping Warwick is going to win the title @ 205 he is a giant.
New Chapter
1-20-2011 8:49 pm EST
Thanks. yeah, doing pretty decent so far with them. Goodluck to you too
1-19-2011 4:21 pm EST
Yeah, I love it. You seem to have my number atm, though. Good job.
1-11-2011 5:05 pm EST
No doubt. Keep working on the style though, one beast is all it takes to accomplish your goal. BTW congrats on the EFC belt win.
1-11-2011 5:15 am EST
I got sent to holland on business for two weeks and my guys all retired...im trying to build it back up now, but they are sending me back again on friday. when i get back on the 28th i will be in full force and not going anywhere for a while.
1-9-2011 9:36 am EST
http://mmarmy.com/showfight.php?fight=4107797 FINALLY!!!
1-3-2011 1:10 pm EST
You beat my guys up this set lol
1-1-2011 1:03 pm EST
GL man, CS/SnB is a tough build to win with but if you get a stud, you might win a few belts at the top level. If you see my guys around lets throw down some CS/CS Wars.
12-31-2010 6:19 pm EST
12-25-2010 4:07 am EST
Im glad you picked up at least one win there. I was feeling guilty. Merry X-Mas :)
gate master
push off me
12-19-2010 12:41 pm EST
i thank you for that great battle
12-15-2010 4:18 am EST
I graduated in 88 from NFA. I am old bastich, but i still party hard, haha.
12-14-2010 1:25 pm EST
Nice, i still make it up that way all the time. My family still lives in Newburgh. Im in New City now...Not too far away.
12-14-2010 7:16 am EST
Haha, thats awesome! I interned at Monroe High School for guidance Counseling.
12-13-2010 6:07 pm EST
Haha, what part of ny are you from? I live in rockland county now, but grew up in newburgh.
12-9-2010 6:37 pm EST
Nope :)
12-9-2010 5:13 am EST
Hey buddy. Are you from NY?
Athlon MMA
11-29-2010 8:47 pm EST
It's going well. PM me if you need any more information!
m00nd0g Andys KO camp
duck 0r bleed
11-27-2010 2:17 pm EST
U interested in joining an Alliance?
11-7-2010 2:36 pm EST
good fight
10-11-2010 9:17 am EST
Rematch at 7 please BETO VEGA
8-27-2010 7:22 pm EST
im doing fairly well so far... I'm still debating what im going to use as a switch tho.
Big Losers
8-26-2010 7:44 pm EST
yeah he is undersized, but was stacked as a baby with stats so i use him as a trainer, he has crappy hiddens too cause he loses a lot of fights with lighter lws. i'm fighting him as a hw for the rest of this contract as it is a gaol of mine to beat a hw with a lw, so far i'm like 0-10 in that challenge.
8-22-2010 4:37 pm EST
haha i figured i'd give it one more shot. your guy must have some good hiddens.
8-22-2010 10:17 am EST
yeah, thought i had that one in the bag. good fight.
KP Keough
Beast Mode
8-10-2010 5:11 pm EST
Thanks. Much respect to RockHard too.
7-31-2010 9:45 am EST
I always try to find fights vs a fighter with a better ranking them mine, first.
Athlon MMA
7-23-2010 12:53 pm EST
You should join the forums! You have a solid camp and there a lot of good guys on there. I have an alliance that is looking to expand if you're interested. My name on the forums here and Sherdog is PhilCam
Athlon MMA
7-23-2010 5:29 am EST
Thanks for the fights - I'm sure we'll match up again in the future. Are you on the forums?