Athlon MMA

Last Online - Tuesday 1st of June 2021
Display Name PhilCam
Member Since Jun 20, 2009
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 13041-12165


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6-9-2021 4:54 am EST
PhilCam!!! Welcome back!!!
5-2-2021 2:12 am EST
eyes off her man, shes my future wife, albeit unwillingly
5-1-2021 1:23 pm EST
PhilCam! Great to see you buddy :D
6-17-2016 7:51 am EST
6-15-2016 12:37 pm EST
Here we go once again. Time to shine or whine! PM reset... EFC WW Title on the line. Who wants it more?
6-14-2016 12:54 pm EST
I forgot to renew contract. Can I expect a fight for the title at reser?
6-10-2016 4:04 am EST
Okay Buddy, It is your time to shine, or whine! Step right up for the EFC WW Title Fight.
6-4-2016 6:02 am EST
Not too bad. Living in KC now, got married, and getting ready to have a kid anytime.
6-3-2016 4:41 pm EST
Good to see you are still doing this! I'm just getting started back up. How are things?
David Nuamah
Camp Spartan Lion
5-16-2016 12:16 pm EST
Honored to beat a veteran like yourself, good fight man!
4-19-2016 10:55 am EST
Good to see you back Phil!
3-30-2016 6:22 pm EST
welcome back buddy :)
3-28-2016 3:09 am EST
I'm in love with you Phil
9-9-2014 9:39 am EST
Good fight Phil :)
8-25-2014 6:31 am EST
Don't be sad, you kicked one of my better guys ass.
Maike Garcia
Garcias Fighter
8-22-2014 1:28 pm EST
understand, and you put your fighters in an organization after how long after recruitment? I will start to write the date of recruitment.
Maike Garcia
Garcias Fighter
8-20-2014 7:57 pm EST
yes, it happened to me, hence I had to go to another organization and he wanted to continue, thanks for the help, good night
Maike Garcia
Garcias Fighter
8-20-2014 7:52 pm EST
but all fighters are able to get 5 stars this attribute? I realized it, I was the weekend without a fight and had lost the contract = /
Maike Garcia
Garcias Fighter
8-20-2014 7:23 pm EST
yes, but as my fighter is able to stop training boxing with three stars and one can get to 5, or all reach the maximum of each attribute? and how long can I stay without fighting a fighter without losing the contract?
Maike Garcia
Garcias Fighter
8-20-2014 7:02 pm EST
and I also know that each fighter is able to stop training a specific attribute earlier than others?
Maike Garcia
Garcias Fighter
8-20-2014 7:02 pm EST
and I also know that each fighter is able to stop training a specific attribute earlier than others?
Maike Garcia
Garcias Fighter
8-20-2014 5:13 pm EST
Even as time runs out to fight without losing the contract?
Maike Garcia
Garcias Fighter
8-20-2014 12:34 pm EST
I would love to go to the forums, which are only in English dai is kind of hard for me, I have to use google translator also
Sticky Green MMA
7-14-2014 9:02 am EST
good battles dude
7-7-2014 8:58 pm EST
Always fun amigo! I can count on getting fights no matter what when we are on!
Talon Wing
6-20-2014 7:15 am EST
You got an awesome camp, I just can't help myself.
Muay Thai Champions
5-28-2014 7:25 pm EST
thanks for the fights you are a good dude
5-28-2014 5:09 pm EST
Phil I think it's even...and you need to join forces with me and the rest of ALLIANCE
5-28-2014 4:16 pm EST
good to see you back phil!
5-7-2014 8:13 am EST
Can't fuss the Rus, m8.
Jack the Accountant
Hit Stuff
1-30-2011 5:28 pm EST
Hey, I was wondering what four things do you train to use the style fast feet. I primarily use 8 points of contact to use muay thai, footwork, speed, and power. It looks like fast feets is something similar.
Athlon MMA
1-26-2011 9:52 am EST
Chayo Vargas
Athlon MMA
1-23-2011 9:39 pm EST
Jack Thompson
Athlon MMA
1-19-2011 10:11 am EST
Christofor Vargas
Athlon MMA
1-9-2011 12:53 pm EST
Palo Guit
Athlon MMA
1-3-2011 7:28 am EST
JT Stewart
Athlon MMA
1-2-2011 7:48 am EST
Sidney Walker
Athlon MMA
1-1-2011 7:13 am EST
Jones Cox
Camp Connect
12-12-2010 2:11 pm EST
nothing ur camp looks familiar and i was wondering if ur Philcam? cuz im hellrazer on the forums
Camp Connect
12-12-2010 1:26 pm EST
nothing ur camp looks familiar and i was wondering if ur Philcam? cuz im hellrazer on the forums
Camp Connect
12-12-2010 9:31 am EST
11-29-2010 7:11 pm EST
So how is the Gladiator Coalition going? Ur Team and Spidey have me interested, considering you are the two established camps
11-24-2010 9:57 am EST
This camp sucks, man. If I cut Brown, I 'll get above .500, but I think he has some necessary stats ..
11-17-2010 2:31 pm EST
That sucks man. Just keep grinding away, it'll all work itself out in the end.
11-12-2010 8:59 am EST
Yah I haven't been as active as I use to be mainly because school has been kickin my ass. Ever since I almost got booted from school I've had to really bust my ass and get good grades so I can finish in May. I still play everyday, I just don't get on the forums but once or twice a week. Hows your school goin?
11-12-2010 6:33 am EST
Hows it going bud? Long time no talk.
grizzys monstas
10-8-2010 4:48 pm EST
Thanks man...who did u fight?...not really on the forums...i need to tho lol culd always use some camp advice
9-30-2010 1:27 pm EST
Hey Jack, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am on the forums, I don't tend to post too often though. It is a great source of information. I'm not too familiar with camp discussion on the forum. Good luck with your camp!
9-6-2010 9:06 pm EST
i know homie no offense taken go BH
9-6-2010 5:21 pm EST
lmao ok Mr I switch to sio against me usually hmmm if you wanted a straight PL vs Gnp battle we can do it anytime we fight if you leave me a message saying so straight gnp/gnp vs pl/pl
The Captain
The Fighting 15th
8-23-2010 4:54 am EST
I'm Smiley Mcgee on the Forums, please send me a pm. I don't want anyone to think I'm not going to defend a title properly if I get it.
The Captain
The Fighting 15th
8-22-2010 6:43 pm EST
I'm perfectly willing to debate quality of wins, but it is unfair, and wrong to say I'm not paying attention.
The Captain
The Fighting 15th
8-22-2010 6:41 pm EST
I disagree. I feel like I did a pretty diligent job of picking out the correct opponents. I posted who I intended to fight in what order for all to see, and if you thought differently you had every chance to say so. Either way IMO your were not as worthy as either the person I fought or Gamboa.
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
7-29-2010 7:18 am EST
Like anyone in this game gives a fuck what you think GSP Nuthuggery. Your whole "I wanna be like Phreak" crap means nothing to anyone. Loser. Keep wishing your camp was worth a damn.
7-26-2010 6:06 am EST
Blacklisted, when you want to change the way you play PM me to be removed.
7-23-2010 5:43 am EST
I play it by ear on the forums, they are worse then sherdog on there...
7-22-2010 8:33 pm EST
Nice camp u got man...first time I think I fought you.
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
6-17-2010 6:07 pm EST
Thanks for KO`ing me man. Haha
Blitzkrieg Penguin
Penguin Master
5-16-2010 7:51 pm EST
Sounds good. Good luck!
3-4-2010 9:55 am EST
Sorry about that then , Athlon
scott cooley
2-26-2010 1:58 pm EST
i apologize...sometimes i forget who i've challenged....just trying to get fights...sometimes i challenge everyone in the org and i'll go outside of the weight class. but if you are ranked higher than my fighter than expect a challenge. i don't care how many fights a person has....just don't accept the fight than there won't ever be an issue. BELLY
1-20-2010 4:28 pm EST
Have you decided what alliance you are going to join?
Peter Parker
Spider Sense Team
1-9-2010 8:28 pm EST
keep pulling gay then..
12-22-2009 7:30 pm EST
I'm sure we will man and good luck to you
12-21-2009 5:23 pm EST
Hey man im sorry for coming off like a dick and hope there is no hard feelings just hard to get fights most times so my bad.
12-21-2009 1:16 pm EST
yea because that is what i do stfu and look at my guy i fight bad styles all the time, also it is part of the game and being scared is not
10th Planet
11-16-2009 4:26 pm EST
congrats on your first EFC title
Team 7 Eleven
11-6-2009 4:53 pm EST
hahaha look like we are even now.. you got a nice camp keep up the good work..
9-25-2009 7:59 am EST
Alliance sounds good, count me in.
9-24-2009 9:00 pm EST
How does an alliance work? And, how do I get in?
9-19-2009 11:18 pm EST
Yeah, I'm on forums, klok. TLCS alliance
9-18-2009 8:39 am EST
I gave the shot to a guy on a 3 streak with similar opponents to you and another 2 streaker. Im vacating now so you still get your love :)
8-1-2009 8:17 am EST
Yeah. I use the same name as here (vorlik). Don't post that much but you can find me in the general talk and once in a while the MMA (real life) forum.
7-17-2009 1:10 pm EST
LOL has thinned out the herd with the firings of four Russian nobodies, strengthening its core. This, with the firing of Wanderlai Feijo, allows for a hardened base . . . especially if we could get some championship-level recruiting.
7-7-2009 5:07 am EST
2-2, bastard.