Dynamo Training

Last Online - Tuesday 16th of July 2024
Display Name Fedor McGeeno
Member Since May 25, 2008
Active Record 393-256
Overall Record 23093-16314


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7-16-2024 4:57 am EST
Fedor I like you but if a fighter pop is not high enough to move them up what do you want.
7-9-2024 3:47 pm EST
I move my fights up when their contracts run out, these fighters you have mentioned are not even that good and their POP does not allow me to bro
5-23-2024 4:51 pm EST
thanks bud you too. stop beating all my guys now.
Sadaharu Oh Dojo
5-16-2024 10:55 pm EST
Thanks for the kind words. Always a pleasure doing battle. Game needs ya!
Adam Dyke
4-27-2024 6:00 pm EST
I appreciate the insight, I'm sure I will fuck up again but I'll do my best to learn when I do haha You're an absolute gem, and I appreciate the kind words. You have also made a pretty successful transition back haha always happy to swang and bang with you brah
Adam Dyke
4-27-2024 4:43 am EST
It does makes sense haha, I appreciate the info. Is this stuff somewhere in writing in the 'by laws' that I can read before I mistakenly assume that I know the rules haha I'm gonna end up being a shit head again without even realizing what I'm doing, guaranteed haha
Adam Dyke
4-26-2024 4:19 pm EST
Yo brotha, is there any etiquette for moving up a division to challenge for another strap? Is it frowned upon?
3-24-2024 8:31 pm EST
I love your banter. Game needs more players like you
3-16-2024 8:34 am EST
Right I am now Dual whellding 2 fish... you are in trouble now
3-14-2024 7:59 am EST
If i have to come over there a slap you with a fish... I will
Miyata Gym
2-25-2024 9:59 am EST
Good to see you back, Fedor! Ya I think my SiO build is the best version so far
2-23-2024 11:41 am EST
Are you still part-time?
2-23-2024 10:41 am EST
Been waiting for the rise of The Phoenix but just a fart n puff of smoke.
2-22-2024 7:38 am EST
Haha Thanks for the fights. I'm sure next time you will have my number! :)
Pete Predge
Quebec MMA
2-22-2024 6:21 am EST
Thanks my man! It's a tentative return, but it's lasting longer than the last one thus far ;)
2-21-2024 7:27 am EST
was more a gentle tickle of my ball sack..
Adam Dyke
2-9-2024 12:06 pm EST
Welcome back hombre! Glad to see you around, we will have a few scraps in the near future for sure haha
2-8-2024 7:31 am EST
Yes bruth your back.... love them easy wins :)
Adam Dyke
2-26-2023 4:55 pm EST
Finally have a special recruit haha hope all is well, maybe we will see you back someday
1-1-2023 12:22 pm EST
Happy new year come back
8-29-2022 4:59 pm EST
Hey fedor why you retire all of your fighter?
8-25-2022 11:11 am EST
I do love a fight who wins against anti-style but do think anti-styles arfe less op than they used to be
8-18-2022 10:54 am EST
Your smashing it broski.. fair play
8-2-2022 11:38 pm EST
Dont tell me black n green help with weight cut as well
7-29-2022 8:19 am EST
Thanks, bud.
7-23-2022 2:53 am EST
Fedor Stomper has picked up his first EFC title at 4 years old.... he might just be 2 good for you.. :)
7-18-2022 11:27 pm EST
Long live Fedor Stomper
7-15-2022 5:08 am EST
Fedor Slayer has retired today... sum great battles with your camps
7-13-2022 10:23 am EST
Right new game .... Fedor slayer has set the bar... we need to decide, on the rules max 10 fights before naming a slayer.... pb 15 lets dance
7-13-2022 3:42 am EST
We're relearning... hoping that the curve is starting to flatten out.
7-12-2022 10:42 am EST
How many titles did your "monster" have? 9?
7-9-2022 3:59 am EST
sory for missing title shot works been busy as fook
7-5-2022 12:08 am EST
thanks, it's fun fighting your camps ^^
Adam Dyke
6-30-2022 7:27 am EST
No special recruits yet, but after one of my guys got his ass beat I was curious haha hopefully someday
Adam Dyke
6-29-2022 12:07 pm EST
Yo, how often do you happen to get special recruits? They must be fairly rare
6-22-2022 9:20 am EST
Cheers Fedor was an unexpected EFC strap Homer has been average at best
6-15-2022 10:23 am EST
lols so sorry for insulting your Monster......
6-10-2022 10:00 am EST
Thanks for the comment! Norm is my number one. Struggling to get a winning record starting my camp up again. So many new styles, hard to figure out what to go with but fun to be back.
6-8-2022 7:23 am EST
Buggysmuggers 0 Lame shorts 1
Crazy KO Camp
6-7-2022 10:55 am EST
Thanks for the welcome back. Should be fun getting back into it. Seems like there are a lot of solid coaches right now
6-3-2022 11:11 am EST
The thought of licking your balls, with those buggy smugglers on.... just to much salt
5-31-2022 11:37 pm EST
There can only be ONE
5-25-2022 10:22 am EST
P4P No1 for bants :)
5-14-2022 4:37 pm EST
Every time I train my fighters and I see your comments... It still makes me smile.
5-12-2022 9:50 am EST
I worry about you.....
5-9-2022 11:40 pm EST
5-9-2022 9:49 am EST
5-7-2022 5:09 pm EST
Yea, created it when first joined and stopped using it. Started back up when I came back 2019 bro
5-7-2022 5:06 am EST
My fighters are all plain janes.... dont have the time to play dress up :)
Adam Dyke
4-30-2022 4:57 pm EST
The guy has a granite chin and it's been tested a fair bit haha. Like you, always up for a scrap
4-18-2022 3:00 pm EST
Thanks, I really appreciate it! I normally accept any challenge unless there is a really big difference in stats. Keep up the good work :)
4-11-2022 7:49 pm EST
welcome back bro
4-3-2022 7:52 pm EST
Challenge me anytime
4-1-2022 11:30 am EST
Will try and cut down on the shit-kicking, but my fighters are a bunch of drunk thugs. :) good to have you back
Dee Ann
Dee Ann
3-31-2022 8:40 pm EST
Thanks for the comments! Nice sportsmanship spirit haha greetings from Brazil ...even to my camp is USA based
3-30-2022 1:20 am EST
Lol if it takes you 19 years, it’ll take me 190 years haha
3-29-2022 9:06 am EST
Yeh ditto bud! Gonna try and make a comeback, hope you stick it out, see you in EFC very soon :)
3-27-2022 12:49 pm EST
youre back steve?
Big Losers
2-9-2018 3:54 pm EST
ah just like old times, getting my ass kicked by you
1-26-2018 1:46 pm EST
hey you still active bro?
1-7-2018 1:27 pm EST
I'm doing good brother, hope all is well with you. I'm still getting used to all the changes myself. Just made my return in October.
12-30-2017 8:09 pm EST
I see you creeping back in :)
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
3-22-2016 9:30 am EST
Hey guys, I'm gonna be retiring the camp here. I can't even get on consistently enough to defend my belts. My apologies! -Steve
1-13-2016 6:13 pm EST
Deep bow of respect for camp accomplishments.
12-24-2015 9:12 am EST
just today :P you usually kick my camps ass
Kowboy Killers
12-23-2015 9:22 am EST
my best PYP- http://mmarmy.com/fighter_stats.php?id=1213526
Kowboy Killers
12-23-2015 9:21 am EST
PYP Build. Looks like you are going Spd, reflex, focus on the rights. I have tried. Spd, footwork, flexibility on rights. Not a lot of success. I did notice that Guys with focus worked better. I am adding focus and dropping ?
Black Legion Fury
12-17-2015 4:24 pm EST
Thanks for accepting the challenge.
Chris Hansen
15 and Under
12-7-2015 4:29 pm EST
Thanks fedor! Glad you're able to absorb challenges and not kick my ass too much. I have to get all my fighters a fight every reset, but people like you make it much easier to grind down the list.
11-30-2015 6:00 pm EST
Damn dude you kicked my ass this reset you mudda fucka. Thanks for the fights.
David Nuamah
Camp Spartan Lion
11-14-2015 5:34 pm EST
cmon bro
9-20-2015 5:00 pm EST
Sorry, dude I play from my phone and sort of spam challenge. If I send an uneven match up just continue to pass.
8-14-2015 11:18 pm EST
No worries, shit happens, frustrating at first but can see where your coming from
Tonari no Totoro
7-7-2015 7:20 pm EST
Thanks. Hopefully I'll make the return longterm this time. So much has changed since I was last here. Have a lot to learn. I'll be back in the forums soon too, I'm sure.
6-27-2015 4:52 pm EST
congrats on number 1 man class act you deserve it my dude !!
Miyata Gym
6-17-2015 4:24 pm EST
as my good friend amp once said to me, "it's lonely at the top." no one else will fight our guys. always a pleasure, fedor!
6-2-2015 10:39 am EST
What kind words? lol
6-1-2015 5:59 pm EST
Killing it with both camps nice job bro
5-31-2015 7:00 pm EST
Good shit n being 1 and 2...for an asshole you are a decent coach who has cancrushed and stat raped his way to the top...Grats man
5-28-2015 3:23 pm EST
congrats for #1 camp ranking
4-30-2015 8:54 am EST
Well done on reaching #1 in overall camp rankings that is...
4-30-2015 8:52 am EST
Camp rankings are just now reflecting what I've always known ;) Well done amigo
4-25-2015 5:13 pm EST
yeah me and you fighting is always a good fight even when it was ptp vs ptp haha
Efrain Dario
Head Bangers
4-14-2015 6:58 am EST
Please join my tournament, it's called Bushido Pride Grand Prix.
3-17-2015 7:38 am EST
no worries dude less of the Front Flip Kick WTF :)
3-10-2015 5:07 pm EST
i belive it has a slight edge
2-26-2015 6:43 am EST
Same to you buddy!
2-25-2015 9:13 pm EST
Lol Thomas Henderson thanks you for the opportunity
2-25-2015 6:21 pm EST
lol really? Feels like I lose to you a lot.
2-25-2015 6:21 pm EST
lol really? Feels like I lose to you a lot.
Michigan State Spartans
Michigan State Spartans
1-21-2015 10:07 am EST
Sorry your guy didn't make weight. The weight checking tournaments do still work. One problem I found is that as soon as you recruit a guy, he won't show up as any tournament option unless you log out of your camp, and then log back in. After that the weight check tournaments work just fine. Must be a bug of some sort.
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
1-4-2015 5:55 pm EST
Thanks dude. Appreciate the words. Looking forward to some more battles in 2015.
The Godfather
859 Academy
1-4-2015 5:23 am EST
I don't give zerg, protoss and whatever else camps he runs much credit. Ultimate style poacher, just see you giving props to one of his fighters so wanted to let ya know.
12-31-2014 6:05 pm EST
Thanks man appreciate the love and thanks for the fights
11-29-2014 3:08 pm EST
Haha nice gif man. Loved Bloodsport.
Mister Judo
11-4-2014 3:11 pm EST
whatever u say dude. i never threatened to blacklist. i simply said that due to ur business i will not send u title defenses unless i see you can accept them. Uve missed 4 efc title shots sent to u within 2 weeks so its not like im just stirring shit. Theres others out there that would love the shots ur to busy to accept wanna and i wanna defend my belts. u bitch at me for sending u shots and now ur bitching because you might not get them? what exactly do u expect me to do?
Mister Judo
11-4-2014 1:57 pm EST
stay classy and dont take ur work stress out on me
Mister Judo
11-4-2014 1:57 pm EST
i understand ur busy but when ur threatening to take shots that arent urs and being spiteful without reason doesnt look good on a coach of ur experience. the time u ducked me wasnt for efc it was uno fc. i sent a shot and had 2 active wins. u came on near the end of the reset and fought ace who had 1 win and had missed the reset before. I will note the fact ur busy and only send title defenses to u when i see you are online. otherwise they will go to the next best in line.
Mister Judo
11-4-2014 1:51 pm EST
lol @ u call me irrelevant when im a better coach currently and overall. But This was never a personal attack. Idk where ur getting the rank #3000 vs #rank50 its not 2010 anymore if anything its the opposite for us lately. Ur right its not ur responsibility its mine thats why i left that msg to avoid another mess up. u put me in a shitty situation because as the champ its my responsibility to give out proper shots.
Mister Judo
11-4-2014 8:30 am EST
as explained in my post i had just come off a backshift and needed sleep. there was still an 1.5 left to the reset though so i left out the challenge in hopes ud accept the shot. i woke up a few hours later and removed it. i wrote that msg so u wouldnt fuck up and accept a shot that wasnt urs like u did last time. considering uve no showed or blatantly ducked me like 5 times recently and now ur pissy attitude it will be easy to not give u shots instead of u no showing on them constantly
9-4-2014 9:55 pm EST
Thanks bro and I've been gone awhile but I know when I'm out styled and out stated lol
Joao Rua
Evolve MMA
9-1-2014 2:53 pm EST
I appreciate that, man. It's definitely not even close to your level, but I'm trying. You're one of the best camps in MMArmy history. My guy is getting destroyed in EFC, though.
8-25-2014 7:01 pm EST
Yeah I even talked that one over with some people and they said it was a tough call. Figured I would put it out there anyway and would be cool with whatever you decided. Your guy looks good, probably fight him eventually one way or another.
8-21-2014 8:16 pm EST
Thanks man :) funny thing is i was so busy the last week or so that i stopped paying attention to this camp but kept fighting Dirk, then he got a title shot and boom! Now he's #1, you can bet i'm gonna give this camp all my attention again now
8-19-2014 3:36 pm EST
4 out of 5 gold straps right now in same camp?!?! Ok bro I will never have any remorse when i ever beat one of your monsters from now on ;) Nicely done steve thats awesome bro!
8-19-2014 3:13 pm EST
How come you don't have the EFC LHW while you're at it?
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
8-17-2014 6:46 am EST
Thanks for the title shots man. 1-1 today for EFC belts. We put on a good show
Who Knew
8-13-2014 1:26 pm EST
Who Knew
8-13-2014 1:26 pm EST
It's a simple misunderstanding then Homie. You've always been straight up with me. Slays fun fighting with you. I'm staying out of this other issue.
Pete Predge
Quebec MMA
8-13-2014 7:00 am EST
Perhaps you need to go out a little bit, and enjoy life. This game is giving you unneeded frustration. Integrity my ass, you blacklist people and avoid them. You are the only prick I've come across while playing this game. You will not fight any of my guys either.
Who Knew
8-13-2014 12:17 am EST
I tell you a guy you gave a shot to likes to duck when he is champ. You tell me to eat a dick and think I am calling you out on missing resets. I then make it clear what I said, because you read it wrong. Then, I get restricted? Please, tell me what I did to offend you sir. I would love to know, at which point I attacked you in any way.
Talon Wing
8-1-2014 5:16 pm EST
Yea he's doing good now, when we were exchanging title shots I couldn't buy a win. :)
8-1-2014 4:22 pm EST
lol no worries, figured your other guy was the better choice for me. Thanks for the fight.
7-27-2014 10:54 am EST
Looking good bro!!! Damn, tearing it up.
7-5-2014 2:01 pm EST
Its made me happy in my pants many times, and also made me release some sex wee in them!
Goodkid MMA
6-13-2014 5:50 pm EST
Not a problem at all man. I would gladly accept it and just use LnP to close the gap. Just gotta keep my pop where it is for Derrick Thomas.
No Surrender
6-12-2014 5:01 pm EST
Killing me lately brotha!
Murder Muay Thai
5-4-2014 9:38 pm EST
No problem, anytime man. Don't worry you'll be back at full strength in no time. Mopping the cage with scrubs like me lol. Good luck with your comeback.
4-30-2014 3:15 pm EST
"Probably" your favorite camp? C'mon, I think that should be DEFINITELY.
4-16-2014 12:52 pm EST
Hey amigo! Been a long time. Starting the camps up again?
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
4-7-2014 1:08 pm EST
4-6-2014 12:29 pm EST
5-5-2012 5:53 am EST
Camps looking good bro!
Mister Judo
4-13-2012 7:00 am EST
this guys a monsters lol. only thing stopping me from efc belts is the massive statted gnp guys lol
Flying Armbars
4-4-2012 5:44 am EST
i always enjoy fighting ur camps. i looked up to ur mass wins as a noob lol. im catching ya now though! ;P this camps my step child camp though lol. Judoka gets much more love
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
3-31-2012 4:45 pm EST
Congrats on 12,000 again bro!!!!!! You Sir are the man!
I must BreakYou
The Clubber Lang Club
3-28-2012 10:49 pm EST
thanks ;)
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
3-21-2012 5:09 pm EST
closing in on 12,000 here also!!!!!
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
2-16-2012 11:37 am EST
11-25-2011 5:57 pm EST
Come back!!!!!!!!
6-19-2011 12:39 pm EST
We miss you bro!
Who Knew
4-21-2011 8:09 pm EST
1-28-2011 6:41 pm EST
Camps looking great as usual.
12-29-2010 4:45 pm EST
i am trying to collect belts and i send fight to everyone in the org
KP Keough
Beast Mode
12-11-2010 5:31 pm EST
It's all good.
KP Keough
Beast Mode
12-11-2010 9:30 am EST
lol, thanks for the answer.
KP Keough
Beast Mode
11-5-2010 2:35 pm EST
How are the camps doing?
Hanma Alexandre
Hanma MMA Camp
11-4-2010 3:37 pm EST
hey im new at the game and i see youre an expert can u giv me tips so i can be successfull at the game?ty
Nickolai Schauskoff
10-9-2010 3:19 pm EST
Hey douche bag, how you feelin today? I hear some good stories. though you wouldnt remember most likely haha
10-6-2010 4:54 pm EST
i hardly ever fight pg its always sio...
Spencer Fighting Systems
10-4-2010 12:15 am EST
Big Ace
9-23-2010 9:39 am EST
pretty sure I sent it. I checked in several times as well. If somehow the screwup is on my end I apologize as you deserved it most - but like I said - I am pretty sure I sent it. Good luck.
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
9-8-2010 4:28 pm EST
You too bro! As usual!!
9-4-2010 6:16 pm EST
Wow...Calm down man. I wasn't preaching at you at all.
Locke Artist
Uptown Academy
9-3-2010 9:06 am EST
Hello I would like to invite you to join a tournament I have recently created. I have not played this game for long, but I have relised that I would like to help to make tournaments a larger part of the game. To do this I am organizing a Lightweight Gran Prix tournament to compete the best current Lightweights in the game against eachother. You house some of the best all around fighters in the game so I was wondering if you are interested werhttp://mmarmy.com/tournamentview.php?tournament_id=419
Cyborg Crush
7-22-2010 7:19 am EST
ha, you are up to 10k wins, that is just crazy
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
7-22-2010 5:11 am EST
Thanks bro, Beast helped me out...lol Mr. 10000!!!!
7-11-2010 8:48 am EST
thanks! appreciate it
7-2-2010 4:28 am EST
Thanks for the great fights lately, always a pleasure battling your camps!
6-28-2010 1:23 pm EST
Thanks for the fight, But I am great !
6-3-2010 4:59 pm EST
Gf ,)
Blitzkrieg Penguin
Penguin Master
5-17-2010 3:09 pm EST
Thanks! I think I am finally putting things together.
Cecil Harvey
Paladin MMA
4-15-2010 4:48 am EST
Haha, it's definitely part of it! I was way too lax(i.e. stupid) on my fight picks before. I'd fight way too many GnPs and fight way too many people ranked far below me. After eight months I'm finally starting to figure out how to play, kind of embarrassing but oh well!
Cecil Harvey
Paladin MMA
4-14-2010 4:27 pm EST
OMG Just won another one too! My first two EFC belts in different divisions within a few days! So happy!!! :)
Big Ace
4-8-2010 7:06 am EST
2-1 against you today. Too bad you won the only important one ;)
4-3-2010 2:25 pm EST
Sorry about the curse....now with my luck my guy will retire before the rankings update...or he still won't move into that slot anyway.
3-31-2010 7:06 am EST
check your other camp again, sent you a fight in efc lw
3-20-2010 3:00 pm EST
Thanks for the props bro... Now I'm only two #1's, a #2, a #3, and umpteen in the teens behind YOU! =_)
3-19-2010 4:35 am EST
lol at the camp post bro, i just saw it this morning ha.
Cecil Harvey
Paladin MMA
2-27-2010 10:36 pm EST
Whoa, thanks! I'm honored to hear that from such a veteran player. In fact, 8.5k wins is the most I've seen on here!
Never Tap
2-26-2010 4:00 pm EST
thanks steve, just starting to get back on track after a failed attempt at switching styles a while back :)
2-24-2010 4:24 pm EST
Always one of my favorite coaches/camps, nothing but respect.
Who Knew
2-16-2010 7:27 pm EST
you gon hit 10,000
2-16-2010 11:30 am EST
I've been studying the KoK applicants and found that your fighters were very good prototypes for their given styles as opposed to others. Props.
poon gloophole
Real Kamp Krusty
2-13-2010 3:40 pm EST
Don't know how that worked out
Andre Felipe
Dynamo Team
2-8-2010 3:43 am EST
I take this name from a soccer team
Andre Felipe
Dynamo Team
2-7-2010 11:31 am EST
wtf?! you tole mine ¬¬
2-3-2010 8:36 am EST
8000? its almost over 9000!! :P nice work man...i think you and spider are neck and neck
1-29-2010 8:01 pm EST
thanks steve
Juan Kayo
Team Fingerbang
1-29-2010 11:48 am EST
Thanks for the complement, I always enjoy fighting your camps!
1-25-2010 8:03 am EST
Thanks man. That's awesome coming from a camp as good as yours.
1-24-2010 4:52 am EST
Thanks Steve!
SnaPs N TaPs
1-24-2010 4:32 am EST
Ahh it's coming back around. I got bored with PL went to CD, and now I'm back to PL + adding GNP, I plan on complete obliteration of PG, if I can't beat em'.....well -- I'll G-N-P EM!
1-12-2010 6:01 am EST
ok ok, no more beating up my guys this morning jeez lol
12-24-2009 9:16 pm EST
If you don't want to take the fight, then don't accept it. My bad for trying to choose fights that I think I can win.
10th Planet
11-30-2009 1:24 pm EST
great fights recently... much more enjoyable when its EFC!
10-27-2009 10:04 am EST
Thanks bro, I finally decided to put premium with the rabbits. There will be a lot less short shorts and bad haircuts now. lol
10-20-2009 9:28 am EST
uh oh, new rivalry?
Spencer Fighting Systems
10-19-2009 5:22 am EST
Yeah dude, I'm rebuilding as well trying to get my top prospects through.
Team 7 Eleven
10-18-2009 2:40 am EST
blood sports.. nice avater, buy you r next
10-16-2009 9:25 pm EST
love the avatar classic
Spencer Fighting Systems
10-16-2009 4:15 am EST
How's the camp going buddy?
10-12-2009 6:16 pm EST
Congrats on the 7k man, crazy accomplishment! almost + more wins than most camps have total fights, props.
Never Tap
10-12-2009 1:49 pm EST
thanks for the kind words bud, i always look for ya, it seems you are everywhere, you run two of the top camps in this game, so its always a pleasure.
10-6-2009 5:47 pm EST
dont u hate split decisions :D -->george lombard
SnaPs N TaPs
10-1-2009 3:47 pm EST
thanks steve, man it's getting hard as heck for me to find a fight unless it's an FF guy or something...I dunno man I either give the fight away or I fight u that's my choices....most of those so called respected vets are nothing but ducking pussies...seriously i get declined all the time even my PL guys who challenge 4 star JJ guys its bad...
9-26-2009 8:36 pm EST
sure man, if your not a BITCH, you dont get BITCH LISTED, unless its something i disagree with.
9-26-2009 7:23 pm EST
thanks brother, i finally hit my stride :)
9-26-2009 4:27 pm EST
Forgot to mention you in the 6k speech. lol, thanks bro.
SnaPs N TaPs
9-26-2009 4:24 pm EST
man iuno why my dudes have an issue making weight..171lbs shouldnt ever miss...THANKS Mkick! How could anyone make the game like that?
9-18-2009 7:33 pm EST
Yea funny man dude says i'm a feeder and that's why i don't join the forums because of assholes like him he just tries and bully people because he has moderator status and i don't have time for that shit
9-2-2009 6:40 pm EST
yeah im still playing... but the real world is keeping me down... I am more or less just training and catching fights when i can :( When you see my guys shoot a challenge and when i get on I will fight!!!
10th Planet
9-2-2009 8:51 am EST
thanks man! always look forward to a good fight with your camps...now if you were being sarcastic..then i hate your camps! LOL
8-22-2009 12:34 am EST
im a full participant in the hate campaign. btw...my buddy is pullin the first Covert St. Liquor Louge....yeh boy, its on!
jimmy chin wynn
8-18-2009 9:59 am EST
man i hope i can get my team back up so we can battle like the good old days!
8-17-2009 6:26 pm EST
you beat about every fighter ive ever had 9 times man. and Walt retired at like 8 years or something, by my own hands.
8-17-2009 4:54 pm EST
are you kiddin me? Walt "Retired Early" haha..thats hilarious.
8-8-2009 8:53 pm EST
new streak lol
8-4-2009 8:36 am EST
thx bro! hope my camp will be as good as yours one day. more belts to come :)
8-1-2009 5:23 pm EST
thanks man...this is a big day for me
sick of you too
are you stupid
7-19-2009 3:53 pm EST
thanks bro. i just wish i had more time to dedicate to it. alot of times i dont fight for 4 or 5 days, and i know you cant get anywhere not fighting almost every day. i almost wanna give the camp away, but i just cant..haha. good luck.
10th Planet
7-1-2009 5:38 pm EST
thanks for the congrats!!
10th Planet
7-1-2009 10:59 am EST
and you rack up another win....
6-13-2009 1:40 am EST
hey buddy...i have another question, and this time I dont want you to demonstrate during the fight. do you and all the other camps that have been playing forever play every day? both resets? because as much as id like to be able to get all my guys to fight every reset for the money i usually dont make it here both resets. so how long did it take you to start gettin the 5mill equipment? because im assuming withouth good equipment im just wasting my time. thanks buddy ole pal!
6-8-2009 4:45 pm EST
thanks for ruining this reset. i come to you for advice, i ask you for a few tips, and you give them to me while you also deliver a few L's. thanks buddy
6-4-2009 5:47 pm EST
and any tips or advice you have from here on out would be appreciated. ive decided that im only shooting for Glory or EFC belts, and only taking the highest paying contracts on the way. is that a dumb idea? should i take lower paying contracts and try to win lower level titles in order to gain ranking and then get to the big leagues? i know, im rambling.
6-4-2009 4:55 pm EST
thanks bro. im just beginning to catch on. i was hangin around .500 for a good while trying to figure out what worked, but im gettin the idea. i do know that Dynamo=sick stats and dangerous wars every time. good luck and see you at the top!
5-30-2009 2:06 pm EST
Yeah I'm Shoddy...and you are? J/K See you around.
5-29-2009 3:31 pm EST
Thanks dude...after months and months...and months of fucking about I started to take it a bit more seriously and finally got a winning record. You obviously run a great camp and it's a pleasure to get fights with you. See you in the trenches.
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
5-28-2009 3:39 pm EST
5000 wins.
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
5-25-2009 11:41 am EST
I find out at the end of the week bro, thanks for asking.
Walker Texas Ranger
Chuck Norris Academy
5-16-2009 2:39 pm EST
Thanks for the compliment man...I had my camp on the right track finally then the day you leave that comment I goto jail! I just got out....lol. Shit sucks man. Now I gotta work back from nothing cause I know my guys gonna retire any day.
5-14-2009 4:32 pm EST
im the master of cool nicknames.
5-10-2009 4:26 am EST
This place is like Hotel California. You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave. :)
Charles Bronson
Team MMAndom
5-8-2009 5:57 pm EST
Thanks man. I'm glad somebody got the reference!
5-8-2009 11:07 am EST
Not bad buddy...How is your going?
10th Planet
4-30-2009 10:05 am EST
thanks for the kind words...honor coming from you!
4-21-2009 6:52 am EST
Haha I guess I do, oh well. Your camp is still way ahead of mine. Thanks for the fights. -Dino Cox-
4-14-2009 6:04 pm EST
ok thanks man
4-13-2009 7:05 pm EST
do ur guys not make weight much??
4-11-2009 8:08 pm EST
185 LW? Now your just making us look bad dude.
4-11-2009 12:54 pm EST
Ok how about a consistent 200lb ww then lol.
4-10-2009 8:18 pm EST
I think one of your camps will be the first to get a 200lb WW with all the fat bastards you get.lol
Cute Boys
4-6-2009 12:26 am EST
The cute boys the legends of pink...and you know this!!!
The Godfather
859 Academy
4-2-2009 7:40 pm EST
yeah it took me a while... i was just on too much there for a couple months, the forum moreso than the game burnt me out.
4-2-2009 8:08 am EST
lol my killer recruits.. It is the one I normally only keep because of 1 high stat that i think won't amount to anything that ends up being the killer.. all the ones that start off good often end up disapointing
The Godfather
859 Academy
4-2-2009 7:11 am EST
thanks, i've been taking a bit of a break and relaxing... hopefully there's some prospects that I have that will be ready to roll by the time i'm back full time.
4-1-2009 8:15 am EST
Thanks for the words of encouragement Dynamo !
Spencer Fighting Systems
4-1-2009 6:35 am EST
Thanks man! Yeah I am back and playing :)
3-30-2009 3:36 pm EST
just giving a shout out man whats good
Demon MMA
3-13-2009 11:22 pm EST
Yeah? Looking alright? I feel I've hit a halt, but I think I know what to do with it. :) Thanks for the input once again.
3-13-2009 6:19 am EST
Congrats my fellow NEMESIS comrade, I'll get there soon enough....ok not that soon but you know what i mean lol
3-12-2009 6:37 pm EST
Congrats on 4000!
2-25-2009 10:26 am EST
man , the forum doesnt work anymore. this sucks
2-20-2009 4:27 pm EST
Yeah, lol. Christian's shorts is changed on your initiative.
Demon MMA
2-19-2009 7:02 am EST
Very slick looking camp there mate. Heh
2-16-2009 3:31 pm EST
yo i was wondering if my guys look good for as new camp i got this camp 2 days ago and i was wondering if im going in the right direction
2-11-2009 1:59 pm EST
number 1 guy in the game huh good work man
2-11-2009 1:58 pm EST
yea man my team is doing all right some guy was telling me they say i'm feeding i only own this camp so if they say so but i see ur camp is doing well as usual number guy in the game huh , that's because your not fighting my guys lol
2-8-2009 5:27 pm EST
i know man i'm just busting ur balls
2-6-2009 7:55 pm EST
its too late for you... i am gonna teach new people that are not hopeless
Hell Hounds
2-5-2009 7:40 am EST
Ouch, didn't even realize that Brends was fighting one of your guys too. Just a bad day.
2-3-2009 9:08 pm EST
sorry it took a while to get back to you man been real busy and my camp is doing aight got a couple of studs i think except my beast misses weight all the time lol
2-3-2009 9:04 pm EST
Dawg I never said you ducked. I'm just starting to get pissed off about doing what I'm supose too to get a title shot and when I do I don't get one. Its over and done when so its cool. Hey are you in an alliance? I'm building a strong team in Uranus which you could join. If you are in an alliance defect,defect,defect. Let me know.
2-1-2009 2:24 pm EST
whats up man just wanted to holla at you and see how ur camp is doing
1-29-2009 8:04 am EST
PHiLLy DaWgZ BaBy!!!!
1-28-2009 8:00 pm EST
thanks steve, u beat the shit out of my guys on my top camp so i figured i'd return the favor and beat on some of your heads from here.
Benny Bang Brice
Camp Bang
1-28-2009 3:22 am EST
i need some tips please-my fighters cant win a fight and i train them well
jersey devils
1-22-2009 11:07 pm EST
Sucks that Revolution retired. He was going to get a.m. shot and settle the series with Lange.
Rods Fockers
1-8-2009 4:47 pm EST
asshole, j/k
Blues FC
1-5-2009 6:52 pm EST
al right thanks
1-5-2009 4:34 pm EST
thanks man lol
1-4-2009 11:21 pm EST
i always do man , someone told me i was on the forums for feeding and i have no clue why but its all good i play straight up so i know the truth
W. Bigglesworth
Asian Martial Arts
1-4-2009 4:10 pm EST
12-28-2008 9:35 pm EST
pm me with potential reps for alliance wars and links to fighters we are gonna start in del robj23
jimmy chin wynn
12-23-2008 4:08 pm EST
you know what this means win tonite and we shall duel my friend!
jimmy chin wynn
12-22-2008 7:26 pm EST
much appreciated man and same too you any time i have a title you will be considered my rival and a primary shot contender bro!
12-13-2008 7:07 am EST
Haha, good eye there about trading titles. :)
Camp clinic
12-10-2008 11:02 pm EST
Thank you usually Im the one on the losing end due to sd or ud
12-8-2008 7:16 pm EST
thanks man lol
11-27-2008 6:15 pm EST
funny stuff man
11-27-2008 4:25 pm EST
yo whats good man fight Mr Ko
11-14-2008 2:16 pm EST
This camp and Elite Training Facility kick my ass =(
11-11-2008 7:46 pm EST
yo check out barbosa he is gonna be a beast and this guy keeps trying to beat him and keeps losing funny stuff
11-11-2008 7:45 pm EST
no i have tried 4 times got tired of trying said fuck it hw it is
11-9-2008 5:50 pm EST
he came with 4 stars
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
11-6-2008 9:31 pm EST
2000 win. Red Reinhold for the LOGO LW belt!
11-5-2008 10:26 pm EST
lol anytime man
11-5-2008 4:22 pm EST
anytime our camps can fight ur a stand up camp man
11-2-2008 9:41 am EST
Yea man its always a pleasure going to war with your camp. Hit me up with challenges whenever bro.
10-26-2008 5:39 pm EST
lol the beast that I hifde always turn out to be disapointments..lol.. the fighters I think will suck end up champions.. who would have figured..lol
10-26-2008 11:28 am EST
thanks man and you to a class camp
O Soto Gary
Team Human Tetris
10-23-2008 8:48 pm EST
thanks! i'm trying to bring masao moriguchi up right...I've wasted some talent these past few weeks with bad coaching.
10-22-2008 8:17 pm EST
thanks man that's bullshit i'm on the list but whatever i know i'm a legit camp so fuck them
10-17-2008 7:39 pm EST
thx man and i enjoy fighting ur camp as well
Nickolai Schauskoff
10-5-2008 5:12 pm EST
oops, shouldnt have switched
9-24-2008 7:10 am EST
Reamember that kilelr recruit.. he cu/;d not make 205 to save his life so now he is an average heavyweight :(
8-17-2008 6:26 am EST
Yeah, i do owe you a shot :P Just let me know when you want it. I even woke up early to fight him ')