Gracie Whohitsu

Last Online - Monday 20th of November 2023
Display Name Teshore
Member Since Feb 6, 2008
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 5937-4135


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5-15-2017 6:41 pm EST
Good scrap, you're dudes a beast thanks for the shot
5-14-2017 7:13 pm EST
My bad man I didn't realize he had a 28 ranked guy in his streak, just a long 13 hr day at work and the only thing that kept me going was the ts tonight, but I understand it now...
5-14-2017 6:58 pm EST
How is 424,144,124, better then 78,129,414?
5-14-2017 6:51 pm EST
Um no he did not his last two wins were lower ranked by at least 100 spots
5-14-2017 6:44 pm EST
At lhw
5-14-2017 6:43 pm EST
Pretty sure I'm up at the with Lou Simms tied with biz with three in a row but my 3 wins were against higher ranked fighters
5-12-2017 5:56 pm EST
Just noticed your message. No biggie about the shot. I get feisty for a hour or two then I'm not worried about it.
Red Devil FC
3-28-2017 6:21 am EST
No prob, Nice win streak
Ben A Werewolf
Team Werewolf
4-5-2015 8:09 pm EST
He's named after Xman the sprinter although he doesn't look like him either
3-16-2015 8:42 pm EST
Camp restarted by Ehrod for the time being.
3-11-2015 11:38 pm EST
I am indeed back again, and all is well. Are you coming back or just restarting this camp?
5-28-2014 8:56 pm EST
Going good, been super busy at work lately... Got promoted to Exec Chef so I got a lot more put on my plate. Haven't had much time to home brew, it has been a while since my last brew. What brought you out to atl?
5-28-2014 8:53 am EST
TKO (Ref Stoppage) loser.
5-21-2014 8:52 pm EST
Cool, thanks for the tips bro... I honestly wasn't sure what to do in that situation. Anyway, how you been? Still homebrewing?
5-21-2014 8:37 pm EST
Have Berto get his rest. He will be up for the EFC belt on next reset. Let's do it!
5-21-2014 2:30 am EST
your win was in the nov. reset, his was december in which your guy didn't fight... but like you said it doesn't matter now.
Cody Pitbull Large
5-20-2014 6:25 pm EST
And I don't know why that sent twice sorry
Cody Pitbull Large
5-20-2014 6:22 pm EST
Hey, for my fighter Lex Murphy for Boxing what style should I use and what stats should I spar up. Thanks!
Cody Pitbull Large
5-20-2014 6:22 pm EST
Hey, for my fighter Lex Murphy for Boxing what style should I use and what stats should I spar up. Thanks!
5-20-2014 8:04 am EST
The douche below gives out shitty shots. He restricted me like only a pussy would.
5-20-2014 7:55 am EST
No it isn't. Cya, you're a bit too rude for me.
5-20-2014 7:18 am EST
Glad we agree you didn't have the best streak. The guy I gave it to did. As does the guy I have sent it to this reset. Also watch the potty mouth please.
5-20-2014 5:17 am EST
He was on a way better streak than your guy. Cry babies such as yourself will come up with excuses til the cows come home. If your guy is on the best streak he will have a shot, end.
5-19-2014 10:50 pm EST
No one even had 2 wins in a row except that guy.
5-5-2014 8:50 am EST
You jinxed Jurg Chesnokov lol, u commented then he lost :(
3-27-2014 6:51 pm EST
Hopefully not prematurely
Mister Judo
3-25-2014 3:41 pm EST
Who's coming?
8-5-2012 11:08 pm EST
hey when are u gonna start the company invitational?
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
7-22-2012 5:50 pm EST
Hey. Awesome camp as always. Any chance that the Jalapeno Top Team fighters can make it into your invitational tournament?
5-10-2012 12:06 pm EST
Ok dude, I already wrote it to Haywood Jablomeov. I just didn't care, I was wrong, you were right.I'll stick to the rules now.
5-9-2012 10:49 pm EST
you mean you're insulted cause I don't automatically give shots to certain camp dudes? I give the shot to the guy with the best record at the end of the reset, so what's your problem?
5-9-2012 7:47 pm EST
whats wrong with him?? ive never had a problem with him accepting fights and shit, does he defend belts shitty or something?
Who Knew
5-4-2012 4:57 pm EST
Gave him the shot due to best win, yea got into it with him in a way about that and if he continues too much longer we might have to unify bro.
Gracie jiuNETsu
4-26-2012 9:56 am EST
just this weak 8pts/hkk camp. made the gracie camp because it seems like there is not many top players using muay thai. so i figured i could try my luck with a diffrent style. mmarmy.com/camp_display_roster.php?id=81162 dont clown me, i know i suck lol.
Gracie jiuNETsu
4-25-2012 12:04 am EST
your camp > 99% of the camps in this game. well atleast ive seen you in the top 10 p4p pretty consistant,more than anyone else i think. thanks for the welcome, boy am i glad your not mad at my camp :p
Mister Judo
4-12-2012 8:10 am EST
stats mean everything imo. age has no influence on a fighter other then if there older their stats are bigger
Vince McMahon Jr Jr Jr
We Will Fight Mexico
4-11-2012 5:45 pm EST
We Will Fight & We Will Fight Mexico are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
4-8-2012 6:16 pm EST
no problem good fight
3-29-2012 10:08 am EST
yeah judo told me before hand how the whole sharky/mod thing happend. so i guess i was just trollin him to see what he is up to. he didnt ask me to be his prodigy :( haha. thanks for lookin out man. hope your camps doing good my dude.
3-29-2012 6:38 am EST
wow he sounds a popular guy! haha thanks for the heads up!!