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Last Online - Wednesday 2nd of June 2021
Display Name Grapple420
Member Since Jan 21, 2008
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8-4-2016 8:04 am EST
Dirtbag Elite > Sticky Green
5-26-2016 2:24 pm EST
You wouldn't believe it! I have been living here for 12 years now and I still don't believe it. As red neck as you can possibly imagine.
1-19-2016 3:57 pm EST
You're the fucking idiot that came across like a tough guy. You're also the one to whine about people not defending correctly constantly. Do what's right for the game and defend your belts right or don't fight for them. That or get a reputation like SmackU and Role and start facing the consequences of your bad play. It's really just a simple request that was politely stated and you started acting like an asshole.
1-15-2016 12:43 pm EST
No I personally don't care about the belt but I care about the game. You're playing shitty and being called out for it. If you don't wanna defend belts from wlof on up correctly don't fight for them or you can expect to start paying taxes, scrub.
1-15-2016 5:44 am EST
Look, I don't give a shit about wlof belts either. I'm just saying if you aren't going to properly defend a belt that could get you in the top 25, don't fight for it or vacate after winning it. You've been pretty terrible recently and wlof belts matter to new camps and help boost rank for efc runs.
11-25-2015 12:34 pm EST
let that be a lesson.
10-9-2015 7:45 am EST
Haha surely any sort of negative nickname is a tribute?
Frank Lucas
NY Brawlers
9-29-2015 6:01 pm EST
Puff puff pass Will win u the game
9-27-2015 7:26 am EST
trying to get back at this bro but need help from the thc boys
9-11-2015 12:38 am EST
Yeh he killed ptp and made pg super powered!
9-11-2015 12:13 am EST
Frank Lucas
NY Brawlers
6-16-2015 6:11 pm EST
thanks bro..see u around
Miyata Gym
6-7-2015 9:15 pm EST
haha. you learning how to use the WnS/LnP build from me wrecking faces?
12-7-2014 11:44 pm EST
Thought it was you all along . Now I have my answer ;)
Sticky Green MMA
10-14-2014 2:23 pm EST
The Godfather
859 Academy
10-4-2014 6:28 am EST
Yeah, I thought about a nickname but didn't wanna spoil it.
9-25-2014 8:03 pm EST
Thanks man, good fights for sure, all finishes. Come a long way in equipment and knowledge since those guys retired, excited to do another event like this down the road. Anyway, good stuff, look forward to more fights in the future.
9-2-2014 7:03 pm EST
Same here wasn't sure how well I could handle that many solid ptp fighters. Great win.
No Surrender
7-9-2014 12:14 pm EST
Yea Man, great battles as always!
6-14-2014 4:36 pm EST
PtP usually owns my HKK
Sticky Green MMA
6-3-2014 8:59 am EST
6-3-2014 2:36 am EST
kicking my ass graps!
FAGS United
4-29-2014 7:51 am EST
ha ha ha I you! you bad fat man! bad bad!
Sticky Green MMA
4-28-2014 2:05 pm EST
Fallout 4
4-22-2014 10:35 am EST
Nope not new, just haven't been on in forever. My other camp is punkazzinc. :)
4-15-2014 5:44 pm EST
so honored to be hated by the great grapple!
Team Vegas
3-12-2014 7:06 am EST
Oh ya, I'm back
Johnny Powers
The Power Hour
3-11-2014 3:02 am EST
LoL as if your somebody special.
Johnny Powers
The Power Hour
3-7-2014 8:07 pm EST
Don't worry about if fag - RussianThai
Johnny Powers
The Power Hour
3-7-2014 5:16 pm EST
He is on a leave
The Goon
AwA Allstars
3-7-2014 3:35 pm EST
hahahahaha that gif
Trafalgar Law
Heart Pirates
3-5-2014 2:55 am EST
"The Heart Pirates are an infamous and notable rookie pirate crew introduced on Sabaody Archipelago around the time the Straw Hat Pirates arrived there two years ago. Their potential is further seen with the release of Haki by Silvers Rayleigh, against which nearly every notable crewmate was able to withstand, along with the notable crewmates of the Kid Pirates." It's from One Piece
The Goon
AwA Allstars
3-4-2014 10:47 am EST
Charles Foster Ofdensen
Mordhaus MMA
3-4-2014 7:01 am EST
truefan runs Mordhaus MMA
Who Knew
2-23-2014 8:27 am EST
You back?
2-20-2014 1:48 pm EST
Nathan Molko
Team Nathan
10-3-2012 5:55 pm EST
Thanks for the info, haven't been on here in forever.
10-1-2012 1:19 pm EST
who the fuck are you like ya daft little cunt, zip it ya muppet.
9-24-2012 3:57 am EST
Lol I didn't mean I would retire him, I meant he's gonna witch he did just tonight :( but thanx .
9-18-2012 8:39 pm EST
ahh no worries man, thanks, all in the past... lets look forward to some more great wars :D
9-17-2012 6:22 am EST
aint you even gunna apologuise man?.. i dont appreciate you giving me a bad name on here for something i havent even done. but if thats the way you want to play it, thats cool, you wont get any shots from me in the future.
9-16-2012 1:18 am EST
woah... easy tiger.. if you didnt notice.. after i won the belt first off, i lost my contract because i forgot to renew it like an idiot... the guy i fought accepted a vacant title shot the same as me.. so, please make sure you get your facts straight before making me look bad. thankyou sir.
9-13-2012 12:35 pm EST
Thanks. ;$
Muay Thai Champions
8-13-2012 3:56 pm EST
ha! i love your dumb arguments your guy was a style switcher i think you just like starting shit the main reason i sent you that challenge is cuz you were the only one online at the time i don't care about all that who is on the best streak i send challenges to whoever is online at the time especially in low orgs like that one
Muay Thai Champions
8-13-2012 1:34 pm EST
this is so funny cuz u had higher stats than me and i knew you were gunna switch styles so how is that a huge advantage well im glad you feel good about it there probably isnt much in your life to feel good about outside this game good luck LOL
Muay Thai Champions
8-13-2012 6:23 am EST
Yeah well don't worry about fighting any of my guys then I won't accept challenges from disrespectful bitchs
8-10-2012 2:36 am EST
What are you laughing at douche? It's the way of the game now.
Who Knew
7-28-2012 7:56 am EST
Yea after I lose you give me congrats.
6-14-2012 10:21 am EST
4-24-2012 9:44 am EST
Thanks bro, good luck
Piggly Wiggly Supermarket
Piggly Wiggly MMA
4-2-2012 6:35 pm EST
4-2-2012 7:01 am EST
thats funny i could never figure out where it came from but it makes sense now
4-1-2012 5:23 pm EST
what do you call me Rocephus
2-29-2012 11:43 pm EST
Told Keiichi to go easy on you bro :) will get you next time -Turbo
2-23-2012 2:24 am EST
no, i dont.i dont go on the forum very often at this moment.so i dont speack with others alliabces, but i will try. ;)
Sticky Green MMA
2-10-2012 6:57 am EST
Cyborg Crush
2-4-2012 2:52 pm EST
you are right, you did send a belt challenge but you outright ducked the top ranked fighter that had not fought. gutless as usual
Cyborg Crush
2-4-2012 12:03 pm EST
wait dude, i challenged you and your win streak, but you decided to sit out the string, and you were logged on, to get a belt challenge. just saying, don't call people out if you are going to skip challenges and wait for a reset, the ole pot calling the kettle black. no big deal, i'm moving on
Big Losers
1-26-2012 9:13 am EST
ok, i take back my slur. i really don't spam title shots, was just letting you know that i do miss re-sets, if that limits my title chances, i will deal with it. i will try to fight more at night, especially my top 5 guys so this is not an issue between us. gl
Big Losers
1-26-2012 4:19 am EST
Talon Wing
1-14-2012 1:25 pm EST
Thanks for the shot man. Good fight.
1-8-2012 5:13 pm EST
Hi old friend, Thx for asking , I'm trying lol Hope your well :)
12-31-2011 5:28 pm EST
Thanks for thw fight and congrats champ.
scott cooley
12-25-2011 9:33 am EST
hello. greetings. salutations. answer my pm. the war is evolving around us and we must make preparations for our survival. merry christmas. i hope your kids got everything they wanted.
12-23-2011 5:24 am EST
THanks. I just posted on the forum giving MOD an update of whats going on.
K Rich
K Rich
12-22-2011 8:45 am EST
Who are you?
Chief Master
Camp 420KC
12-18-2011 9:49 pm EST
I hope so man. Your camps are looking great btw grap!
12-14-2011 7:53 am EST
Yeah man there are many ppl complaning out there and crying -.-
Hells Lair
12-13-2011 2:32 pm EST
you're wrong pussy. that was easy
Hells Lair
12-13-2011 2:26 pm EST
haha, your such a fat tard! hahaha 12-12-2011 11:09 pm EST Funny, I called one of Ho Brahs TC teammates out for doing the EXACT same thing as you did Lundy, which the exception that you had a 3 fight EFC streak and his buddy only had 1 and was trying to sneak in a title shot. I was called a fool for doing so. Guess that means Ho Brah is just a fool. Dont sweat their BS dude.
No Surrender
11-14-2011 8:48 am EST
haha, im not mad, your stupidity makes me smile and happy that im nothing like you. but keep trying chester
No Surrender
11-12-2011 9:46 pm EST
and i find it entertaining that you assume im mad or emotional. when i read what you put, it made me laugh literally. so congrats on entertaining yourself.
No Surrender
11-12-2011 7:31 am EST
and i told your alliance mate to talk with you guys, to get a better idea of title etiquette. and good luck in the game. wow, the more i read what i put, the more foolish you appear.
No Surrender
11-12-2011 7:23 am EST
question my title etiquett. keep searching pal!
No Surrender
11-12-2011 7:22 am EST
haha, he was coming off 3 losses. thats much different then having a win and being in the top 10. when there are 10-15 fighters only in the division. i had a win and sent. ive never called anyone a chump when they had a win and sent title challenge to me, ill let them know they arent up, but when sending off 3 losses yea, its chump move. as for your "save the he was coming off a loss" line. dont be a fool. you can dislike me if you want, but you or none of your "classy" alliance guys can
No Surrender
11-11-2011 11:14 am EST
actually, your comments arent stupid. so my bad for saying that. but, so you know, i call people chumps for 2 reasons on here. if my champ has already fought and some camp sends me fights trying to sit out the reset or if they are on losses and continue to send challenges. whoever it is in MOD you are speaking of im sure i can back that up with. regardless of who i like or dont like, im fair right down the middle with titles except the few blacklisted.
No Surrender
11-11-2011 7:15 am EST
if you know nothing about something, maybe you should ask first instead of putting stupid comments up.
No Surrender
11-11-2011 7:10 am EST
i told fenix camp it was a pussy move to purposely sit out a reset to try and get title shot which is what UWF did. and yes i sent krazy kracker challenge, i didnt check everyones top ten. i had a win and org is low so i sent. he said i wasnt up so i went and fought. "shame shame" hahahaha
El Charrua
Mauro Canaris
10-27-2011 7:39 pm EST
About the trainers... How many should I have? 2 is ok? I have 2 training 2 skills but maybe I need 2 more to train other 2 skills...
El Charrua
Mauro Canaris
10-23-2011 12:28 am EST
If I have a fighter who didn't have an improvement in the sparring sessions, is still going to get a stat but more slower?
El Charrua
Mauro Canaris
10-20-2011 6:47 pm EST
When the fighter gets older, start to train slower? Because two or 3 seemed to be sparring slower than before.
El Charrua
Mauro Canaris
10-18-2011 12:16 am EST
I have a new question :P Let's say I have a fighter that his style is Sftf, the skills not included in that style are not participating in the simulation of the fight?
Mister Judo
10-14-2011 6:30 pm EST
lol he got it (there were better but they no showed) and hes still ranting lol
10-14-2011 11:35 am EST
Anyway i don't look for 1-2 year old fighters if there in the same org why would i not fight them? You lot have some funny ideas about how you have to play this game.
10-14-2011 11:32 am EST
It sounds like your the bitch with all the moaning your doing, i don't get it. just don't fight me then i won't lose sleep over it.
10-13-2011 10:07 pm EST
I don't understand why people get so upset with people fighting to win on this game if you are content to fight to lose that's up to you but I won't to win and don't see why I should take a fight to lose unless I am the champ the i except who deserves it no matter what style they are. I think your find that is how the game should be played. Unfortunately there are loads o f ass holes on here who need tongo get a life and like I said before put me on your stupid blacklist and fuck off.
El Charrua
Mauro Canaris
10-13-2011 8:47 pm EST
It's the same training a fighter for example in Footwork whith a 2 level equipment than with a 2 level footwark fighter?
10-13-2011 8:35 am EST
I think your find, that you pussys didn't challenge for 3 reset. I don't duck. Just man up and challenge me when I have the belt and if you deserve, your get the shot. I gave him the fight because he hadn't lost and he challenged. The politics on this game suck and is killing for loads of people. I fight to win but if I know I will lose but the challenger deserves it he get it. If you all don't like it but me on your baby assed black list.
El Charrua
Mauro Canaris
10-12-2011 9:39 pm EST
If I recruited a fighter that I don't like, I am able to retire him and recruit another?
El Charrua
Mauro Canaris
10-12-2011 10:02 am EST
yes, I'll probably change that. Thanks for the advice. One more thing... How do I know that my fighter has retired?
El Charrua
Mauro Canaris
10-12-2011 1:06 am EST
thanks :D I've been on the forums. And you are right, there is plenty of good info :) thanks for the info in my camp. And for the fight I thought I was going to loose to be honest... That kick was a miracle :P
scott cooley
10-9-2011 11:49 am EST
scott cooley
9-30-2011 1:16 pm EST
im like jumpin weights in delerium just to get fights....challenge me in the pm. btw i do hope the huskers beat wisconsin
8-16-2011 5:17 pm EST
lol he challenged my 2.5 sam/str pl with a 3.5 kb/mt/fw/pow cd/hkk guy and after i accepted i said thanks for the fair challenge and he flipped
8-16-2011 4:35 am EST
I wouldn't normally send out 2 challenges like that - but they are sooo close in their streak quality and it's the same camp - so I'll let you choose. Good luck.
US Ganja MMA
7-29-2011 4:33 am EST
lol cheers bruv
Benjamin Colby Jeffords
Colby Combat Sports
7-21-2011 6:44 pm EST
Yeah I run both Colby camps and Jeffords Jiu Jitsu... Ive been in alliances in the past but rarely have the time to deal with everything, hell i barely have time to keep the camps from tanking... one of em already gets ignored practically
7-18-2011 10:57 pm EST
Forever butt hurt.
6-20-2011 3:43 pm EST
Fuck Braska
6-15-2011 11:19 pm EST
Ps. Camp looks good good buddy :)
6-15-2011 11:18 pm EST
You smell
Makruger Top Team
6-14-2011 11:36 am EST
thanks for letting me know... i wasn't sure if anyone was waiting to recruit or anything...
6-13-2011 1:28 pm EST
Thanks For All The Challenges Today, And Thats Not Sarcastic, It Saves Me Alot Of Time Having To Find Fights Lol!
Hells Lair
6-9-2011 5:51 am EST
6-8-2011 6:07 pm EST
On my wall, write why you deserve it the most.
6-8-2011 3:07 am EST
That's not the attitude, is it?
Welsh Warriors
6-5-2011 11:44 pm EST
Bollocks Lol, there was no way was I winning that fight - hahah
scott cooley
5-30-2011 11:40 am EST
hey man i am having a challenge on who can build the best MMARTIST and the winner gets a free 64 man tourney for who ever they want. try it out and check out the thread on the forums. BELLY
Iron Bull
5-19-2011 3:49 am EST
John Custer
Fight Grail MMA
5-13-2011 6:27 pm EST
My bad. The rankings are jacked up and I'm frustrated I keep getting ranked with fighters that will whoop me. I apologize for coming of like a jerk.
Chief Master
Camp 420KC
5-9-2011 9:32 am EST
Dubstep my man. The greatest form of music that is finally sweeping the nation. Raving ftw.
scott cooley
5-5-2011 5:03 pm EST
what org?
5-2-2011 6:04 pm EST
so sorry play again n have a nice day!!
4-28-2011 6:20 pm EST
omg i cant believe that belly didnt know who i was.......REALLY!!!!!! i know who you are now. do you know who the original court jester, the mmarmy molestor, the ayatollah of coca cola, the credit spending, ass whoopin lending, self proclaimed greatest of all time? well its ME.....BELLY MUTHA FUCKIN JITSU!!!!! google that you corn fed bo pelini wanna be coach of mmarmy. I GO INTO THE KUMITE....I WALK OUT OF THE KUMITE!!!!! unharmed!!!! see you soon....have a nice day! BELLY
scott cooley
4-24-2011 6:42 pm EST
lil fucker when is it???? big red??? wow u must be smokin the killa kronik!!!!! i start back my fucked up hours at work tomorrow so just leave me the details
4-24-2011 12:05 pm EST
Yeah They Dont Get Much Air Or Sun Whilst Locked Away In Their Sex Dens Out In Texas, It Messes With His Brain A Bit!
Joao Rua
Evolve MMA
4-18-2011 3:35 am EST
Thanks man. YA, I'm illiterati on the forums. It's a bitch getting your camp back up and running.
4-18-2011 12:58 am EST
thanks for the reminder !
4-18-2011 12:58 am EST
yea hey bro just did. forgot to hit up the forums but im all back into it now hah
Dirt Squad
4-16-2011 4:23 pm EST
Hey killa. Thanks for reaching out to me on the alliance. I'm interested in joinig your team. Just created a name on the forums Shodan1-DS
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
4-16-2011 7:31 am EST
studying for exams atm. almost done.
4-16-2011 5:40 am EST
4-15-2011 7:31 pm EST
OH DAMN! LMFAO!!! my bad bro :P M.o.D Pride!!!
4-15-2011 8:03 am EST
Welcome to M.o.D I dont believe I even said hello in the forums or even saw your name in the recruit thread :P - ChandlerWrestling (M.o.D)
Kevin Hogan
New MMA Order
4-14-2011 2:03 am EST
I now, I'll start checking these things, the more experience is always good. No, sorry, in this moment I'm just evolving my camp, but in the future if you ask me again, maybe I accepted, thanks for the invitation and the tips
Dirt Squad
4-13-2011 5:25 am EST
Hey whats good. I'v been on the forums but I'm not in an alliance.
Kevin Hogan
New MMA Order
4-13-2011 3:23 am EST
No bro, I do not participate in the forum and thank by praise. their camp is very good too
4-12-2011 2:55 pm EST
yes I am, who are you on the forums?
Makruger Top Team
4-9-2011 11:38 am EST
ya i got a guy in this week... great matchup too my pg/fs/gnp guy vs spidey's hkk/8pts guy... and i beat him twice before... should be a good week
Sticky Green MMA
4-7-2011 10:13 pm EST
Mister Judo
3-24-2011 12:31 pm EST
ya lol i figured. im on sherdog alot so i see the memes aswell :P just making 100% sure lol
11th Planet JiuJitsu
3-14-2011 4:34 pm EST
Thanks for the support man. I think he needs a skill like wrestling though. And obviously some strength.
5-31-2008 12:09 pm EST
good fight man
5-30-2008 7:22 pm EST
its all good man no problem
5-6-2008 2:14 pm EST
good fight man
5-3-2008 6:59 pm EST
sorry man i waited for ur response and fought another top guy and lost
5-3-2008 3:49 pm EST
let me know if you want rematch
5-3-2008 2:23 pm EST
you got rematch if you want and thanks for the shot!! respect a tru champ
4-27-2008 4:01 pm EST
when server resets at 8pm east coast time
4-27-2008 4:00 pm EST
ok sounds good
4-27-2008 3:35 pm EST
tiebreaker 1-1 now?
4-27-2008 2:41 pm EST
you want ur rematch ? people waiting
4-25-2008 5:54 pm EST
thanks for the shot and you got rematch if you want
4-25-2008 5:49 pm EST
can i get a shot? ranked 2nd
4-6-2008 1:41 am EST
"Sticky Green>Mick Hock" Why would you write that to that punk ass dude I KO'D??? Cuz if you didn't see Dark Shadow 3rd round submission!!! SEE YA PLAYA
4-5-2008 5:01 pm EST
Imagine this Dark Shadow is still ranked higher. HAHAHAHAHAH
4-2-2008 3:53 pm EST
ok tough guy
3-31-2008 2:55 pm EST
ur guy has to much experience right now send when i get some fights under my belt dick
Vatican Death Squad
3-28-2008 6:55 am EST
Thanks man... I think the Huskers will be right back in the mix... from what I've heard the old staff never focused on fundamentals... and Bo has to build from the ground up... agree with you... 2012 National Champs sounds good.
The Great Master
Agile Mobile Hostile
3-15-2008 8:46 pm EST
great camp name
Off Topic
2-10-2008 8:21 pm EST
Quote : "OT FTW !! pics or werk :D" self pnwed