Tobikan Judan

Last Online - Tuesday 16th of July 2024
Display Name Turbo
Member Since Oct 20, 2011
Active Record 322-239
Overall Record 23909-21213


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3-26-2024 2:49 pm EST
peeps are getting mad with u my friend, it means that you´re too much good!!! NICE! cheers always!
3-3-2024 4:51 pm EST
Hoop you're mum's forehead goof means stick you're mom's head up you're ass, Now do you understand what type of insult is that?
3-2-2024 6:34 pm EST
Get a life loser, catching feeling over a fucking game. dude grow up!
2-10-2024 3:35 pm EST
Hoop you're mum's forehead goof.
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
2-8-2024 5:11 pm EST
I'm excited to pound your fuckin lights out one last time.
12-25-2023 11:00 am EST
cheers my friend, great fights always
6-19-2023 7:10 am EST
Number 1 P4P Camp n Number P4P fighter Mar 2932
Heart FC
6-17-2023 12:07 pm EST
Ippon is the greatest eva!! Actually Clock and Lock is the greatest eva but right now IPPO.!!!
6-14-2023 5:14 am EST
P4P number 1 camp may 2931
Heart FC
5-5-2023 1:16 am EST
whats up buddy. still having fun?
1-23-2023 11:15 am EST
You must love the MMARMY to come on your phone to play lol. I am on my phone now. It's a little different and used to take me longer, now now so much. Increase the size with my fingers and no big deal, but if you are not used to it lol.
Crazy KO Camp
1-1-2023 9:53 am EST
Happy New Year!
Crazy KO Camp
12-12-2022 1:10 pm EST
Same thing like I was champ and gave his out of division guy the shot without even seeing it
Crazy KO Camp
12-12-2022 1:09 pm EST
No worries. Seriously not bugged by it at all. More so putting it on your radar. Same thing happened to me like a week ago with his camp
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
8-31-2022 12:22 pm EST
Thank you for the titleshot. It was actually quite good of a fight. Kind of like a Rocky story, although Jerry wasn't able to go the distance. Rematch?
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
7-23-2022 7:53 am EST
Holy crap lol! The Stomper might actually just be the chosen one.
Patches O Houlihan
Average Joes Gym
10-3-2021 10:21 am EST
Say what bruh?!?! Ain’t none of my fighters scared !! Who you calling chicken!!?!!!
Patches O Houlihan
Average Joes Gym
9-28-2021 11:13 am EST
Idk what kinda horseshit ?? Lol you the yr 3 fighter with 2 different stats at 3.5?? That guys a savage
Heart FC
4-14-2021 8:55 am EST
damnit i wondered why i didn't have those Turbo challenges today
Mister Judo
4-14-2021 4:06 am EST
Lowest it’s been in months atm. Checking out soon I think
Itagaki Gym
4-10-2021 7:16 pm EST
Good, Turbo, back at that mmarmy grind!
Heart FC
2-28-2021 11:59 am EST
barney mcgrew is light on his feet, he eats stinky meats and farts in the sheets.
Heart FC
2-26-2021 9:01 am EST
barney mcgrew wears little shoes
11-28-2020 8:10 am EST
lets wrestle blyat
11-28-2020 8:10 am EST
send me location
11-27-2020 3:57 am EST
welcome back mate! Join the forums if you haven't already :)
10-6-2015 6:01 pm EST
OooK, Tip one to you!
10-5-2015 11:25 am EST
I don't understand the comment you left on my camp's page. Hmmm???
10-1-2015 4:43 am EST
Thanks for the compliment on Parker. I'm expecting big things.
Welsh Warriors
9-23-2015 11:21 am EST
Gonna wait for Title Auto Shot mate, otherwise will accept.
9-10-2015 11:50 am EST
Turbo, your a crazy warrior with chasing my GnP'er with you PG boys lol! Your great
6-23-2015 2:44 pm EST
grow up lol? you ran your mouth on my wall first boy.
6-22-2015 8:09 am EST
you talking shit on my wall. you would rather me find a bad style matchup for my fighter instead of giving out a proper title shot?
6-17-2015 6:08 pm EST
Just curious, i know your a awesome coach and it seemed like you were hunting down my hkk guys with your pg. I hespect that you dont shy away from sending challanges that have the advantage over you...i just figured you were going to win all 3 fights because you figured out some pg wizardry and was going to spank me lol
6-15-2015 3:12 am EST
Thanks for the fights. Are you testing sonething?
Team VlP
4-21-2015 6:10 am EST
Yup, started about 2 weeks ago.
Ashwin Rajnish
Team TMA
3-4-2015 6:04 pm EST
Maybe we'll end this with a third fight someday.
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
2-27-2015 5:04 pm EST
Thanks dude. Much appreciated. I'm happy with how Skip turned out. I like to try and fight everyone regardless of weight. I'm definitely pumped that he's number 1 and 255lbs though. Anyways thanks again Turbo.
Heart FC
12-23-2014 9:09 pm EST
you often have these potentially good dudes who could maybe get a shot at EFC gold who hang around in Prelliator to long and miss their window.
Heart FC
11-28-2014 1:48 pm EST
yea go gnp with PG stats i would love that
11-25-2014 4:35 pm EST
I gotta stop feeding your FS guys wins!
Heart FC
11-24-2014 5:25 pm EST
i didn't mean you personally lol just your fighter, i have no idea what that flag is on that dude. looks English a with the cross but then some symbol i dunno.
Joao Rua
Evolve MMA
11-24-2014 4:18 pm EST
Feel free to challenge any of my GnP guys with your PG camp too, or your GnP camp can feel free to challenge my PtP guys. Share the love to all this holiday season.
The Godfather
859 Academy
10-5-2014 6:14 am EST
Thanks you too
Heart FC
7-31-2014 11:08 pm EST
i was saying my guys were bums. but thats because they are but you are right. your fighters are bums. haha, i'm tired of your whole bummy operation you can facotry
8-11-2013 1:37 pm EST
Turbo quote ' Poor Benny is he upset :( You getting TUF sorted bro' poor Benny is now LW EFC champ, beating P4P 1
7-27-2013 11:57 pm EST
Come on turbo, ive put you as head coach in the WDOA TUF, get in it you Brummy ozzy look a like you.
7-18-2013 2:06 pm EST
Aha yea look like it did haha and yea I recon ah :)
7-15-2013 2:15 pm EST
Haha yea he was a superstar
7-15-2013 4:20 am EST
All good bruv he retired so will never ever know
Drake Munday
Hardcore Uproar
6-13-2013 8:18 am EST
Conditioning is needed for PTP.
5-7-2013 1:26 pm EST
4-27-2013 3:25 am EST
Stopped by for a visit but no one was home. I looked around a bit, home you don't mind. Nice camp you have going for yourself. You are well on your way to completing the belt set. Keep up the good work and I'll see you in the cage. :)
4-19-2013 12:46 pm EST
dave tuff
irish maniacs
4-18-2013 2:27 pm EST
thanks and good fight to you too
l n3wm4n l
Cymry Warriors
3-21-2013 5:36 am EST
LOL and i did have you on stats though and you probably haven't been training your camp properly either so he will bounce back bud
l n3wm4n l
Cymry Warriors
3-21-2013 5:27 am EST
gutted bro you could always do a lap of honor round the library while streaking :-)
3-13-2013 7:40 pm EST
where. I don't see him.
2-25-2013 4:40 am EST
yeah you as well, feel free to send me a challenge anytime. KentB
Welsh Warriors
1-11-2013 10:48 am EST
"The Unit" yeah pity i have not trained the guys properly and also missed about a week when the game was screwed with a virus over xmas.
11-1-2012 8:30 am EST
Welcome back broski
9-22-2012 1:06 pm EST
Lol good fight mate and he is an alright of a fighter :)
4-19-2012 11:17 am EST
you to man !!
4-18-2012 3:57 am EST
I like to blast with GnP :)
Vince McMahon Jr Jr Jr
We Will Fight Mexico
4-11-2012 5:49 pm EST
We Will Fight & We Will Fight Mexico are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
Flying Armbars
4-4-2012 5:40 am EST
lol im a youngin (20) but ive trained martial arts my whole life. 11 years of Judo and got a brown belt. alway focused more on the sun aspect then the throws though. i moved away from my club though but im training muay thai now so i get i might be clinching with ya with other intentions in the future :P
Flying Armbars
4-3-2012 12:19 pm EST
i always like fighting fellow jj guys. im 1 of the few that stuck with it so its nice to fight the new breed
3-29-2012 1:16 pm EST
He's a trainer. Never meant to fight with him but near the end of his career I thought throw him in.
Boxing 101
3-20-2012 4:35 pm EST
Congrats on your first EFC belt man I just got mine a few weeks ago.
3-11-2012 1:35 pm EST
Thanks man, and cheers for getting me involved. :)
3-8-2012 12:20 am EST
That's pretty logical thinking, I'm up for joining. Sounds like it'll be fun. :)
3-6-2012 8:05 am EST
I'll try and get back into it. Learn the styles etc. Then when I'm a bit improved I'll come hang. I hate not being good at things.
3-6-2012 12:27 am EST
I am apparently stupid and don't follow the comments tab. I'm not exactly active enough for an alliance in terms of talking and such. (As you can see from being half a month late with this. :))
jimmy chin wynn
2-15-2012 10:32 am EST
lol hope to fight you soon bro good luck with your camp its looking good
jimmy chin wynn
2-15-2012 10:25 am EST
good fight man
2-10-2012 5:12 am EST
I'm not, never have been. Played years ago for a short while then got back into it recently.
12-31-2011 3:20 am EST
nice gogo win
12-26-2011 4:55 am EST
11-22-2011 1:35 am EST
Godd luck keeping the title. Was a fantastic fight!
11-22-2011 1:34 am EST
Hey my fighter Brook "The Breaker" Lundy just lost to your fighter Hank Hamilton. Good victory but i was wondering if a rematch was possible as my fighter is the highest ranker in the Division?