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Last Online - Thursday 12th of September 2019
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12-10-2018 12:22 pm EST
Have Oscar Lazo send title challenge for PM reset.
5-17-2018 12:43 pm EST
Hey any chance you would want to join DBA if not already in an alliance?
1-25-2018 3:53 pm EST
Ive tried to multiple times...lol
1-17-2018 11:10 am EST
Sent you the RR challenge
Marcelo Luiz Riz
Combat Team Brazil
1-1-2018 8:05 am EST
Hey man, submit your best 2017 fighters in the tournament
8-14-2017 3:50 am EST
Yes solid run! Thanks!!!
2-7-2016 8:33 am EST
5-18-2015 3:38 pm EST
sup homie :)
3-19-2013 8:22 pm EST
SOCAT's Heavyweight division is alive, anyone with Heavyweight fighters heading into 4th tier ORGS please put them in SOCAT to keep it alive! It just adds more to the game, thank you.
3-4-2013 7:40 am EST
Trying to get together some coaches to try and get some interest going in the game again, proposing a massive tournament, check out this page and sign up if u want to :) http://www.mmarmy.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=348683&#Post348683
Havoloc Demetry
2-21-2013 5:29 am EST
Ok, title fight at reset tonight, sorry i didnt see the comment until after i fought. Good luck
Elite Evolution
1-24-2013 5:07 am EST
Thanks for the kind words bro.
1-24-2013 2:38 am EST
Whats this i get a beating and festive greetings, they should try that in the ufc. :)
8-7-2012 10:17 am EST
Tell me about it man! He was young!:(
Mister Judo
7-24-2012 11:44 am EST
ILY :)
6-24-2012 9:13 am EST
lol Tough reset...
6-19-2012 4:16 pm EST
Yea i know what you mean mate anytime you see my fighters challenge me ill never reject a fight
3-19-2012 2:10 pm EST
Hey, Buddy. If I can only have one fighter in your tourney I would rather have Mills Roibinson instead of Nathan Cox. Thanks for handling that for me. W.
3-17-2012 9:20 am EST
pleez add my fighters in dha tourny
Juice Factory
2-27-2012 8:59 am EST
2-24-2012 7:37 am EST
There's a guy with a 3 win streak.. sorry bro
2-21-2012 8:12 am EST
oh fuck you losers, the name of your camp says it all sweetheart. good luck bitch.
2-18-2012 7:22 pm EST
lol thanks bro, all i care about is getting it once. then my guy can tank the rest of his career for all i care, haha. gl bro
2-16-2012 7:02 am EST
Sorry man
Flying Armbars
2-14-2012 5:09 pm EST
congrats on ur 1st number 1 p4p (i think) also impressive stuff lately. keep it up
2-9-2012 4:38 am EST
No worries man. You've been on a great run lately.
Goodkid MMA
2-6-2012 7:00 pm EST
Not a problem man. Congrats on holding 3 EFC belts at once. I also feel like I have a decent PTP build. I've been building my camp back up, so I'm working on building a GnP switch for it.
Sticky Green MMA
1-26-2012 9:03 am EST
Gutless is sitting out resets spamming title challenges. You can try to claim you cant fight each reset but you still manage to send me a title challenge every reset, even after getting it denied b.c you were far from the #1 contender. Why dont you ask you teammates if they would give a title shot to someone who tries to sit on their 1 fight win streak while spamming title challenges. Im sure they will agree that your tactics are for bitches.
Eleven Lounge
1-25-2012 11:05 am EST
well regardless u did deserve the shot. im just at the point of playing this game for so long without a break that finding the number 1 contenders in the smaller orgs becomes frusterating you know? i just wish that they would challenge me so i knew. instead of everytime i get a belt i have to look at the stats of 9 other guys haha. but again im sorry.
1-14-2012 7:36 am EST
My Future Wife, Katy Perry
Capellari MMA
1-5-2012 10:59 am EST
do you wanna try a revenge?:D
KP Keough
Beast Mode
12-2-2011 8:16 pm EST
Thanks brother! On to 11k, I suppose.
Dr House
11-22-2011 7:59 am EST
Can't say I wasn't worried about both fights, but as you can see he was fighting at 185 and ever since I dropped him to 170 he's been a beast
11-17-2011 10:42 am EST
Yeah I did, what's it to you. It was my choice not yours
11-16-2011 2:26 pm EST
Yeah Good Fights Buddy!
Anthonius St Pierre
Canadian Punishers
10-31-2011 3:22 pm EST
Sorry mate Billy the idol is in the survivor series tournament
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
9-28-2011 11:36 am EST
Solid camp btw.
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
9-27-2011 11:37 am EST
sgt. slaughter. best 360 I could think of.
KP Keough
Beast Mode
9-13-2011 9:30 pm EST
I would have self-esteem problems too if I got my ass kicked by me.
Welsh Warriors
8-8-2011 11:09 am EST
Thanks for the fight bro
The Domain
8-2-2011 10:07 am EST
no problem i understand good luck on the title fight
10-22-2010 6:54 pm EST
yeah 8pts has typically been better against pg then CD but this new HKK is way better then both of those against it.
10-12-2010 9:16 am EST
Thanks dude, yeah it's not as good as before I'm actually using HKK as my switch to 8pts/CD now, it seems to work well against jj guys.
W. Bigglesworth
Asian Martial Arts
7-16-2010 8:46 pm EST
yeah sorry bout the incubation... real life took over for the last few weeks.. but thats why im not fighting him against other 2 fight fighters...
3-31-2010 11:58 am EST
Don't think they ever fought. I never got a name of ur 155er
3-28-2010 2:01 pm EST
come on you fat fuck, i have a 155 lber that wants to throw down
3-6-2010 4:11 pm EST
Yeah, footwork can help GNP, but my fighters needs speed more.
2-15-2010 2:44 pm EST
Sorry, I didn't read your post until after I accepted. I challenged you again. There is no such thing as a dirty switch. I used PL in the first round of the tourney. There is no point to building a switch if you don't use it. KoK is the Superbowl, son. You should be prepaired for anything, but I'll amuse you by going PG/PG this time only...
2-13-2010 11:34 am EST
thanks for the challenge.
2-5-2010 8:52 am EST
Damn. :) Angus is solid, great win man, congrats.
1-22-2010 7:33 am EST
No problem dude, I'll send the challenge out.
1-20-2010 9:18 am EST
lol i deserved that one congrats
408 Monster INC
12-11-2009 11:49 am EST
I like to eat chow mein. what can I say?
12-10-2009 6:12 am EST
I pm'ed you on the forum.
12-9-2009 6:46 pm EST
you on the forums bro?
jersey devils
11-2-2009 9:25 pm EST
Thanks man!
10-28-2009 5:30 am EST
Congrats on your first EFC title!! Good job mate.
10-8-2009 4:33 pm EST
lol always enjoy the fights man
7-9-2009 8:19 am EST
No worries on the challenge. I've now had two open title challenges, and I still din't really have any idea how that works or who I'm fighting. SUcks, though, to get 8 Point when I have G&P both times. :-)
Tyler Lights
Team Blue Lightning
6-21-2009 6:56 pm EST
oh ya, for sure. btw that would have been sick if your guy, Salva Garza, won the A-1 HW title. no matter, that fight will still go down as one of the most rediculas/awsome matchups in MMArmy history
6-17-2009 7:56 am EST
Your right! Rank isn't everything thats why I gave you the criteria to which it is based for most deseving. But expecting a title shot coming fresh off a loss regardless of your weight or w/e your situation is your in no way a contender for the strap! And thanks for the congrats, btw.
5-26-2009 12:05 pm EST
No worries man, I figured I'd just let you know. We've all done it. Good camp by the way.