Team RO

Last Online - Sunday 26th of November 2023
Display Name Ro
Member Since Oct 5, 2010
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 8898-6551


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10-25-2019 7:06 am EST
Come back Ro :(
8-5-2019 4:05 am EST
Congrats man! HoF!!! Wooooo!
Bone Machine
7-31-2019 6:58 pm EST
Congrats on #1 camp rank!
7-31-2019 3:45 am EST
That lol wasn't for you was meaning to respond to someone else. I think you left me a message about missing resets. I was moving houses last weekend so I think I may have missed a reset, but my fighter retired that reset anyways. Good luck making HoF. Good fighter!
7-31-2019 3:43 am EST
Chits Crew
6-17-2019 8:29 pm EST
Didnt see the message till after pm reset
5-30-2019 3:22 am EST
Haha that’s hilarious! Weird that you’ve come back like a few weeks after CI, we should get the band back together :D
5-27-2019 1:33 am EST
Yeh I’m not too bad man, not as active on here as I’d like to be, life is busy atm, what’s new with you?
5-24-2019 2:40 pm EST
How u doing?
5-22-2019 2:42 pm EST
Oh hey, who’s this sexy mutha recruiting fighters
Team Bossin
6-22-2017 12:58 pm EST
hey whats up
Jose Lucas
Sanda Army
2-22-2017 2:25 am EST
sup bro , thanks for the invitation . Kinda short on time , so I'm not playing a lot , as soon i get some extra time I'll join forums and an alliance .
Marcelo Luiz Riz
Renshu Fights
2-14-2017 8:30 pm EST
Sounds cool, I'll make a profile there in the future, thanks
Marcelo Luiz Riz
Renshu Fights
2-13-2017 5:50 pm EST
Hello, no i'm not on the forums
Cheesers Pit
2-12-2017 8:57 am EST
Yeah, it's me, Snake.
cool dudde
2-7-2017 11:54 am EST
No i'm not. Why?
2-6-2017 12:59 pm EST
I very rarely use the forums
Mister Judo
3-3-2016 4:42 pm EST
Nicknames help a legacy. Everyone will just be like "Ro had that super Rare" no one will remember his name lol. No one knows who del Bryant is. Everyone knows who dicknose is
2-9-2016 10:25 pm EST
Back up and running.... ;)
2-7-2016 12:59 pm EST
He has to do it before Conor wins the 170 belt lol
2-7-2016 8:25 am EST
Black Legion Fury
1-14-2016 4:43 pm EST
Oh sorry didn't notice that
slim vande
Team B3astmode
1-8-2016 9:43 am EST
only thing sore about me is my butt son.. that came out wrong..
jesse neal
1-3-2016 8:35 am EST
1-2-2016 11:11 pm EST
Yeah Ro though I haven't been too active lately, destroyed my laptop and my phone is shit. Dracor Black.
jesse neal
1-2-2016 7:02 pm EST
Ya @tribalsbak
Gilbert Gottfried
12-22-2015 8:52 am EST
lol. Yeah, I'm on the forums. This is Cumoneileen8. Chief just never changed the name for me on this camp.
Black Legion Fury
12-21-2015 3:41 pm EST
Just got on now, haven't received any pm.
Team Bossin
12-19-2015 8:13 pm EST
Fosho ill work on it
Black Legion Fury
12-19-2015 6:33 am EST
I have an account, but don't post very often.
King Creepy
Hells Hounds
12-19-2015 6:06 am EST
I check the forums every now and then.
12-18-2015 8:30 pm EST
it was just the obvious nickname.
Team Bossin
12-18-2015 5:24 pm EST
You have a dope camp lol
12-16-2015 6:09 pm EST
For my account to get verified and I just got the confirmation ! See you in the forums
12-16-2015 10:12 am EST
I just made my forum account I am just waiting for it to get accepted !
Brad J Wild MMA
Wild Fight Team
12-5-2015 4:24 pm EST
Haha thanks man! I will do just really busy at the moment :)
Brad J Wild MMA
Wild Fight Team
12-4-2015 4:33 pm EST
No I'm not on the forums man why?
Miyata Gym
12-1-2015 5:35 am EST
11-7-2015 11:05 am EST
dont see tou on forum since few times. how are you , Ro ?
11-4-2015 6:20 pm EST
yes i am bro played the game a while back now i have a lot of time on my hands so can play again im sure i remember your camp when i was playing
Rock Hard MMA
10-15-2015 4:29 am EST
haha thanks ive been working on it for over 2 days!
9-28-2015 7:27 pm EST
Not even fair. Lend me a few fighters to bring up my ovr.
Smacku Two
9-18-2015 5:30 am EST
You talked crap on my page, I corrected you, you admit you were wrong, but I'm high and mighty? lol
9-17-2015 6:41 pm EST
Because of his pretty tattoos. And I didn't talk shit I called him a tank you bum.
9-4-2015 4:38 pm EST
Well then, in that case I certainly helped you out. lol.
8-25-2015 1:13 am EST
Looong weekend, just caught up with your dude. EFC now, liking it. Yeah the con thing thign I've started adding to my guys. Focus though? Didn;t expect that.
8-21-2015 12:01 am EST
I noticed him before our first fight and was like "holy crap SFTF is like the dream. Plus fort is so neglected you get double points. Hope he continues to wreck shit.
8-2-2015 5:28 pm EST
sorry bout missing the wlof shot. was away for a a couple days. thanks for the challenge tho.
7-26-2015 5:10 pm EST
Wow nice win
7-26-2015 5:07 pm EST
Beach boy is the sio king ...be ready
7-21-2015 6:09 pm EST
Just another thing to take up time, I just get on fight and that's it
7-21-2015 5:22 pm EST
No I'm not on forums,
7-19-2015 11:29 pm EST
Already am. Forum name is croatsouljah.
7-4-2015 10:27 am EST
I'm registered but rarely post. Eh
7-2-2015 6:10 pm EST
Thanks man. I'm pretty sure the Devs built that style based off my camp, lol
6-27-2015 11:17 pm EST
Quit being a fucking bitch Ro. You don't talk shit to the owner of the game. Punk.
6-27-2015 8:53 pm EST
this fucking power trip chief is on is bullshit, use to be a cool guy a good friend of mine now he is always acting like a dick.. might as well fuckign get rid of the shout box if no one is allowed to say fucking anything cheif dont like god for fucking bid..
6-23-2015 3:05 pm EST
I didn;t notice we'd fought twice, so if it happens again that's just me seeing a green box next to his name. Just grateful for the fights.
6-23-2015 4:31 am EST
I've not been paying attention to him. I'm just letting him fight as I spar him up. When he's a little tougher I'll start watching who he's fighting and switching styles. For now you're just online at reset and click accept. :)
Piggly Wiggly Supermarket
Piggly Wiggly MMA
6-9-2015 6:31 pm EST
Thanks for the advice bro. I'm just testing hiddens with the 3-4 stat build :)
5-26-2015 9:37 pm EST
Crazy KO Camp
5-19-2015 3:58 pm EST
Ha, pretty much man. No walt means the division is mine.
5-14-2015 10:17 am EST
I actually never tried the forums before , planning to do so .
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
4-25-2015 4:58 pm EST
Good fights tonight dude. You won the more important ones though, haha.
4-20-2015 6:10 pm EST
Well looks like I got banned from the forums for very little, so let everyone know in THC. I don't know if I will be returning to the forums again or even continuing to play.
The Captain
Bay Bombers
4-9-2015 7:51 pm EST
That was a nice gesture. I lost, but still... I owe you one classy move.
Sub N Tug FC
4-4-2015 3:49 am EST
camps lookin good RO.
3-1-2015 7:33 am EST
yur camp seems nice,Ro.hope to see for next fights.
2-16-2015 4:29 pm EST
Ben A Werewolf
Team Werewolf
2-14-2015 4:57 pm EST
100% in!!
2-13-2015 9:30 pm EST
Yea but their not all good enough to be EFC guys and I'm not the type to cut guys left and right.
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
2-2-2015 9:03 pm EST
In complete honesty, I started using AA as a style before I knew it would actually be viable. It was just different. I agree with you though.
1-16-2015 4:40 pm EST
You know there are other fighters in each organization? ;) You challenge my fighters every reset.
12-28-2014 5:58 am EST
You could but would be a pain. Running 6 stats right now, think wohf might be kb and ma which would add 2. Some of my current guys might have styles like that early in their careers but that is just from fighting before rng existed.
12-27-2014 7:31 pm EST
Thanks. It's been a fun camp to run.
Flying Armbars
11-30-2014 7:42 am EST
sorry man just seeing ur msg now. i rarely use this camp anymore lol. pm me or msg on judoka and il get back much quicker
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
5-6-2012 3:47 pm EST
Titan MMa House
5-2-2012 12:34 pm EST
Hey man , I know you're the best so I was wondering if you could help me out. Just a few questions please ; how do you join an alliance and how long does a character last before he retires?
Boxing 101
4-13-2012 6:11 pm EST
Yea its a lost cause.
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
4-12-2012 4:32 pm EST
i know, just messing w this fool
4-12-2012 4:23 pm EST
Nah man its aroc lol
4-12-2012 1:45 pm EST
Lost my last figt in the kumite how u doin in it
4-11-2012 5:24 pm EST
4-11-2012 11:46 am EST
yoooo roooo
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
4-10-2012 4:35 pm EST
sometimes i do..
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
4-10-2012 4:32 pm EST
sorry, dont know what the fuk i was talking about, that was earlier..
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
4-10-2012 1:02 pm EST
thx, you lost though. all good bro.
The Devil Dog
Evil Till I Die
4-9-2012 8:49 am EST
Lol no worries bro, good fights plenty more to come im sure!
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
4-8-2012 6:41 pm EST
i have NEVER gave anybody a title shot w 2 losses in a row in the middle and upper tier orgs.. IF i did, my bad! look, we have been messaging, i think you understand me a bit better. i wanna play in peace, not have dickheads call me out, I WONT accept a fight i have NO chance of winning. EX: 4jj vs 3mt.
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
4-8-2012 6:28 pm EST
rotfl.. i had eight in a row. its all good. i can live w being "blacklisted" and def like the hate. Paul Orndorffs, Boxing 101 and Whohitsu are all bitches. Though WE had words, you are OK. Yall gonna have to deal w me cuz i aint goin anywhere. Click the "rules" thats how I PLAY. i have NEVER called anybody out.. BUT talk shit and curse me, you will get the same in return. Spread the word. that is all... PEACE
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
4-4-2012 5:44 pm EST
Boxing 101
4-4-2012 5:38 pm EST
Wow. Funny stuff below from a f'd up dude. Thanks man I just don't want the Giant douche below to have the belt.
3-30-2012 10:18 am EST
lool u cud of said it in a better way, honestly i thought u were trying to be a dick about it.
Talon Wing
3-30-2012 7:00 am EST
That's cool, your other dude kicked my ass anyway.
3-21-2012 4:31 pm EST
Solid camp man. Enjoyed all the fights recently.
3-20-2012 6:04 pm EST
Thanks, he should be pretty good eventually.
3-20-2012 5:56 pm EST
Sorry man, I won't accept the title shot and let you pad on my far inferior fighter. Thanks for the offer though.
Hidehiko Smokepot
Japanese Dojo
3-16-2012 9:03 pm EST
i no im cute ;)
Welsh Warriors
3-16-2012 8:57 am EST
Lol no problems bro, anytime haha
Anthonius St Pierre
Canadian Punishers
3-14-2012 11:36 am EST
Thanks man, just proves the ranking in this game is weird, a got rank 1 on 2 loses but when a was like 17 wins in a row with the title a was stuck on rank 2
3-7-2012 4:29 am EST
Yea, you're doin real well. Gotta ways to go to catch up the top dogs though. Very impressive start i'll give ya that.
3-6-2012 10:28 am EST
Yea thanks for fighting me ah could fought my fight befor Jackson retired...... My fight is still better lol yourse never beat mine ahahah
Eleven Lounge
2-26-2012 5:14 pm EST
sure, send the challenge
2-26-2012 9:33 am EST
And the 8pts stomps your GnP. Its really more a matter of reading eachothers minds
2-14-2012 3:57 pm EST
Im in ur division now broski im in same as Garrett something haha im trying to move up in there
2-11-2012 5:04 pm EST
Thanks man i am trying to get 5 dollars more in the Account so i can get 4 in jiu jitsu or judo
2-9-2012 9:52 am EST
2 day back and Andy Rogers already has the UFL title :))
2-7-2012 4:51 pm EST
hey come look at Leon Ross for me tell me if i should stay with him or dump him cuz he aint too good and hes a crappy weight
2-2-2012 12:32 pm EST
how do u join an alliance???
420 Fight Club
1-21-2012 9:58 pm EST
UK Dragons
1-20-2012 10:17 pm EST
didnt realise you fought my guy 3 times either (Barrios) - u bully lol !
1-17-2012 7:51 am EST
Hi bro , how's things , if you have Any trouble sorting the forum stuff let me know , I can add you by name , id number ,or user name once registered on the forum then give you entry to our private sub forum
UK Dragons
1-16-2012 10:55 am EST
Glad to hear you have decided to join mine and Jids alliance - will speak to you soon on our forum - good win - B33RM0N5T3R
1-15-2012 10:56 pm EST
Great stuff bro , just click forum button , create a user name and let me know it on my wall , ill add you , then go to sub forum - alliances Instead of saying private thread , it will let you in . Click Wdoa and post and say hi
1-15-2012 4:01 pm EST
RO u got a cell yet? and get on facebook i need to talk to u and yes i am still playing
1-14-2012 1:03 pm EST
Wanted dead or alive are currently recruiting
1-14-2012 1:02 pm EST
You in an alliance yet ? Jid. Mod of Wdoa
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
1-14-2012 12:10 am EST
And what division you are talking about? Im up for rematch always
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
1-14-2012 12:09 am EST
No, that guys hiddens are that true warrior gold
Flying Armbars
1-13-2012 6:58 pm EST
Flying Armbars
1-13-2012 9:43 am EST
sounds good ttyl
Flying Armbars
1-13-2012 9:36 am EST
do u run any other camps or just this one? also il pm u on the forums from now on. my names mr.judo
Flying Armbars
1-13-2012 9:27 am EST
maxx is run by big ace. hes in another alliance but is a top coach. i run the newaza plaza (rookie camp) , judoka and the flying armbars. im interested in having u in my alliance. if u want il put u up for a vote with my team mates?
Flying Armbars
1-13-2012 9:18 am EST
an alliance is a group of coaches that train together and discuss strategy in thir own private subforum. in the past alliance wars were more often so u would all help eachother be great so that as a team u could win the wars
Flying Armbars
1-13-2012 9:09 am EST
ya. most coaches wont help u unless ur in their alliance
Flying Armbars
1-13-2012 7:27 am EST
no ippon is immortal lol. yes it has many weakness's. 8points swing for the fences counter strike power locks dirty boxing sprawl and brawl etc. r u on the forums?
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
1-12-2012 9:57 pm EST
Hehe yea seen a lot too
1-10-2012 10:58 pm EST
Over 500 wins and you start in tier 2 buddy.
12-15-2011 7:47 pm EST
35 pounds - HB
2-24-2011 10:04 pm EST
Swing for the Fences, and Fast Feet
2-23-2011 6:14 pm EST
Swing for the Fences, and Fast Feet.
2-23-2011 1:36 pm EST
Swing for the Fences, and Fast Feet.
2-23-2011 1:35 pm EST
Swing for the Fences, and Fast Feet.
2-23-2011 1:33 pm EST
Swing for the Fences, and Fast Feet.
2-23-2011 1:31 pm EST
Swing for the Fences, and Fast Feet.
2-23-2011 1:29 pm EST
Swing for the Fences, and Fast Feet.
2-23-2011 1:29 pm EST
Swing for the Fences, and Fast Feet.
2-23-2011 1:28 pm EST
Swing for the Fences, and Fast Feet.
2-23-2011 1:28 pm EST
Swing for the Fences, and Fast Feet.
12-25-2010 6:20 am EST
gerhart turner won mfo title again hes a beast
12-22-2010 7:30 pm EST
dont fight him yet k
12-22-2010 7:29 pm EST
Roger Bryant is my guy on urs ok
12-19-2010 4:28 pm EST
one of brandons guys is in strikefest
Getsuga Tenshou
The Gotei13
12-17-2010 5:56 pm EST
I see you lost both the title fights. That sucks lol
12-16-2010 4:28 pm EST
bro go look at the org im fighting in for christopher sherk
12-14-2010 4:21 pm EST
its gerhart turner and vince russel
12-14-2010 4:21 pm EST
go look at mine and brandons title fight he won in 1 round idk how
12-12-2010 5:10 am EST
i dont have any good welter weights to join ur tournament sorry i have 1 WW and he sucks im not gona waste a token wen i no im gona lose
Camp Connect
12-10-2010 5:25 pm EST
Talking shit and stating facts are 2 different things kiddo
Camp Connect
12-10-2010 5:24 pm EST
talking shit is different from stating facts kiddo
Getsuga Tenshou
The Gotei13
11-29-2010 9:44 pm EST
ya i see that, after 7:45 am you wanna fight for it?
11-29-2010 4:28 pm EST
yo roger wat u doin
Getsuga Tenshou
The Gotei13
11-29-2010 12:29 am EST
why you on so late?
wally bautista
11-28-2010 1:31 pm EST
sorrry i was on vacation :/
Getsuga Tenshou
The Gotei13
11-27-2010 12:19 pm EST
Hey roger, i got my second title lol.
11-3-2010 3:53 pm EST
hey man, the tourney is only for members of the THC alliance. we have 32 fighters cloned to look like characters from the simpsons.
Capitao Nascimento
BOPE Top Team
10-28-2010 3:44 pm EST
hidude...I dont make not different, a just try down the fighter for under division weight and so few times i have luck...
10-26-2010 3:11 pm EST
My fighters > Your fighters