Philly Dawgz 2

Last Online - Sunday 23rd of June 2024
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Member Since Feb 29, 2008
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NorthernLights Out
7-30-2023 6:49 pm EST
I appreciate the kind words. =)
Vince Lynch
7-9-2023 12:32 am EST
Philly sucks. Only thing they ever got right was the Cheesesteak and I'm sure they stole the concept from the Italians. Philadelphia has a statue of a fake boxer. A boxer known for getting his ass kicked by Apollo Creed.
Heart FC
6-3-2023 3:16 pm EST
ok conbra, OK
Heart FC
6-2-2023 7:04 pm EST
that little story that your girlfriends told you is all wrong. more like i was the only one not exploiting a glitch, and still they had to hack the game to beat me. that's how good i was.
Heart FC
5-30-2023 4:51 pm EST
that "'Chumpy' the natty GOAT"
Heart FC
5-25-2023 12:52 pm EST
The Champ is HERE!
1-30-2023 4:37 am EST
My bad if i missed you. I was at work so i had to go quick
11-6-2022 9:43 pm EST
ROLE! whats up my guy? how have you been?
Diamond Guy
W12 Camp
7-7-2016 2:54 pm EST
you gotta rematch me! i put the wrong style ffs!
6-28-2016 4:42 pm EST
I send that comment before he was even recruited. If you look at the fighter ID of your last recruit then change the number to about 50 after you will get to the fighters not recruited yet. I left a few messages seeing if anyone would actually notice. Nothing wrong with him though lol.
Kowboy Killers
1-9-2016 9:29 am EST
Sent you a Legend PL fight. Please go PL/PL if you would. Just trying to figure out how good my old fighters are today.
7-22-2015 4:22 pm EST
7-3-2015 12:05 am EST
Damn! Thought I had ya. Good fight
4-14-2015 8:50 pm EST
no not yet lol
3-15-2015 2:54 pm EST
i dont know how you always pulls off some bullshit decs
3-14-2015 12:18 am EST
yea for sure role im done with coaching for now so yea i have more time to play :)
2-7-2015 6:07 pm EST
Hey, thanks for the tip. I did try the 209 LHW at Middleweight but he missed weight. I have tried the rest at lower weights as well. Kind of rubbish rolls on the weight cutting but what can you do.
1-14-2015 5:53 am EST
ok been posting in unchained.
1-13-2015 4:25 pm EST
hi bro tried to check ot the alliance but i was blocked.
1-12-2015 9:44 am EST
I did. You're unbanned now. You don't get insult me. Sorry.
Ben A Werewolf
Team Werewolf
1-8-2015 8:09 am EST
Appreciate the offer but not interested in the alliance aspect of the game, thanks though
1-1-2015 6:22 pm EST
Hey Philly, what would u say is the most important 5 stats for Pl ?
Muhammed Jihad
Ah Durka Durka
12-21-2014 2:08 am EST
12-11-2014 5:56 pm EST
Damn, good one bro.
11-18-2014 6:10 am EST
I look at the longest win streak in the org of which I'm holding the title. The fighter I fought had two.
11-15-2014 12:07 am EST
No not yet, I will send one later tonight when I get back home
11-13-2014 2:25 pm EST
Are you recruiting for a clan or what? Who is in it, there is a few ppl I rather not be in the same clan as.
11-12-2014 12:06 pm EST
Yes I am
11-12-2014 6:20 am EST
Haha nah, just have a bad rep on the forums because of pretty much two coaches not liking me. You've always been cool towards me when I do pop into the Sb
11-11-2014 7:44 pm EST
Yeah I am, I'm "the dbag" known as russianthai on the forums. Your camps looking good as usual role.
11-8-2014 9:40 am EST
Gladiator is tok, I seen you asking who he was lol.
11-6-2014 1:41 pm EST
Okey thanks now I get what you mean
11-6-2014 10:42 am EST
Yeah I know that, I thought you meant 1 of the 3 main stats, do you mean the ones at the right side with physicals?
11-5-2014 2:22 pm EST
I thought it was sambo, wrestling, strength
Mister Judo
11-5-2014 5:42 am EST
im banned on the forums so i cant post there atm. signed up for ur tourny. id like to use this guy http://mmarmy.com/fighter_stats.php?id=1117667 ty
11-1-2014 7:55 pm EST
I'm on the forums now.
11-1-2014 7:55 pm EST
I'm on the forums now.
10-30-2014 2:55 am EST
I've haven't thought about it much really. What do the forums offer?
10-29-2014 9:07 pm EST
I initially thought Zeus missed resets but he didnt. Thats what changed my mind. Then as I was waiting for Zeus, The 3 win streak came online and explained what happened, as you saw in the sb. Sorry for any inconvenience.
10-29-2014 4:11 pm EST
No sir, I'm not on the forums.
10-28-2014 11:03 pm EST
yeah sent you a message
10-27-2014 1:17 pm EST
It was sent to me and I accepted.
Mister Judo
10-27-2014 10:23 am EST
Just getting off work. He was up last reset and fought for it this reset. Sorry if u were up nothing I could do
10-24-2014 11:25 pm EST
why not for an alliance! I could learn a lot of stuff about the game i guess !
10-18-2014 4:06 am EST
i don't know bro, I created two team at the beginning of the game and stopped to play 4 or 5 years ago. I re-started three month ago ... From the forum, i wasn't very active so ...
10-14-2014 6:56 am EST
lol who i am??? your killing me bro haha
9-29-2014 3:52 pm EST
What's happneeeen!!!
9-28-2014 3:42 pm EST
Thats funny you and my skins share something in common at the moment lol
9-27-2014 7:31 pm EST
Me too I just got my old gym back UKRONK , well, different time ofcoarse but yeah I came back strong and this gym ain't too bad to start either
9-27-2014 6:23 pm EST
You legit bro I just now looked at your camp, niiiice! Hope we fight more your good comp