Cyborg Crush

Last Online - Thursday 12th of September 2019
Display Name BoneDaddy
Member Since Dec 10, 2008
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 9016-7752


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Marcelo Luiz Riz
1st Round Combat
12-24-2018 5:06 am EST
Hey man look at our forum, you have one fight to do for the alliance event
11-13-2018 11:31 am EST
Hey Bone...Are you in an alliance? If not would you be interested in DBA? We would love to have you.
8-28-2018 12:44 pm EST
Hey ty foe the advice early on hunter/max situation
Marcelo Luiz Riz
Combat Team Brazil
1-2-2018 6:32 am EST
Hey man submit your fighters in the SFL tourney
Ben A Werewolf
Team Werewolf
7-5-2012 5:29 pm EST
Ha I never even looked at Assis' name before, I'll have to think of a good nickname for him, any suggestions?
The Devil Dog
Evil Till I Die
6-25-2012 10:44 am EST
Lol no probs bro, I cant even remember what fighter it was that long ago - cheers anyway B.daddy
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
6-24-2012 6:26 pm EST
haha, nice message on The Law's page.
Master System
Flying Fortress
3-22-2012 6:05 pm EST
I think the game is trying to send me a message.
Flying Armbars
3-3-2012 11:22 am EST
lol crazy work is taking its toll. my camps in recovery atm
3-1-2012 10:12 am EST
lol yes sir
Welsh Warriors
2-21-2012 8:06 am EST
Thanks for the compliment bro (MMA Artist). Is not easy getting one to pick up a few titles and a winning record so am pleased with him.
2-18-2012 12:34 pm EST
lol yeah dunno how he won but i saw you said you went snb. i never use snb unless they have like 3.5 wres/str. anyway thanks and i hope he gets #1 too. good luck getting back the belt with your dude
The Lobster
1-20-2012 11:00 am EST
12-13-2011 11:59 pm EST
Thanks for the shot, very much appreciated.
Zangy Wonkers
12-13-2011 7:19 pm EST
Ha! 10k. My employer has really gotten their money's worth.
Mister Judo
12-12-2011 12:47 pm EST
? ive been doing well vs u lately. no need to duck lol
12-4-2011 3:20 pm EST
and thats how you get at belt back;)
12-3-2011 6:18 pm EST
thx and sry for giving your champ 1st loss;)
12-3-2011 6:17 pm EST
title shot plz;)?
Mister Judo
11-28-2011 2:14 pm EST
told ya so lol. u crushed my chumps lol
Master System
Flying Fortress
11-18-2011 7:52 pm EST
Thanks, mate, but I already have my fighters in an Ippon switch.
10th Planet
11-15-2011 2:13 pm EST
hey, its teshore. i use this camp to test weight also. if you ever need to check weight hit me up in sub forum. i only sign to pankrash. i didnt see your previous comment till now about wanting to test.
10-26-2011 11:18 am EST
fair enough
10-25-2011 4:07 pm EST
not when timmyz sat out, but fought someone else*
10-25-2011 4:05 pm EST
just a note, when in EFC, wins in glory mean nothing, having 5 wins then 1 loss then 1 win means you have a 1 fight win streak, those other 5 mean... nothing. i had fight sent to you when timmyz sat out. i had best win from previous reset and should have recieved shot. but since he fought i send you fight so the winner would be #1 contender. but you chose to sit out. i recall you saying i fought chumps..guess thats better then not fighting
9-8-2011 6:34 am EST
Thanks for the shot!
8-12-2011 10:35 am EST
I replied: http://www.mmarmy.com/fighter_stats.php?id=861852
7-30-2011 10:06 pm EST
Oh No! What happened to your avatar???
Mister Judo
7-15-2011 1:07 pm EST
nice! well i just need ur forum id. il send u a pm just reply so i kno its really u. il tell u about the guys then shortly after il add u
Mister Judo
7-14-2011 1:12 pm EST
merchants of death. were pretty new but we won the last major alliance event. i also kno u talk to some of our coaches like mattu. what do u say?
Mister Judo
7-12-2011 5:52 am EST
hey man. any interest in joining an alliance?
Master System
Flying Fortress
6-9-2011 3:49 pm EST
Remember me? I am back!
Mister Judo
5-25-2011 12:00 pm EST
cool u should join the forums more often u have a great camp. u would do well in an alliance :) as for the error idk. u are not restricted from me lol so u should beable to view my camp
Mister Judo
5-25-2011 8:24 am EST
what do u mean?
No Surrender
5-19-2011 2:05 pm EST
yea, i go best wins withing fighting org., i just feel the most respectful way to defend. as the people in that org have been fighting trying to get best streak to get title shot. hope that made sense lol
Mister Judo
5-15-2011 12:05 pm EST
who runs this camp? if ya dont mind me asking - Judo
5-10-2011 3:12 pm EST
We'd Get Banned For Being Too Sexy Tho!
4-18-2011 8:10 am EST
The Man With The Amazing Gif Is Back!! :D
11-24-2010 10:20 am EST
he wont cut ive tried hes a lazy lilttle one lol hes wo me alot of titles hes just too little for all the bigger org
10-2-2010 1:35 pm EST
thanks for the advice regarding push the pace, I'll try it :-)
8-9-2010 11:18 am EST
fair nuff. =) i was never gonna shitlist u anyways lol, we have had too many fights vs each other i was just giving you shits lol.
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
7-23-2010 9:35 am EST
Haha thanks man. I think I need a life, LOL.
Team 7 Eleven
4-14-2010 8:27 am EST
I don't have the heart to retire him bro.
3-29-2010 9:56 am EST
The guy's nickname is Sambo Trainer...I thought that would give it away. He's not a fighter I will be fighting with. -Abalest
scott cooley
2-6-2010 6:36 am EST
i got a ww that wants to fight you lhw....BELLY
2-5-2010 7:43 am EST
Hehe :P i thought you would go FF on the first one thought :P
12-4-2009 8:47 am EST
I have no idea why you may not be able to see my stats or styles. That's strange.
Doctor P
11-13-2009 8:57 am EST
what weight class you want to fight me in??
11-2-2009 2:04 pm EST
My guy retired this morning.
9-12-2009 1:51 pm EST
booty jiggle?
9-12-2009 1:50 pm EST
whats the deal with the camp avatar? i dont get it
Coach Brave
Braveheart Gym
9-4-2009 10:34 am EST
Both of your fighters were coming off losses. there was only one guy with a win in the league and i gave the shot to him. so i gave it to the most deserving person
Boom Armshot
8-30-2009 8:25 pm EST
Where can I see a larger version of that gif?
8-27-2009 6:31 am EST
thanks man and our camps can fight anytime i run ncaa as well
7-6-2009 10:34 am EST
LOL, thanks for the kind words bro. That guy has got a bright future...You might be right. /;)
7-1-2009 11:42 am EST
LOL Sorry about that bro.
6-30-2009 10:56 am EST
Elaina Maxwell...yeah I watched the fight...it was worth
6-30-2009 12:01 am EST
Please tell me which fight your gif is from appreciate it
6-18-2009 8:57 pm EST
I am an MMA fighter...I AM NOT A GAY FISH! :P - Gordon Hamilton
6-16-2009 5:31 pm EST
Your PL/PG/FS build is a strong one so that style has been giving my camps fits for a while now. It's all about the guess sometimes. Goodluck with the rest of your fights man.
6-5-2009 11:51 am EST
no problem man, but the main stats that make gnp work with strikers I see is brawling and power more then wrestling and strength. Stupid I know.
Mr Slippyfist
Team Slippyfist
5-22-2009 7:06 am EST
LOL...yeah, Tosya "Salad and Leave Ya" has been around for a while. I don't expect him to live much longer.
5-16-2009 3:57 am EST
Well, you were fight about Hitman, although we went the distance. He then vacated due to Pop and I challenged back for the vacant title and won! Good call on your part! :)
5-15-2009 1:16 pm EST
Maybe yes, maybe no. We will see, time will tell. We all get beat! No record is perfect.
Hardee Wreckshins
Gin and Chronic
5-12-2009 3:47 pm EST
Haha that makes two of us who weren't thinking clearly. It was pretty late and there were only like two guys online in the org so I sent challenges to both. I guess you didn't like that my guy had a number of fights under his belt and your guy was a little green. Send me a challenge if you see one of my guys. Good luck!
Hardee Wreckshins
Gin and Chronic
5-11-2009 9:18 pm EST
Sorry man I didn't mean anything by it. I haven't had internet for a week and am trying to make up for it.
K Rich
K Rich
5-8-2009 7:23 pm EST
That remark made me chuckle a tiny amount...And then I ate a baby kitten. It can thank you