Justified Ancient Temple

Last Online - Friday 8th of July 2022
Display Name Sethnacht
Member Since Feb 21, 2008
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 10782-8104


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9-3-2015 5:14 am EST
Hey, sent you a PM on the forum.
8-6-2015 8:43 pm EST
I sent you the Apr 2453 EFC mw shot. If you don't accept that reset please decline in June 2453 so I can send out the shot the to most worthy that reset.
5-1-2015 8:23 am EST
Hey, sent you a PM on the forum.
4-29-2015 4:54 am EST
Don't hate me cos you aint me ;)
Dragon Lung
4-28-2015 6:56 am EST
Hey Seth, hit me up on forum if you get a chance. Could use one of your guys in an alliance event tonight if you're up for it. - BlimBlapZing
Master Reude
Reidige Schleich UK
2-17-2015 6:07 am EST
was ned, 2 wochn, owa nur sehr sporadisch ;)
1-14-2015 5:43 pm EST
Hey Seth it's Chief the owner. We have an alliance event that just started and the alliance Unchained is down a member. Grapple420 went to that alliance and i think your are unaffilliated at the moment. Could you please join them and compete in the event with them. This event is going for the next week or two. I'd really appreciate if you could help them out.
11-20-2014 2:20 am EST
Good fights seth!
11-7-2014 4:22 am EST
Owned me this reset!
Mister Judo
11-1-2014 6:22 am EST
right on the buzzer to ya dickface! lol
Mister Judo
7-19-2014 6:43 am EST
i like it. feels like a grandmothers house but its nice lol
7-17-2014 6:12 am EST
No problem. Good fight.
7-11-2014 4:36 am EST
Stopped in for a visit and nobody was home. Took a look around. Hope you don't mind. Nice looking camp. Congrats and GL!
Sick Puppy MMA
7-3-2014 1:10 am EST
Im an Ancient of Muu Muu. I wouldnt forget.
Sick Puppy MMA
6-30-2014 8:43 pm EST
hey welcome back man
5-12-2013 4:28 am EST
Three splits and a KO. Ouch! ;)
4-30-2013 1:10 pm EST
Thanks for not style ducking bro...You have a great camp and are a pleasure to fight against.
3-19-2013 8:26 pm EST
SOCAT's Heavyweight division is alive, anyone with Heavyweight fighters heading into 4th tier ORGS please put them in SOCAT to keep it alive! It just adds more to the game, thank you.
3-8-2013 2:29 pm EST
No, you entered Bif "Steak" Cloutier into ***Standup Sizzler*** ... i wanted Christian "Darmhaubitze" Jodoin in ***Standup Sizzler 4*** ... but i've had to fill the spots myself now.
3-8-2013 1:00 am EST
You not entering your fighter?
3-5-2013 7:57 am EST
I invite ***Christian "Darmhaubitze" Jodoin*** to participate in my upcoming tournament ***Standup Sizzler 4***
2-14-2013 9:11 am EST
The tournament is READY!!! Change your fighter styles to what is needed.
2-13-2013 7:32 am EST
I would like you to enter the following fighter into my tournament called ***Standup Sizzler*** - ***Bif "Steak" Cloutier** or ***Christian "Darmhaubitze" Jodoin***
2-13-2013 5:26 am EST
NO TOKENS needed for the tournament, so enter and prove who's the best
2-13-2013 2:50 am EST
I would like you to enter the following fighter into my tournament called ***Standup Sizzler*** - ***Bif "Steak" Cloutier**
2-4-2013 4:41 am EST
Kickin mas ARSE today...thanks for the fights
Ben A Werewolf
Team Werewolf
1-25-2013 4:38 am EST
Thanks for all the fights lately!
1-8-2013 6:04 am EST
No worries bro it was more of a cheeky shot.
Mister Judo
12-14-2012 6:52 am EST
new tourny! please sign up
Master Reude
Reidige Schleich UK
12-11-2012 9:52 pm EST
@Ragnarök: schoarf schoarf! rrrrh
11-9-2012 3:25 pm EST
so lately have you been going pure 8pts?
11-7-2012 10:32 pm EST
camps looking good man, keep it up.
10-4-2012 12:40 am EST
Thanks for the fights. War m.o.d!!!
Mister Judo
9-14-2012 9:14 am EST
new tourny! (mod league season 3) sign up!
Flying Armbars
5-19-2012 2:12 pm EST
ranking means nothing its all about activity. amount and quality of wins. check ur pm's on the forums (flashing envelope up top)
Flying Armbars
5-19-2012 3:22 am EST
I'm sorry if I came off like a douche bro I just Ddnt wanna end up on the list myself by fighting u. Much respect for taking the time to post :) for what it's worth me and my alliance (the merchants of death) will give u shots- Mr. Judo
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
1-24-2012 8:56 pm EST
Any of your Brits wanna join my tourney?
Mister Judo
9-18-2011 5:17 pm EST
hey man any interest in an alliance? i know uve been asked b4 but i think an alliance could add new excitement for u. try it if its not for u then u can quit. what do ya say?
9-7-2011 4:51 am EST
Good Fights Buddy, You Make Matt Hughes Your Bitch!
4-15-2011 6:09 am EST
I was a young buck back then so I just remember it being a wierd ass song with one of my Dad's favorite country singers in it. Pretty sure I had the cassette single of it! Anyways, I am in the MoD alliance on the forums, and if you are ever interested in joining, let me know. It doesnt take a ton of time to be a member, and it just adds to the MMARMY experience. Let me know if your interested. Either way, good luck with your camp!
4-12-2011 2:04 pm EST
Everytime I see your camp, I think of that old KLF song. Ancients of Muu Muu! Haha, are you on the forums man?