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7-8-2012 2:15 pm EST
Just looked over your page and its very impressive... Burger time went 66-5 I didnt think that was possible, maybe if you get free time you could throw me a few tips??
Tyler Langston
Cage Wolf
5-16-2010 5:46 pm EST
yo man, i could use some advice. I only been playing a couple days. Just look over my fighters and stats or what not, tell me what styles i should use and what style is good against which. Thanx
Crippler 4hm
12-31-2009 6:34 am EST
12-25-2009 7:50 pm EST
anytime boss BT is always welcome
Penns Pit
2-23-2009 3:24 pm EST
Good to see you back in the game.
1-23-2009 7:29 am EST
There's a familiar camp I haven't seen for a while. Starting up again dude? Good luck and we'll see you around.
12-10-2008 12:00 pm EST
thanks for the fight
7-17-2008 4:49 am EST
Hey bud can you check the message on rickshaws page.
Spencer Fighting Systems
7-8-2008 7:25 pm EST
home of the legendary hw
6-23-2008 7:06 am EST
I am going to drop angus allen down to LHW see if it lets me, thanks for the advice
Vear the Lion
Chaotic Nation
6-22-2008 9:08 pm EST
Thanks for the fast feet tip, still learning it all.
6-18-2008 6:41 am EST
I know. I forgot to se 8points as style.
6-11-2008 10:00 pm EST
I don't move my fighters up until I win the title in that division.. sometimes they win it quick but Hart was not good until recently.. I could not even get him in the top 10 for the longest time to get a title shot and now that he is, I either can't win the bely or get a shot
Louis Jessum
6-9-2008 9:39 pm EST
TEF2 would get massive rating with Burgertime as a coach
6-2-2008 8:40 pm EST
Great words from the legendary camp is always Great! Thanks James!
Neco Bussmann
Scandelari Fight Team
5-31-2008 4:15 pm EST
Thank you!!!
Flying Submissions Master
Flying Submissions JJ
5-30-2008 6:09 am EST
Was an honor to fight against such a legendary camp.
5-27-2008 11:31 am EST
thnks bro!
Mr Belvedere
Mincing Butlers
5-26-2008 10:35 am EST
Good battles, At least he retired as champ.
5-22-2008 3:29 pm EST
ahahaha bro! Yeah Pete "Money"Green is talkin trash! lols..
5-21-2008 2:14 pm EST
Thanks and you have an awesome camp. Maybe the best camp. You should guide me a little if you ever have time. /;-D
5-19-2008 10:40 am EST
he has made 3 of the last 4 months now.. and has a 4-1 record. finishing all 4 wins but still.. id like for Jiro to be more active.. the whole yr off missing weight, sucked bad
Brazilian MMA
Brazilian MMA
5-13-2008 2:03 pm EST
valew muleke campe√£oooooooooo tinha ke ser brasileirooooooooo!!!!!!!!!
5-11-2008 11:26 pm EST
The Tard Strangler thanks you for your support.
Coach Harv
Death Finger
4-27-2008 3:52 pm EST
What is your name on the forums btw?
Coach Harv
Death Finger
4-27-2008 3:39 pm EST
I'm still hanging on by a thread to a bunch of my good guys from when I first started, but soon there is going to be a drought of good talent for sure. Vic Davis is just about my best "new" guy, but I've had a bunch of guys retire right at five years recently.
Rob Saxon Ryan
4-26-2008 7:36 am EST
yeah he has never really had a problem cutting. Thanks for the fight
4-18-2008 5:11 pm EST
I have a question and I'm sure you can answer it: what exactly does martial arts do and what style does it go with?
Random Dude
Camp Random
4-17-2008 6:07 am EST
Thanks for the compliment. Especially from one of the greats =p
Sprawl and Brawl
4-16-2008 7:11 pm EST
sorry lol. i have alot of respect for your camp. didnt know i challenged a member of BLT :s its just that im bored with this game, and daniel is my biggest player, so im just messing around with the lightweights. /;D
4-10-2008 1:32 pm EST
all my vets retired sir Chip lols i have 1 vet left, he retires im not sure how my training will work out hahaha.. can i borrow some of your vets with good JJ to train? -=Crippler=-
James W
PK warriors
4-10-2008 6:14 am EST
George Torres: good fight. looked like it could have gone either way.
4-9-2008 2:58 pm EST
from his first fight, he has made weight everytime... and i raised his strength and thats when he started winning, im working on bal now too
4-8-2008 6:16 am EST
sir chip, any suggestions on Pete Money Green? he is my 280 lbs ogre, and mainly a GnP guy, so far he has finished majority of his fights, you think he can actually be a decent HW or a mid org at tops
4-7-2008 5:21 pm EST
http://www.mmarmy.com/fighter_display.php?id=82632 i have that guy sir Chip he uses FS because he idolized Burgertime!
Mick Sweeting
Brazilian Top Team
4-7-2008 6:20 am EST
thanks by the way ....
Mick Sweeting
Brazilian Top Team
4-7-2008 6:20 am EST
So what sort of stats do you work on for FS, BJJ/JD/FB/Speed?
bobby boucher
the waterboyz
4-6-2008 2:44 pm EST
1 more win for 1000... hopefully burgertime attends that ceremony...lol
3-31-2008 5:25 am EST
ty sir Chip! not as impressive as your collection, but im trying to work my way up there :D
3-29-2008 5:49 am EST
ty sir Chip!
3-27-2008 9:42 am EST
Can't keep his Short Shorts down... I think that came out wrong.
Zombie Mickey
Drunken Newfs
3-16-2008 5:41 am EST
No problem at all, you can quote me as much as you like.
bobby boucher
the waterboyz
3-15-2008 7:06 am EST
thanks , hopefully i can turn it around and maybe try and get an impressive strap collection like yours. congratulations on your success so far
Rob Saxon Ryan
3-15-2008 4:43 am EST
Not quite as nice as your belt collection but thanks.
bobby boucher
the waterboyz
3-14-2008 3:55 pm EST
Hate to see a great fighter like burgertime retire but he retires a legend. great job developing him. ive been sucking pretty badly at this game...any tips?
3-12-2008 7:24 pm EST
Wow, can I have some of your belts?
3-10-2008 9:11 am EST
Congrats. You killed me.
3-6-2008 6:18 am EST
lol.. no matter what camp i fight you with i lose to BLT.. ( Clark Jach's coach) Crippler in the Forums lol
Willie Wonka
From Hell
3-5-2008 5:07 am EST
Some splits indeed /;-)
Fury Fighters
Andre Valentee
3-4-2008 9:50 am EST
Cara vc é brasileiro?
Ressel Castro
Thunder Cat Killers
3-2-2008 5:26 am EST
challenge is there sir BT hope we can fight
Coach Lane
Team Billabong
2-29-2008 10:44 pm EST
so i counted like 5 how many accounts do you actually have?
2-26-2008 11:48 pm EST
yeah.. but should i keep Chuck Cherry as 8 pts contact just build on those stats that you suggested?
2-26-2008 7:45 am EST
they suck balls dude, my guy has made weight once outta 5 times...
Pure MMA
2-24-2008 10:24 am EST
Yes, I believe that will be the case.
2-19-2008 6:23 pm EST
kct, ninja hein
Coach Boris
Cyborgs Combat
2-17-2008 12:51 pm EST
It was just a good roll. do you recommend pull guard instead of flying subs since my flex is low?
2-14-2008 3:22 pm EST
HOLY SHIT! Impressive team!
No Surrender
2-14-2008 7:16 am EST
Who do I have to Fight Sir to get a Shot? Pls let me know...Thanks!!! ---> Pete Bitter but Sweet Cherry
2-12-2008 7:30 am EST
Great fight. I had to go to my GnP to switch it up. Appears I was on the receiving end of a favorable decision but I'll take what the judges give me.
2-11-2008 9:39 pm EST
how do you get all your fighters you have like 13 of them
2-10-2008 1:09 pm EST
Gunstar Red
Gunstar Heroes
1-30-2008 3:56 pm EST
Lets fight already!
1-30-2008 8:27 am EST
What, you no like Vajayjay? Everyone like vajayjay.
The Cockfighter
The Cocks
1-29-2008 8:41 am EST
Yummy BLT
The Cockfighter
The Cocks
1-14-2008 10:33 am EST
Lets see if the BLT have the lube it takes to grease up The Cocks.