Dead Rabbits

Last Online - Sunday 23rd of June 2024
Display Name Spidey
Member Since Jan 31, 2008
Active Record 3-3
Overall Record 19699-14038


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7-29-2021 3:16 pm EST
Bought 28th spot
7-29-2021 1:55 pm EST
Hit #1 in camp rankings.
7-27-2021 12:37 pm EST
Highest camp ranking #2
5-14-2021 4:05 am EST
Bought 27th fighter slot
5-3-2021 6:23 am EST
Highest camp ranking: #3
Team Goat Beard
5-14-2019 1:25 pm EST
Basilio Sala can definitely make 155 lbs.
Eric MacCormick
Eric Macs Hell House
2-12-2019 9:47 am EST
We went back and forth today. Nice fights.
Savage City
Croatian Assassins
2-5-2019 10:16 am EST
Sorry, just saw your follow up. I'm EasyE, on my main account.
Savage City
Croatian Assassins
1-28-2019 1:26 am EST
Yeah, this is my second camp. I'm on the forums with my main.
Savage City
Croatian Assassins
1-23-2019 6:05 pm EST
Nice submission from Feetham.
Team Vegas
1-18-2019 6:51 am EST
Thanks Spidey, I appreciate that. I'm pretty stubborn though lol. I think I'll stick to being one of the more recognized non-forum camps.
Troops of Doom
1-8-2019 12:58 pm EST
We’re allies :)
Troops of Doom
1-5-2019 11:57 am EST
Hey, interested in an Alliance. I don’t use forums much due to the format but I’m starting to get my camp back on track. Been back less than 2 months and have won /2 EFC titles. Ready to be a force!
Team Vegas
12-31-2018 3:01 pm EST
Thanks Spidey. Kind of random but I just noticed we started our camps on the exact same day. Nearly 11 years ago now. Crazy how time passes eh.
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
12-28-2018 7:29 am EST
Yes. I have downsized my camp but it is still around.
12-21-2018 12:46 am EST
Thanks! I've been in and out of the forums, for alliance I will add self to waiver wire.
DeathClutch MMA
DeathClutch MMA
12-18-2018 4:15 pm EST
Brock Lesnar beats us if we allow any non HWs.
DeathClutch MMA
DeathClutch MMA
12-17-2018 9:08 pm EST
We train only the big and tall.
DeathClutch MMA
DeathClutch MMA
12-17-2018 9:08 pm EST
thank you!
12-17-2018 1:47 pm EST
Hey man, this is UltraBear I run Get Crushed, The Bear Cove and The Fearless (you commented on all my camps). I'm fairly active in this game and enjoy it a lot but not looking to join an alliance at the moment. Maybe in the future but right now I feel like I'm maxed out on how much time I spend playing it and don't think I have the ability to offer much in terms of Alliance event stuff. Appreciate the offer thanks man
Team Vegas
12-15-2018 5:32 pm EST
Not interested at the moment, maybe in the future. And same goes to you man. I appreciate it.
12-14-2018 4:34 pm EST
I used to be on the forums and in several different alliances years ago. I’m not really interested in it anymore though, I come and go too often
209 TrapGym
12-14-2018 2:20 am EST
okay cool which alliance
sensei Mica
Mica MMA
12-13-2018 10:27 am EST
cool okay, forum name is cojemi
sensei Mica
Mica MMA
12-12-2018 3:38 pm EST
No, haven't been
sensei Mica
Mica MMA
12-12-2018 10:12 am EST
Sure I'm in
9-22-2018 10:28 am EST
what happened to the original dead rabbits logo lol, i miss it :(
8-1-2018 4:04 am EST
I don't really use the forums. Have in the past but never really posted just lurked.
6-14-2018 12:46 pm EST
i keep thinking this is fouls camp so my trashtalk was kind of from past fights with his guys, still works though. good luck man.
5-22-2018 6:02 pm EST
Ignore that last message
5-22-2018 4:50 pm EST
I swear to god i hate your camp and all of your fighters. I won't be fighting you any longer. Even if i'm up for a title don't send me a challenge.
5-19-2018 6:39 pm EST
np thx for reaching out
5-15-2018 9:49 pm EST
Yeah I’m jester on the forum
5-15-2018 5:24 pm EST
Yeah Im on the forums. Im a Drunken Bum
2-9-2018 7:41 am EST
Ok cool
Big Losers
1-22-2018 4:02 pm EST
spidey, make ehrod come back!!
12-11-2017 3:01 pm EST
Camp run by Spidey
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
5-21-2015 9:37 pm EST
Camp doing great amigo. Nicely done.
5-16-2015 4:55 pm EST
Good stuff on grabbing #1 in camp rankings Eh!
Miyata Gym
5-6-2015 8:04 pm EST
thanks. yea, i definitely could have own that fight had my chin held up haha. my build actually originates from your LnP build from arctic wolfpack, a while back. so you definitely deserve some of the credit. thanks though, it's a fun build!
4-5-2015 12:43 pm EST
Was just trying to get a fight no one was accepting
3-27-2015 8:44 am EST
Thanks, my friend! It's great to see you still playing and the game doing so well. Can't wait to have these battles in the EFC, see you there!
3-23-2015 3:47 am EST
3-22-2015 2:26 pm EST
No chance bro, been hired to cause your fighter pain and an early death. No hard feelings lol.
3-22-2015 10:08 am EST
Trainer league opening soon. :) Turbo
Ed Banger
The Dukes
3-19-2015 1:34 pm EST
Please join my tournament, it's called Bushido Pride Grand Prix.
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
2-24-2015 4:36 pm EST
Camp is looking good bro.
1-30-2015 11:01 am EST
Yeah thats cool i get it
1-29-2015 5:49 pm EST
Tittle shot? Aldrick Bonnay
Mister Judo
10-8-2014 4:10 pm EST
dicnose nose only losses splits and dominates in title fights for some reason. if i was champ id win all these fights im losing. fucking sucks lol
10-6-2014 10:07 pm EST
Oh shit! No wonder drink never sent the 3rd fight, lol
Who Knew
9-30-2014 7:59 am EST
I know the feeling
Mister Judo
9-25-2014 4:28 pm EST
ah ic. nah maybe in thr future. gonna dabble with db first
Sticky Green MMA
9-2-2014 6:59 pm EST
good fights man
Joao Rua
Evolve MMA
8-24-2014 2:55 pm EST
I never caught that about CS. I always just assumed it was punches only. Didn't know Focus was used for PiB either. Though, it seems the left side stats are a bit ignored.
Joao Rua
Evolve MMA
8-24-2014 7:23 am EST
Do you think that he's being carried by the other stats? or you think it's just Kickboxing? There are a lot of stats that seem to have very few uses - Focus, Kickboxing, Greco, Judo, Sambo etc
8-16-2014 6:13 am EST
Hey update on my guy he's losing a lot lol, possibly has a weak chin? Terrible hiddens maybe bro?
8-7-2014 3:06 am EST
Thanks for the tips, ill be sure to use them.
8-6-2014 3:39 pm EST
Thanks man, any tips on how I should use him?
The Godfather
859 Academy
7-8-2014 10:52 am EST
Perfect, feel free to no show as i think that's my only shot at winning lol
The Godfather
859 Academy
7-8-2014 4:29 am EST
I'll be of work early afternoon today eastern standard time. Good luck I'm gonna have a tough time of it.
6-17-2014 9:58 pm EST
222 EFC titles. Belt set complete
4-21-2014 9:36 pm EST
Congratulations good fight.
4-18-2014 1:57 pm EST
haha my man EH!!!! Yeah bro been a minute, this game has a way of pulling ya back in every now and then. It's crap starting back from scratch. How you been man?
4-6-2014 10:50 pm EST
Thanks for the legend scrap!
4-6-2014 3:00 pm EST
Where'd you post your fighters? I just went through and couldn't find your guys.
4-4-2014 11:53 pm EST
Hey Ehrod it's Chief from the forums can you post your best all time fighters into the KOK event that i'm putting togethe? It's pretty much a sequel to the old event Mkick put on back in the day. A series of legend fights between the best all time fighters available. Gotta have your best. I know people are busy and i'll work around everyone's schedule the best we can. Thanks
3-18-2014 4:48 pm EST
That would be me. The Dead Rabbits will always stay with Ehrod. The other camps well not so much.
Who Knew
3-18-2014 4:18 pm EST
Who is running this camp now?
Johnny Powers
The Power Hour
3-13-2014 7:28 am EST
welcome back ehrod! -mr.judo
Shane McMahon Jr Jr Jr
We Will Fight Vatican
7-13-2012 9:17 am EST
We Will Fight & We Will Fight Vatican are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
6-28-2012 5:23 am EST
There you go fellow canuck, congrat on the wins!
6-19-2012 6:56 am EST
I've retired myself from Ace's tournament, you'll be awared the bronze medal. Tell me if you want our legends to fight anyway or if you want to keep your credits. Cheers! -VRoy
Who Knew
5-22-2012 4:39 am EST
Bro, just found out, CONGRATS!!!
5-5-2012 6:10 pm EST
No problem.My guy just won.So I will expect a challenge from Judo.
We Will Fight
We Love Gay Guys
4-19-2012 11:35 am EST
We Will Fight & We Love Gay Guys are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
Boxing 101
3-26-2012 5:17 pm EST
P.S Thanks for that little tid bit about what focus helps with specifically, I was wondering about that.
Boxing 101
3-26-2012 5:15 pm EST
Great camp btw. Top 3 I've seen I think.
Boxing 101
3-26-2012 5:08 pm EST
Yea I was starting out with a build using PIB but now im going for a 3.5 boxing/brawl/speed/Power 3 footwork/reflex build. I found PIB to be too inconsistent and finishes seems to be rare I found. This new build I find gives me a really strong SFTF that replaces PIB for everything I need it for. Both builds work well I think but I find you get more for less(stats wise) with this build since I already want at the very least 3.0 brawl/power. Sry for the wall of text delete after plz delete .
Club Casual
3-7-2012 5:55 pm EST
Thanks bro i got a spare time so i thought i would try get back into it .. damn youve been going strong though . . .
3-6-2012 10:49 am EST
Nearing 10k bro. Nice job!
Cyborg Crush
3-1-2012 5:56 am EST
i'm just going to continue to GnP your stupid strikers this week, all those wins will teach you a lesson
2-8-2012 6:42 pm EST
FINALLY GOT YOU! YEEEEEAAAAH! 1 win out of 100 is mine!
2-3-2012 8:05 am EST
Thats Ok Bud, We Went 1-1 In Them If Im Correct.
Badass Inc
12-17-2011 7:24 pm EST
Totally did not see the GnP coming lol. Kunio never got to switch to his secondary. Well done. Good fight.
No Surrender
12-17-2011 10:00 am EST
still the best camp name and logo around!
The Lobster
12-1-2011 1:13 pm EST
thanks man. You too.
11-29-2011 4:35 pm EST
Proxc hw title shot next reset please. I've wrecked 4 straight fights in proxc.
11-22-2011 7:12 am EST
dam good fight, the 3rd was anybodys, good fight. looking forward for another 1!
Flying Armbars
11-14-2011 1:04 pm EST
lol told ya. its about 50-50
11-1-2011 7:57 pm EST
Camps looking good bro.
11-1-2011 7:25 am EST
Nice one ehrod. You fully contolled me tbf
11-1-2011 4:18 am EST
Too quick mk2 is approaching the octagon, you ready Mr Thomas?
8-8-2011 4:44 am EST
thx for the comments
Flying Armbars
8-7-2011 7:11 am EST
ive nvr had problems with the punchy/kicky styles but ur giving me some lol. keep up the good work! :)
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
8-3-2011 5:54 am EST
sure np
5-29-2011 10:44 am EST
Belt set complete.
No Surrender
4-23-2011 6:51 am EST
thanks Eh, i thought it was a nice change.
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
4-18-2011 5:16 pm EST
Thanks for the advice dude. I'm going to revist that at some point.
Big Losers
10-22-2010 10:11 am EST
btw, my 8 pts are having more success vs. PG; have you noticed that too? CD, not so much.
Athlon MMA
10-15-2010 7:35 pm EST
Thansk for the fights today - Athlon MMA
Big Losers
10-11-2010 8:07 am EST
btw, congrats on the 7k wins
Big Losers
10-11-2010 8:07 am EST
i've been meaning to hunt you down, as you taught me a lot of what I do with my strikers. noticed with the game mods my derty switch (gnp via brawl added to my chop down stats) has not worked as well vs. PG/FS. have you noticed the same?
Donkey Johnson
Team Pork Hammer
9-28-2010 2:21 pm EST
This camp and the Decatur Staleys have the best camp names.
9-21-2010 8:29 pm EST
God damn E.. Mkick gives you HKK, another style for build. Now I'll definitely never figure you out!
Locke Artist
Uptown Academy
9-3-2010 9:10 am EST
Hello I would like to invite you to join a tournament I have recently created. I have not played this game for long, but I have relised that I would like to help to make tournaments a larger part of the game. To do this I am organizing a Lightweight Gran Prix tournament to compete the best current Lightweights in the game against eachother. You house some of the best all around fighters in the game so I was wondering if you are interested werhttp://mmarmy.com/tournamentview.php?tournament_id=419
8-13-2010 5:04 pm EST
10th Planet
7-25-2010 2:32 pm EST
nice job on 100+ EFC belts total!
7-23-2010 12:34 pm EST
lol no doubt, he wasn't good enough to get into a bigger league but when his contract is up i can pin him up against some real good fighters and see what he is made of...
6-25-2010 12:01 am EST
Ehrod definetly has a good Muay Thai camp.
Hardee Wreckshins
Gin and Chronic
6-24-2010 8:40 pm EST
It's always a challenge to outpoint you when you're coming at me from 8 different directions. I've had too much free time this summer and its starting to show in my record and equipment upgrades.
6-20-2010 8:44 pm EST
I dont even call your guys stats "an advantage". Your guy is as legit as it gets. You never style dodged, incubated, or picked your fights. My only problem with Vladmiri Popov, is that he retired waaaaaaaaaaayyy early.
No Surrender
6-11-2010 5:34 pm EST
Thanks! It might be...or maybe till I get a freakin EFC belt
6-2-2010 7:24 am EST
Awsome fight ehrod. Our guys are both 2-2 now. The best 3rd out of 5 will happen sometime soon :)
6-2-2010 5:57 am EST
Vladmiri Popov is goingo to challenge Tra "Agent" 70 again.....Accept it.
6-1-2010 7:17 am EST
Good fight!
Pedro Trigo
Trigo Team
5-31-2010 2:59 pm EST
ok thnx anyway. its pretty cool though.
5-31-2010 10:46 am EST
Hey man. Got any advice for a newb. Looks like your roster pretty much says it all about you.
Pedro Trigo
Trigo Team
5-30-2010 3:03 pm EST
hey can you tell me how can i create an avatar like that? thnkx
5-23-2010 1:41 pm EST
Glad to see CD on top again! Congrats on the #1's
10th Planet
5-22-2010 3:36 pm EST
nice back to back #1's!
Big Ace
5-19-2010 5:16 pm EST
OK - but only cuz it's you. Anyone else I would put it in a jar on my mantle or something :) Damn - that's disturbing lol.
5-19-2010 3:41 pm EST
Grats on the success of your camp, too many bitch ass grapplers in this game!
the great one AJ
canda could beat usa ass
5-18-2010 9:46 am EST
could you join my camp plz and by the gd job on winning all the titles
Hells Lair
5-5-2010 4:32 pm EST
congrats E on #1!
5-5-2010 12:47 pm EST
hey i just made a camp and am still trying to figure everything out. So what is the best way to improve my fighters stats?
4-20-2010 7:15 pm EST
Good fights as always dude. UC
4-20-2010 12:57 pm EST
something new. Chase is the first guy I recruited when I decided to make the transition. Thanks for the fight!
2-9-2010 2:53 pm EST
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
2-3-2010 3:57 pm EST
E with 5k? Nicely done, sir.
2-3-2010 8:36 am EST
congrats on 5k E!
Never Tap
2-2-2010 2:50 pm EST
sorry ehrod lol, those two wins were almost the only ones i got today :)
Big Ace
1-23-2010 1:09 pm EST
lol - he beat me so bad he had to retire right afterwards.
The Lobster
1-5-2010 9:09 am EST
tried to keep you guessing - I'm sure you'll ahve your revenge.
Big Losers
12-24-2009 6:02 am EST
as to the forums, not enough, i go under bone-daddy there, camps (big losers and cyborg crush)
No Surrender
11-12-2009 8:28 am EST
thanks, i just googled no surrender pics, and it came up, i edited the words though changed them and made them red. thought it was kinda cool though
No Surrender
10-27-2009 10:59 am EST
best avator in game!!
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
10-26-2009 3:45 pm EST
Love the new pick man.
Flow Dojo
9-4-2009 8:54 pm EST
Nice win for the logo belt...ill want a rematch at reset...understandable?
10th Planet
9-2-2009 10:17 am EST
9-2-2009 8:19 am EST
I was kidding Teshore, you know you da man.
10th Planet
9-1-2009 8:09 pm EST
wow!!! thanks steve....buddy...lol
8-31-2009 4:03 pm EST
Well...Lets hope you never leave this camp bro. Because its one of my fave's to fight. And we both know Teshore would fuck it up. LOL
8-31-2009 11:08 am EST
Your a whore man! Why you gotta be everybody's "favorite camp to fight". I'm telling everyone your ducking my PL'ers lately. LOL!
10th Planet
8-30-2009 8:12 am EST
nice set of fights today! respect for my favorite camp in game!
8-13-2009 8:24 pm EST
I agree and usually i wouldn't even ask for that shot but the circumstances all around seemed appropriate. Thanks for accepting.
7-25-2009 10:20 pm EST
its good...all new guys so having to build up..so lots of switching now till i can get primaries up! so its official..have to wait a week, but officially in soviet.
7-25-2009 4:38 pm EST
7-25-2009 10:02 am EST
I know this is soooo late in response to the good day my boys had the other day, but I think it was more so luck! They just decided for that 1 reset we're going to beat these phuckers lol.
10th Planet
7-9-2009 7:51 pm EST
its all good...just figured i would shoot a reminder..lol..
10th Planet
7-9-2009 6:36 pm EST
so....i still want this camp! haha
6-29-2009 7:46 am EST
PHUUUUUCK!!! EH I apologize on behalf of not 1 but 2 fatty's!! Extremely disappointing to have these guys miss like that perfect opprotunity for the both of us to line-up a potential #1 contender for the pm...srry bro
Cyborg Crush
6-20-2009 5:59 am EST
its officeal, I hate you. - bone daddy (cyborg crush/big losers). where was the gnp switch when i needed it.
Cyborg Crush
6-16-2009 5:26 am EST
my guy got tired of your switching and called it a career. - obha player. thanks for the input
6-10-2009 2:01 pm EST
Yes, most do not think a rematch is something fair? I am still waiting! And I want the belt!
6-8-2009 10:06 am EST
Cyborg Crush
6-5-2009 10:52 am EST
hey, thanks for the tip on the strikers and gnp, i think the key is footwork may be more important than strength when you go gnp. obha player
4-21-2009 8:41 am EST
Thanks buddy! lol
The System
System MMA
4-9-2009 2:01 pm EST
honestly man, i just started. and all my guys were getting their ass kicked, and i was trying to figure out the game, and how it works. just learned about different styles. and how money can buy you equipment. im not trying to cheat. but at the same time, i got guys who are like 2-1 records, and i get dudes 56-35 records challenging me, so thats kinda not fair either. i like to think im not harming anyone so if people dont wanna fight me, its cool.
4-9-2009 5:31 am EST
I play this for fun, however any game is no fun when you have to cheat to get ahead.
The System
System MMA
4-9-2009 5:23 am EST
you really take this game seriously dont you. cool
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
3-17-2009 7:32 am EST
Right on bro, understood. It is the right thing to do.
1-24-2009 2:15 pm EST
testing the waters... its hard to get going again with terrible stats.
7-10-2008 4:56 pm EST
good fight but i think i should have gotten the decision we should battle again
6-2-2008 4:56 pm EST
great fight again
5-31-2008 7:43 pm EST
great fight man a war
5-31-2008 2:34 pm EST
for sure at reset
5-31-2008 12:15 pm EST
can i get a rematch
5-15-2008 4:28 pm EST
thanks for the shot and great fight
5-15-2008 4:26 pm EST
thank you
5-6-2008 2:23 pm EST
good fight
Team Voodo
4-14-2008 1:23 am EST
thanks for the congratz. Good luck with your future fights
team gorilla
4-12-2008 4:54 pm EST
One of the camps that i respect...
Badass Inc
4-8-2008 9:06 am EST
Sure thing about the rematch man.
3-21-2008 5:52 am EST
lol, Just got the title back. Now that idiot is asking me for a title shot...after he DENIED me when I was the number one contender five straight months to fight cans. I told he he may as well move to another org. You come back, and you can get yourself a title shot. Just an option, brother. - Chejo "Lights Out" Guzman
3-18-2008 7:53 pm EST
Thanks brother, the same to you. Seriously, the current champ defends the title against a fighter that's 2-1??? Jesus Christ, talk about a pussy... Either way, hope one of us gets its back.