Eric Play Pen

Last Online - Friday 25th of January 2019
Display Name Eric J
Member Since Oct 9, 2017
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 1319-1579


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6-7-2018 3:47 am EST
Would you be interested in joining DBA?
3-10-2018 7:59 pm EST
Think Sway n Slay is the most likely style that uses TKD
3-2-2018 4:52 am EST
nice camp!
2-21-2018 7:08 am EST
Spoke w the owner about your issues getting in on forum login, he said to email him at mmarmy119@gmail.com he should be able to get it sorted out.
2-20-2018 7:31 am EST
Sure, what forum login are you trying? You getting an error message like pending approval when you try and login?
2-1-2018 7:39 am EST
Welcome to the game! If you need any advice can let me know or make a forum login to chat with players.