Russian Devils

Last Online - Wednesday 20th of February 2019
Display Name Pepster
Member Since Sep 3, 2008
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 11302-8190


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12-27-2018 4:22 pm EST
Nice to see this camp active again 😀
2-6-2018 10:26 pm EST
Come back PePe
Frank Lucas
NY Brawlers
6-16-2015 6:29 pm EST
sup bro...long time no see
Efrain Dario
Head Bangers
4-6-2015 7:53 am EST
Please join my tournament, it's called Bushido Pride Grand Prix. .
Monkey D Dragon
Revolutionary Army
2-28-2014 11:24 am EST
so guys are free to pad their sleepers records in lower orgs and giving some one with a high rank a title shot is a no no.
Shane McMahon Jr Jr Jr
We Will Fight Vatican
7-13-2012 9:15 am EST
We Will Fight & We Will Fight Vatican are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
We Will Fight
We Love Gay Guys
6-23-2012 9:04 am EST
We Will Fight & We Love Gay Guys are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
5-10-2012 10:36 am EST
you know what, you're right, I just didn't care in the past but actually that was MY fault, and I try to take more care in how to defend. thx for the criticism.
5-9-2012 9:35 pm EST
Yea super shitty, just gives to whoever, we have an alliance ban on him.
jimmy chin wynn
4-9-2012 6:12 pm EST
lol saw a guy with a similiar name haywood something thought it might be your camp lol!!! im a rere
jimmy chin wynn
4-7-2012 4:46 pm EST
thought we were cool dude i haven't even posted on anyones stuff since weve been cool. im confused = /
4-4-2012 11:35 am EST
He retired straight after gutted
Clown Camp
4-3-2012 4:41 pm EST
lol definitely should have lost 2 of 3. Those two guys are beasts for me though. I'm sure I'll take my hits in the future vs. your camp.
jimmy chin wynn
3-23-2012 5:42 pm EST
lol good fight man = /
3-21-2012 9:56 am EST
O damn man my bad haha i didnt see ur title name haha never mind ya i just didnt look haha my bad
3-20-2012 3:49 pm EST
lol i thought u were goin gnp so i thought i'd try it
3-9-2012 6:07 pm EST
Also the "that just happend" line made me LOL. nice
3-9-2012 6:04 pm EST
Dude. THC is in 4th place. When you beat WDOA then come talk. MoD is on top.
3-9-2012 5:38 pm EST
lol yea. I'm making new camps and winning efc titles. You use the same one w/ full equipment over and over. How many Dirty Boxing champs you got? I have more sucka.
3-9-2012 5:05 pm EST
yea sorry man had to work a double that is why i missed reset
Flying Armbars
3-9-2012 11:53 am EST
idk what fucking voodoo spell u put on corrosive but im like 1-10 since u posted lol
3-6-2012 8:40 pm EST
Cause he never fights my other camps but spam challenges my GNP. So when I asked him to stop and that I just wouldn't be fighting him anymore, he decided to call me a whiny bitch an has made it a point to non stop challenging me like the loser he is. TC already ha him on blacklist for being the pussy he is
3-5-2012 6:18 am EST
No worries dude. Just spam challenging. Impressive how you got 4 guys right on top. Nice job.
Flying Armbars
3-3-2012 6:30 pm EST
ehh 2 other guys in that division and hes oldish. no real trainers to help him either my camps in ruins. i spread the belts out i dont pick favorites lol
jimmy chin wynn
2-22-2012 10:29 pm EST
and irl judo is a big advantage for lnp so if mkick knows his stuff then maybe we should put this on the hush hush lol
jimmy chin wynn
2-22-2012 10:21 pm EST
besides that fight which there was a big advantage you have owned even in a could advantage pl situations vs lnp... so i would agree at least 50/50 atm
jimmy chin wynn
2-22-2012 6:12 pm EST
finally got your don king look alike.. damn didn't lnp was that good against pl...
2-22-2012 5:47 pm EST
my bad man sorry about that
2-22-2012 5:14 pm EST
i sent you a fight ? id i did sorry don't remember
Cyborg Crush
2-18-2012 4:54 am EST
lol, well chief just did you a favor and stole my belt. gl with the no. 1
jimmy chin wynn
2-17-2012 9:09 am EST
good fight man should have went cs/cs but went cs/pg... = /
2-15-2012 9:09 am EST
DUDE!!! Get in touch with me! Thank you that is all.
jimmy chin wynn
2-14-2012 5:20 pm EST
a few years ago when i last played you could log on and have all fifteen guys fought in 10 min everyone excepted your fights wasn't all this.... whatever it is now... just getting used to it not spamming just like to get my guys fights and get off.... good luck mate
jimmy chin wynn
2-14-2012 5:19 pm EST
relax bro just like to get my guys fought in a reasonable time just wanted to know if i should expect someone elses challenge man. me and andrew are cool now. i didn't realize all the politics in the game now..
2-14-2012 5:26 am EST
lol well if it makes you feel any better I have a secret camp testing out a boxing combo ;) Still building trainers but it won't take too long I hope
2-12-2012 5:27 pm EST
lol sorry sov I changed to this build a while back, finally have some trainers.
2-2-2012 10:01 pm EST
Not Far From 10k Sov!
Tilde Moskva
1-30-2012 12:08 am EST
Sorry, I saw someone else create an evil version of another fighter, where he matched the look of the fighter and made his stuff all black. I thought it would be funny to do the same, and your camp looked like one of the best in the game. That's why I wanted to know who your best fighter was, to create an evil version of him for the lulz.
Tilde Moskva
1-29-2012 5:43 pm EST
I know what you mean but I wasn't doing that. Wasn't even insulting you.
Tilde Moskva
1-29-2012 1:06 pm EST
Take me under your wing, oh great one.
Tilde Moskva
1-29-2012 8:12 am EST
Who's the greatest fighter in your camps' history?
Coach Bigs
Team Reality
1-28-2012 4:13 pm EST
thanks for the figthts!
1-20-2012 12:00 am EST
Cheers dude its good to fight against peeps that know what the crack is Good Luck
Flying Armbars
1-19-2012 6:59 pm EST
been busy, recently started commiting again
1-16-2012 6:34 am EST
good fight bud
1-15-2012 9:00 pm EST
Thanks bro. I hate to say it but I think my guy has your number. haha Get a couple wins with dark foxy and I'll give him a shot. Serge has become the pride of my camp after those last 3 wins.
1-15-2012 3:48 pm EST
You're totally right, his secondary is ippon. My guy has some great hiddens that I'm not seeing. Thanks for the fights, both great ones buddy.
1-14-2012 6:41 pm EST
title shot for Edu Santiago
1-8-2012 10:33 am EST
so basically i have to turn it into GnP to be somewhat effective. :)
Daddy Mac
1-7-2012 9:06 am EST
thanks for the tips! Chris
Camp AirLats
12-30-2011 5:20 pm EST
yeah my power locks seemed to best your ptp tonight, 2 fights
12-26-2011 12:31 pm EST
Nicely played. 0-100 now against you haha
12-21-2011 1:56 pm EST
10k wins are coming ...congrats,very great camp
Mister Judo
12-15-2011 5:25 pm EST
i have a 190 on my other camp 2 but hes having a terrible start lol. still though anything under 20 lbs gets insta retired. i have some midgets now though hunting for completion
12-11-2011 6:08 am EST
Can You Enter Your Top 2 Heavyweights Into My Tourney? Thanks
KP Keough
Beast Mode
12-10-2011 12:41 pm EST
When I'm done with you, you'll want to hide in the nearest surprise van.
KP Keough
Beast Mode
12-9-2011 5:35 pm EST
Just come at me, bro.
KP Keough
Beast Mode
12-9-2011 1:17 pm EST
Excuse me, sir. Could I interest you in coming to get some?
12-3-2011 4:38 pm EST
Sorry i ducked you, i'll give you the am reset title shot. Wanted one more win before u snatch my title lol.
KP Keough
Beast Mode
12-3-2011 6:39 am EST
Get some.
12-2-2011 5:54 pm EST
damn looking at your camp and Team Shakes i don't think i can even come close to competing in the higher orgs.
12-2-2011 5:34 pm EST
Nice fight bro. Jid
Dr House
12-1-2011 3:55 am EST
Funny thing is I almost retired javier earlier on cause he was slippin than outta nowhere he got good lol
Dr House
11-27-2011 7:21 pm EST
yeah man i noticed that too the decisions are whack lately, some retarded judges i won by hitting your hands so many times with my face so it doubled the amount of strikes thrown
11-22-2011 5:24 pm EST
Sorry about the caps lol
11-22-2011 5:23 pm EST
Oil Check MMA
10-27-2011 8:34 pm EST
10-27-2011 7:30 am EST
10-17-2011 5:08 pm EST
Theres going to be some russian on russian crime!
10-15-2011 11:02 am EST
Haha was that our third fight? I had a feelin your guy was going to go beast mode on me this time. Russian trilogy lol
10-13-2011 7:36 am EST
No probs mate, like i said though reset here is just after midnight lol so I was sleeping
10-13-2011 1:05 am EST
I have an auto refresh browser so show online when I'm not. Would have fought u obviously but I was having a few beers, not like the challenge was there for long?
Muay Thai Champions
10-3-2011 5:25 pm EST
thanks for the advice yeah i got lucky never trained him to be a switch but it would be a great idea
9-30-2011 12:59 am EST
My guys are just ham and eggs compared to yours. You have so many title defences in the top leauges.
9-29-2011 6:44 pm EST
Hey man sorry the ref went fedor on you and stopped it way to earlie. You got a really nice camp thoe. Thanks for the fight, and hopefully we will fight again.
9-24-2011 4:20 pm EST
The funny thing is I was actually thinking going SftF also lol, I thought you were gonna go SnB on me.
Nathan Santos
Santos Fighting Arts
9-18-2011 12:52 pm EST
No problem man, I didn't notice that I was ducking anyone. That's not the type of player that I am, Sorry for that.
420 Fight Club
9-17-2011 12:26 am EST
I actually named him the day after I saw you giving the guy hell in the SB.
The Domain
9-14-2011 6:56 am EST
yea i got a little carried away when the all had winning records, i thought they were gonna be good so i started given them switches. I am moving back to getting some trainers again right now
Makruger Top Team
9-12-2011 5:40 pm EST
if people send me stupid legend challanges im gonna take them... didn't cost me anything lol
8-31-2011 7:38 pm EST
Congrats on having #1 ANNNNNDD #2, lol.
8-30-2011 7:00 pm EST
appreciate it....ur camp is obviously sick too
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
8-28-2011 10:07 pm EST
No i have a smart phone i just don't have much time in the morning. I work at a restaurant so its kind of hard to get a few minutes to log on.
Cheese Lords
8-26-2011 5:18 pm EST
Thanks for the info, it does make sense but I wasn't taking easy fights, I was just clicking the challenges I had randomly and accepting them, I just have to pay more attention to the rankings and fights. Thanks for the info
8-26-2011 9:08 am EST
I really do appreciate you trying to help, but I'm still just playing around. I've dropped the Speed because it showed nothing, but I've added Fortitude and have noticed a change.
Cheese Lords
8-26-2011 5:23 am EST
Hi Haywood, You posted "good way to make sure you never get another one of those titles again." on my wall, since I seem to have had a couple of similar messages now, what exactly am I doing 'wrong', I'm new so not 100% sure what everyone is getting at :) Thanks
Mister Judo
8-21-2011 6:37 am EST
i know of focus and strength also. however i dont think they help any. footwork seems to do wonders though
8-19-2011 5:15 pm EST
wow. 3-0 today. Was an honour. GL.
Mallet Heads
8-17-2011 8:01 pm EST
I'm ashamed to see the word Irish beside such pathetic whinging man, you fuck this guys mother or somthin man?
8-17-2011 7:20 pm EST
lol the best part was all i said to that kid was "thanks for the fair challenge" when he challenged and beat my 2.5 sam/str new recruit with his 3.5 kb/mt/fw/pow guy. my fav comment on my page ever imo
Goodkid MMA
8-17-2011 6:52 pm EST
Lol @ Irish Punishers.
Sticky Green MMA
8-16-2011 8:17 am EST
LOL someone seems upset below.
The Timster
Irish Punishers
8-15-2011 6:34 pm EST
The Timster
Irish Punishers
8-15-2011 6:30 pm EST
I so kicked your ass in the first round!!! loser!!! LOSER!!!! LOSER! LOSER!
The Timster
Irish Punishers
8-15-2011 6:27 pm EST
fuck you , you stupid ass loser! its a fucking game. if you don't want to play you don't have to. get a life. you absolute complete fucking dumb dick, puss nuts fucking loser. you should get a job, a life, and a stop sucking dick. do the world a favor and kill yourself.
Soldiers Creed
8-14-2011 7:34 pm EST
gj breaking my guys jaw... damn! gotta send Marcus to the hospital now.
Mister Judo
8-8-2011 7:24 am EST
just also read that u sent the challenge. it mustve been when i was offline. again my bad
8-6-2011 8:40 am EST
No disrespect meant, i challenge only champions and who's online, best of luck brother.
The Domain
7-22-2011 5:14 pm EST
yea he had a short stint in socat, but just got dominated so trying to work him back up to the next level
Fat Camp
7-22-2011 5:12 pm EST
lol, right?
MMA Phreak
Phreak MMA
7-21-2011 6:29 pm EST
cool. thanks for the heads up. i gave him the shot.
House Of Flip
7-19-2011 4:16 pm EST
its cool man....now makin my other fighter tap to strikes was not lol
7-19-2011 1:14 pm EST
i made that mistake before lol (msg towards BA)
7-18-2011 7:37 pm EST
sorry your name got dragged into it. Bad title defense and the MOD rush to defend. Anyway - it's straight - he knows it's me.
Frank Lucas
NY Brawlers
7-11-2011 12:16 pm EST
what are the forums about?
Frank Lucas
NY Brawlers
7-11-2011 12:14 pm EST
whats up man long time no see.
7-8-2011 2:15 pm EST
Yes, im on the forums.
7-3-2011 8:45 am EST
secondly, thc and tlcs can lick my nut sack... and if you "stop giving me shots" that i deserve you won't be playing fair thus breaking your own "rules"... so im not to worried about it... the guy i gave the shot to was the number one contender if you don't agree then its not my problem
7-3-2011 8:40 am EST
who was better... phreak had 1 win and this guy had 1 win + 1 from glory everyone else had a loss or no fights in efc... the guy i gave it to had a better win then phreak's... there was 1 better guy choice but he had already fought that reset by the time i took that fight
6-26-2011 12:42 pm EST
Yeah man im very interested in joining an alliance!
Big Ace
6-26-2011 3:55 am EST
lol. Slymanz?? Really??
6-25-2011 9:35 am EST
yeah maybe i should..you have crazy good camp!what you think if i add reflex and go counter strike?
6-25-2011 9:32 am EST
thanks for the advice..i really dont know what i am doing i will def try focus and fw
6-25-2011 7:38 am EST
i have an account for the forums but im not on them very often.
Oil Check MMA
6-19-2011 3:49 am EST
Never got the pm.
6-19-2011 2:08 am EST
Thx for fight. Your guy is class
Mister Judo
6-18-2011 10:41 am EST
fair enough lol
Mister Judo
6-18-2011 8:09 am EST
ya i understand thats y i accept ur fights. idk y u linked that fight though my guy had a switch but u had higher stats :/
Mister Judo
6-17-2011 7:48 pm EST
lol a lot of those fights u had major stat advantages. il nvr turn down a fight from u though lol
risk revival
Hot Cross
6-17-2011 5:46 pm EST
Yep, and I'm interested in joining. Pm me at comebackraz with details please?
Jackson Filho
Kimura Nova Uniao
6-17-2011 9:38 am EST
how do I participate in the THC?
Team Vegas
6-16-2011 9:51 pm EST
I'm Budgellism3 on the forums and I'm a member of MoD.
Flying Armbars
6-9-2011 3:26 pm EST
come at me sov! im 0-3 vs ur stat crushes! + ur not even sparring these guys!! i can fight as kloks guy and beat u lol. come back full force! I WILL END YOU!!!
Hells Lair
4-23-2011 7:57 am EST
oh i know, i just was thinking today..shit, ive sent alot of challenges lately lol
Hells Lair
4-23-2011 6:41 am EST
sorry for all the challenges. you are just online. deny whenever, same for raised by wolves
3-7-2011 3:40 pm EST
i usually win gnp vs ippon haha
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
2-25-2011 6:56 pm EST
you run an exceptional camp sir.
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
2-20-2011 7:25 am EST
I honestly think that I ha him at heavyweight. No wonder why he's sucked as of late..
1-19-2011 6:32 pm EST
Until Further notice this camp is being run by Harrier/DDC
David Bernstein
The Jewpit
12-23-2010 12:30 pm EST
its all good, I probably would have lost anyways, this guy chokes on efc shots
Mukahn Singh
The Karache Vice
11-18-2010 8:25 pm EST
Mukahn Singh
The Karache Vice
11-18-2010 8:02 pm EST
KP Keough
Beast Mode
11-11-2010 3:22 pm EST
Thanks dude. He's old as dirt, but he got his EFC belt despite his horrible coach (me).
Chief Master
Camp 420KC
10-29-2010 7:14 am EST
You're right, didn't notice that. Don't know how I let that slip.
9-27-2010 12:23 pm EST
No problem man, I've been bogged down with work.
9-5-2010 4:29 pm EST
Yeah down to 1 reset sand title defenses. If the new styles are cool, it might ignite some interest.
9-4-2010 7:47 am EST
Camp is doing well lately man. Nice job.
Locke Artist
Uptown Academy
9-3-2010 9:01 am EST
Hello I would like to invite you to join a tournament I have recently created. I have not played this game for long, but I have relised that I would like to help to make tournaments a larger part of the game. To do this I am organizing a Lightweight Gran Prix tournament to compete the best current Lightweights in the game against eachother. You house some of the best all around fighters in the game so I was wondering if you are interested werhttp://mmarmy.com/tournamentview.php?tournament_id=419
Samara Top Team
8-31-2010 7:39 pm EST
Appreciate the invite, and any alliance named THC is a step up already in my book, but I'm a little too busy right IRL now to be the valuable member I'd want to be on the forums. Down the line hopefully I'll have some more free time to devote to the game.
8-28-2010 4:38 am EST
Good Battles This Reset!
iron man guy dude
mauroza fight
8-22-2010 8:54 pm EST
how do you get all russian guys
8-14-2010 6:25 pm EST
It's all good Soviet,I have fought your camp a number of times.Good luck !
Hardee Wreckshins
Gin and Chronic
8-7-2010 2:49 pm EST
Hell yeah man. It's going to be a good season for United. Hopefully Chicharito makes a big impact quickly.
7-18-2010 7:17 pm EST
its all good, i sent challenge to champ, you and 2 others, who were online. i know you arent ducking bro! oh....and notice our 2 display names lol, brother from another mother!
7-15-2010 2:56 pm EST
I've really enjoyed our battles in the HW division!
7-4-2010 6:35 pm EST
it's ace and I was away all weekend - no problems.
7-4-2010 1:26 am EST
Roman Nazrov vs Lolo Chavez is what I'm after
7-4-2010 1:24 am EST
fight me dude. pretty even matchup
6-20-2010 4:03 pm EST
I know how you feel Soviet, my camp hasn't been at 19/19 for over a month. I got raped by retirements, a bunch of guys retired at mid 7 years and right now I have a handful of mediocre guys who cut 10-15 lbs just because I wasn't full. Just look forward to the up swing again
6-14-2010 4:04 am EST
Your Pl has been a plague in my camp recently.
1-31-2010 12:06 am EST
camp taken over by soviet
1-25-2010 5:00 pm EST
10-4-2009 8:55 pm EST
Yup, I was not happy. I'll never have another dominate fighter again...my early retirements have been sick.
Ricky Suarez
Fire Kingdom
9-16-2009 1:50 am EST
Hey dude sorry I got that title shot. I couldn't pass it up. tap
7-15-2009 10:36 pm EST
Nice fight man
5-15-2009 6:56 pm EST
me to man anytime always good battles and im rob's friend jesse
3-31-2009 6:10 am EST
Deep in your soul you want it on ground, that's why you want to ground and pound. Just fight your MT style next time lol.
Kadetska bojna
3-17-2009 6:53 am EST
Congrats on 1000 sea.
Team 7 Eleven
3-6-2009 5:09 am EST
wow nice record..
Camp clinic
11-9-2008 9:16 pm EST
sorry no can do lol well maybe
Camp clinic
11-8-2008 11:23 pm EST
dont want you to think I have it out for you but you just happen to have fighters in orgs mine are in lol