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Last Online - Wednesday 4th of October 2023
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Member Since Jan 4, 2010
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4-19-2018 7:16 am EST
Right and I was riding a three fight streak before that and then he skipped me and my fighter ended up sitting for a few rounds. Wasnt implying I deserved it more yours was like 7-1 or something ridiculous. Just that the other dude was ducking me.
4-18-2018 8:19 am EST
Yo man can you accept Shamrocks challenge for the inchickta title? Im ranked top of the division and Ive been skipped like three times in a row by the last guy. Thanks in advance.
1-7-2018 11:39 am EST
Appreciate the response. No hard feelings. I was fired up because my guy is likely to retire any day, and he hadn’t won a belt yet. Sorry if I came off like an a-hole
1-5-2018 7:39 pm EST
Hey man, why did you skip me for the EFC HW shot? I had 4 wins and no one else did
11-18-2017 8:49 am EST
Better yet, send a challenge and if he doesn't show up I will go with your boy. It will be later in the afternoon or very early evening but before the reset. Thanks.
11-18-2017 8:47 am EST
Keep your boy ready for an EFC shot in FW if Phreak doesn't show up.
11-15-2017 2:52 pm EST
Could you, send me a challenge for the Prel Heavyweight title with Carvalho? I'm going to be out at 7.
NorthernLights Out
3-14-2017 6:10 am EST
I lurk the forums, thanks for saying hi!
3-6-2017 4:46 am EST
Hey thanks for the comment! I have not been to the forums much, I browse occasionally. What can help me there?
Rock Hard MMA
2-7-2017 4:41 am EST
no problem man it was an auto challenge just deny them im just lazy sending fights haha
8-1-2015 4:48 am EST
Tc fight nally
7-30-2015 11:19 pm EST
ranked* not rangked. To me it seems the fairest way. Otherwise how are people suppose to rank up if they don't challenge those that are ranked higher?
7-30-2015 11:16 pm EST
That's cool. I challenge whoever is online at the time and is rangked higher than my fighters.
5-5-2015 1:59 pm EST
i run teams smash and ncaa also
5-5-2015 9:14 am EST
anytime man
The Godfather
859 Academy
4-26-2015 2:57 am EST
Kinda like a mix between a straight guillotine and a baseball bat. You've probably done it modifying a live choke but just didn't give it a name.
4-19-2015 7:53 pm EST
Thanks for the kind words TC! Glad you're back.
Efrain Dario
Head Bangers
4-6-2015 12:08 pm EST
Thanks for joining, if you could tell more gyms about the tournament please.
Efrain Dario
Head Bangers
4-6-2015 12:04 pm EST
If both guys have a 70 or more win percent it's cool, they will both be entered.
Efrain Dario
Head Bangers
4-6-2015 8:15 am EST
Please join my tournament, it's called Bushido Pride Grand Prix.
Sticky Green MMA
10-8-2014 9:54 am EST
good fights TC
Kalani Vierra
808 Gracie Fighter
5-23-2014 5:50 pm EST
DO you have an alliance?
4-17-2014 11:22 am EST
Good. We gotta fight that pesky PTP.
Who Knew
4-14-2014 6:58 am EST
I think it's too bad they came at the same time and are in the same weight class. Happens to me. I'll get three EFC champion HW's or WW's at the same time.
hell Saints 14
4-8-2014 10:38 am EST
haha no prob man ! if I keep my title we can try next reset lol
jimmy chin wynn
2-13-2014 11:33 am EST
thanks for the shot man. i know i had the style advantage but thank you anyways!
Andrew Havener
2-4-2014 11:18 am EST
Np brother
2-1-2014 11:34 pm EST
Yeah ill sign him on efc before he retires.
1-27-2014 10:44 am EST
Whatever douche i hardly ever send out challenges and when I do its to who is online so fuck off and play the game, never had anyone bitching about this shit. I chose who i accept challenges from, not you, if anything your challenges would usually be in my favor so why the bitching because i didn't fight you especially when you went on a rant before i even logged in.
1-27-2014 6:46 am EST
So you talk shit in SB because I don't accept you ippon challenge, lol check my fighters if you think i can crush. No wonder new guys quit this game with idiots like you shooting your mouth off.
Animal Crew
1-19-2014 8:15 am EST
I've had them miss weight the first time then never miss again. so i always try them twice.
1-13-2014 8:46 am EST
Sorry. If you want, send the challenge next reset and I'll accept.
1-13-2014 8:46 am EST
Sorry. If you want, send the challenge next reset and I'll accept.
KZ Top Team
Zombie Team
1-5-2014 6:35 pm EST
New tournament on the forums
1-2-2014 8:24 pm EST
Back again.
5-16-2012 5:36 am EST
Need your Hogan entered into this TC: http://www.mmarmy.com/tournamentview.php?tournament_id=1341
3-9-2012 9:27 pm EST
i dont know about caranogirl...sorry for that...my bad...ill try to follow the "right way". thanks
3-9-2012 9:27 pm EST
i dont know about caranogirl...sorry for that...my bad...ill try to follow the "right way". thanks
3-9-2012 9:09 am EST
cmon, man..its just a game...you will have another chance to put the EFC belt on your hands
2-25-2012 4:34 am EST
S'all Good Man, I Know Your Not The Kind Of Camp To Style Rape, So Im Happy To Accept Any Challenge U Send My Way :) P.S Thank Fuck Your Guy Lost The Title, Now Hurry Up And Retire :D
jimmy chin wynn
2-18-2012 5:01 pm EST
wow... thanks for the fight figured i didn't have a chance.... don't know how i pulled that off
2-17-2012 10:49 am EST
Nah Dont Withdraw, That'll Fuck Everything Up Lol. Just Enter A Guy, He May Come Good.
2-15-2012 12:54 pm EST
Can U Get A Guy In For The Megapowers Tourney ASAP Bud? Cheers
2-14-2012 8:46 am EST
Good To See You Back Bud, This Reset Has Been 1 Big Fuck Up Lol, From Heart FC Fighting Instead Of The Title Fight, Then Me Fighting U With The Wrong Guy Lol, Shot Is Yours Next Reset!
12-26-2011 1:23 pm EST
tourney starts pm reset, get your guys entered
12-9-2011 8:46 pm EST
Return of TC.
7-5-2011 10:18 pm EST
camp currently being run by Mez until TC returns.
6-18-2011 11:45 am EST
bro where you at? G4G is going on and you havent checked in.
scott cooley
5-30-2011 12:00 pm EST
hey man i am having a challenge on who can build the best MMARTIST and the winner gets a free 64 man tourney for who ever they want. try it out and check out the thread on the forums. BELLY
4-21-2011 11:23 am EST
What is your user name on the forums? Mine is fasttraper.
Team Laughing Gas
4-20-2011 7:16 pm EST
Good fight!
Jericho James
Headhunters Inc
2-27-2011 6:54 pm EST
Oh yeah, and it's not as if he can crushed others to get in position to fight for that vacant title. All top flight competition.
Team Laughing Gas
2-16-2011 10:17 am EST
My bad. Sent to wrong camp. haha
Team Laughing Gas
2-16-2011 10:12 am EST
That's what I've done in my last three fights, and I'm 2-1. Thanks!
Team Laughing Gas
2-13-2011 2:58 pm EST
Thanks! I appreciate your tip.
1-24-2011 12:12 am EST
not on the forums, good luck!
1-22-2011 5:44 pm EST
Aloha brah, you look really experienced in this game so I was wondering, how can I get fighters that have better stats? I mean I know I have to train but I can only train stats up so far when I dont have a fighter that has really good stats.
Seoi Nage
Face Smash Fu
1-22-2011 3:43 pm EST
ight man thanks for the advice!
Seoi Nage
Face Smash Fu
1-22-2011 4:53 am EST
hey u told me i should try my guy at LW? im new to the game and kinda confused lol whats that mean??
scott cooley
1-8-2011 1:46 pm EST
i dont understand ippon.
grizzys monstas
1-5-2011 2:36 pm EST
not on the forums...kinda confusing...would like to know more though
Big Ace
1-4-2011 1:32 pm EST
scott cooley
1-1-2011 11:18 am EST
how many rear naked choke camps r there???
12-22-2010 1:43 am EST
lol - he does look pretty sweet.
Wagner Nacimento
Dirty BJJ
12-17-2010 5:32 pm EST
If you say so... I'm just a beginer, sorry if i offended you.
Wagner Nacimento
Dirty BJJ
12-17-2010 10:39 am EST
Put fernadez at WW or MW he is never making 155.
11-28-2010 10:13 am EST
Yeah kinda, just started posting and checkin em out more. Im Drifter on the Forums.
rylie myles
best fight crew
10-31-2010 12:34 pm EST
i wanna fight
10-24-2010 7:47 am EST
...also for the record, I'm not thrilled about his nickname either. I think I gave it to him when I was drunk. However, now he has to keep it based on principle! lol
10-24-2010 7:03 am EST
In short, it wasn't intentional. I didn't even realize it was going down like that until you said something. No hard feelings, dude. Feel free to criticize my fighter's nicknames anytime!
10-24-2010 6:40 am EST
Its cool, man. I wasn't sure if you were joking or not. You can ask your alliance about me and they'll tell ya that I'm a stand up dude. Anyhow, you are right, belts should be defended every reset if you can. At least two of the times I sent out a challenge and it wasn't accepted. Friday night I was too busy I wasn't able to play any of my camps. One of the times I think I logged on too late to get out a decent challenge.
Randy Gracie
Sapo B rasil
10-12-2010 2:35 pm EST
not really... why
10-11-2010 9:15 pm EST
Really?! what are the most useful training things for it?! speed? kickboxing? muay thai!??!
10-11-2010 5:27 pm EST
yeah..but to be honest. all those alliance and top ranked guy are just using the PG/PL...sometimes i wonder why they dont call it BJJ game instead.
10-11-2010 5:20 pm EST
Nah not on the forums...like the diaz bros i dont follow the trend lol
10-11-2010 4:40 pm EST
hey take it easy...dont take it to personal im playing the game like the diaz brother...so thats my style... ahaha
10-4-2010 7:11 pm EST
Good fights here man.. nice camp as well
9-23-2010 7:57 pm EST
lol, well once everyone figures out the rest of these styles I'll be in trouble. I do love my HKK though.
Eleven Lounge
8-15-2010 9:50 pm EST
oh im sorry dude. ill look out for ur camp and we can get some fights in! which guys, or orgs have you been challenging me in? it looks like you fun an awesome camp and ive got no problem with ya. ill look out for you from now on :)
7-27-2010 7:20 pm EST
2nd 5 mil equip- Flex
Coach Bigs
Team Reality
7-16-2010 4:58 am EST
tc...what's up bud? sorry i haven't been around much lately...just wanted to say hello. hope things are going well for you. -ruger
Goose Jitsu
7-9-2010 9:30 am EST
yes sir
Tyler Lights
Team Blue Lightning
7-9-2010 8:21 am EST
ya wtf man i just noticed that, i wonder why the game let him join. well i hope you kick his ass
Coach Bigs
Team Reality
7-1-2010 4:35 am EST
Finally got the best of you!
Jake Galloway
6-24-2010 5:37 am EST
Hello, my name is Jake, and I am looking for elite Middleweight fighters to join in a tournament I am hosting called the Middleweight Grand Prix I for all active Middleweight fighters. You have one of the top Middleweight fighters in the game, and I would be honored if you would enter him into the tournament. The more big names that enter the more will want to join, I'm hoping I can bring tournaments to a new high in this game. Please check it out and get back to me if you can. Thanks Jake
6-23-2010 6:43 pm EST
first 5 popularity fighter- Marcus Peterson
6-17-2010 12:00 pm EST
First 5 mil equipment- JJ
6-16-2010 6:33 pm EST
its all good man, thinks fr the shot
5-28-2010 4:03 pm EST
W. Bigglesworth
Asian Martial Arts
5-15-2010 3:11 pm EST
Lots im sure... but it doesn't bother me... my record would indicate that I'm just a crappy player with jacked up guys!! With only one EFC title to my name *sigh*
5-11-2010 5:19 pm EST
its all good
5-6-2010 4:18 am EST
First 4 star statted guy Owen "Randy" Couture
Goose Jitsu
5-5-2010 2:09 pm EST
alright thanks
Goose Jitsu
5-4-2010 8:43 am EST
Just out of curiosity, how much is a guy paid for fight (on avg) in the EFC?
4-25-2010 2:46 pm EST
First EFC champion Owen "Randy" Couture
Big Ace
2-13-2010 4:53 pm EST
I date them mostly so I know where they are in their career. A fighter has a max of 15 years - I just like to know when they are getting near the end. It's especially important for your trainers if you use them so you know when you have to start making a new trainer. Good luck!!