Red Devil FC

Last Online - Thursday 2nd of January 2020
Display Name AAJJ1144
Member Since May 11, 2010
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 2357-2586


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6-6-2018 4:23 pm EST
Hey looks like you and I are paired up first for world cup
knucle up
12-30-2017 8:35 am EST
hope you like the tko bitch
5-11-2012 10:13 pm EST
Remember to sign ur brawler to Pankrash mate, 1st rd matches are up and happening next reset
Nexus Lifestyle
10-14-2011 4:48 pm EST
Rematch ? i beat you
10-14-2011 10:37 am EST
Cheers mate for the fight, good luck
9-16-2011 3:36 pm EST
Sorry mate. You post reg. But ive got to send this as youve not responded 9-16-2011 6:21 pm EST Hi. We have had a roll call all week. You have until monday Or people will vote on your future in wdoa
7-20-2011 10:27 pm EST
7-21-2011 1:23 am EST Hi. We really need more hw s in the Wdoa first torny , you going to put one in ?
7-11-2011 2:45 pm EST
Hi You can now get in our room Press mmalliance in forum Press wanted dead or alive subforum Please introduce yourself to the team In the meet me thread
7-5-2011 1:40 pm EST
Knights of the round tabl Robin Hood Raiders 7-5-2011 4:39 pm EST Instructions again. 1. Register with forum. Top of this page 2 create user name 3 tell me on robin hood raiders wall your user name 4 i will pm you in forum. At top of page my stuff button will flash red Press and go to private message
7-5-2011 1:35 pm EST
If you struggle join forum top of page Get user name Let me know on my wall what it is Ill will private message you You will be in a great new group It starts in a week If you struggle ask in speech box instant message on forum on right of page
7-5-2011 1:32 pm EST
Hi There are currently five alliances. Im forming a 6th brand new one. They run from the forum. Top of your home page. Press forum. Join. Register create a usee name. Then pm me. Jid. If you struggle mate. Let me know on here again Alliances are groups of about 15 to 20 coaches who work together on tournaments against other alliances. Tornys between themselves and it really adds alot to this game. We learn alot from each other. You will love it
7-4-2011 7:40 pm EST
Any one wanting a fresh start. Or new camp wanting to grow quickly, let jid know robin hood raiders. Im hoping to bring a few people together to bond and form a tight and dedicated group who really care about each other and each others camps. ALL EQUAL. No leaders. All learning together. All important so will keep it small ish alliance _________________________
scott cooley
7-3-2010 10:45 am EST
me too... i will fight anyone... 8pts versus flying subs...it don't matter!!!!! for years i had a losing record and just now got above .500... so you stay strong b/c this game needs more guys like you. oh yeah it only gets worse in the EFC!!!!! so be ready and if you need advice i will always help you....BELLY
Armed and Ready
6-28-2010 8:35 pm EST
man the only positive thing i can take from that fight is that i didnt get knocked out lol good fight - kirk mcconomy
6-8-2010 10:22 pm EST
which of my fighters did you fight
Red Devil FC
6-4-2010 5:35 am EST
I can't stand style duckers. I hate it and if you look at my records you can tell that I will accept basically any fight no matter the style.