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Last Online - Wednesday 31st of January 2024
Display Name Pepster
Member Since Feb 9, 2008
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 10018-8741


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12-11-2023 7:57 am EST
Cheers pep love bagging them number 1 spots
4-29-2019 9:05 am EST
Hey pep, got any room in THC for bum coach like me?
Badass Inc
2-21-2019 4:14 pm EST
Camp moved to Italy.
2-14-2019 12:23 pm EST
Your killing it since youve been back pep!
Team Vegas
1-27-2019 11:36 am EST
I know eh. It happens to me all the time. It's either that or no fight sometimes though. GL to you as well.
Team Vegas
1-27-2019 8:31 am EST
I didn't decline a title shot. I had sent challenges when I was offline and someone accepted it after you had sent your challenge. I never saw that you sent a challenge or I would have accepted it.
10-23-2015 9:05 am EST
fuck you up the ass lol
10-12-2015 4:46 pm EST
Nice one Pepster, we'll see if i can keep it next reset!
Tycho Brahe
Kiai Camp
6-7-2015 8:50 am EST
Hey man, thx for to tips! I'll try it
Cody Pitbull Large
12-24-2014 9:56 am EST
Hey do u know what fight styles are go od for the martial arts skill? Thanks
Diamond Danny
Flesh Rocket MMA
12-23-2014 4:14 pm EST
Thanks man. My bro told me to give this game another try. It's super neat how the champions are at the top of the screen now!
Diamond Danny
Flesh Rocket MMA
12-23-2014 7:08 am EST
Baaaa badaba baaaa! Dananana bweeeeeew! Im back in black baby!
Mister Judo
11-30-2014 7:26 am EST
yes = Fuck u. Paladins young though and will be back. in a week he will be dominant
11-28-2014 5:12 am EST
send my camp a fight request anytime... *bows
11-10-2014 5:02 pm EST
I'm going to duck you henceforth
Mister Judo
9-27-2014 7:30 am EST
ive been telling u for weeks im working on a db switch lol
8-31-2014 6:53 am EST
Tks man! I just bought the 500k judo equip, so my guys are still low in these stats... tried SiO cause of my wrestling.. didn't work... but Tks for the tip!
4-11-2014 10:19 am EST
Make sure you get your fight in as there are others that hold the same number of wins at the present time. A win will definitely secure your shot. GL.
4-11-2014 10:16 am EST
"Cunt Smasher" is up for the Glory strap at next reset. Let's get it done!
Dean Mogorovic
Croatian Predator Team
3-20-2014 2:04 pm EST
thanks for help
3-8-2014 5:11 am EST
Same to you, Pep. Enjoy our battles.
3-7-2014 5:22 am EST
Stopped in for a visit. Nobody at home. Looked around a bit and found this to be a very nice camp. Good for you! Keep on keeping on!
3-6-2014 10:05 am EST
thanks for the info bro.
Mister Judo
3-2-2014 6:24 am EST
ya im gonna go for full ippon. needs all 4 to be complete
1-10-2014 6:32 am EST
Thanks for the tip
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
6-18-2012 8:08 pm EST
congrats! you have been banned. fuking wanker! -FFF
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
5-16-2012 8:32 am EST
im the Herpes of MMArmy son, im here for life, yall cant get rid of me. so deal w it by shutting up and NEVER posting a thing about the Boss. -FFF
4-24-2012 7:28 pm EST
lol. Thanks. It's so true.
3-29-2012 6:18 am EST
Good for your guy. I'll give it to who i feel the number 1 contender is.
Badass Inc
12-18-2011 8:53 pm EST
Badass Inc reopened December 14 2011. Leggo!!
12-18-2011 2:20 pm EST
hey bro, remember to sign up for the alliance tourney "the ultimate tribute" would love for you to participate.
Badass Inc
10-20-2008 8:56 am EST
BADASS INC GYM OFFICIALLY CLOSED 10/20/08 Its been fun guys.
jimmy chin wynn
4-16-2008 7:35 pm EST
kk ty man and nice fighter!
Benshido Gym
4-14-2008 12:54 pm EST
Reigning UFL Lightweight Champion Petenka Yegorov would be honored to fight the reigning UFL Welterweight Champion Rudy Davis.
4-9-2008 9:05 pm EST
I respect that. Thanks for the heads up man. - Billy Simmons