Mica MMA

Last Online - Friday 30th of December 2022
Display Name sensei Mica
Member Since Dec 20, 2009
Active Record 3-7
Overall Record 8982-7771


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2-13-2019 4:12 am EST
Hey the first alliance event is this month,you still want to be in the alliance on the forum side?
12-31-2018 8:58 am EST
We are coming up on a new alliance year,and will have our first alliance event coming up in the next 2 months,so make sure to check into our subforum.
12-27-2018 3:44 pm EST
Come introduce yourself to the GC guys,and check out our forum if you havent done so yet.
12-19-2018 5:27 pm EST
well that didnt work..lol.
12-19-2018 5:26 pm EST
Come introduce yourself to the guys. http://www.mmarmy.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=493700&page=2
12-17-2018 4:55 pm EST
Come check out our alliance forum,some really good info over there to help ya out with your camp.
12-13-2018 1:46 pm EST
I sent you a pm on the forums.Welcome to Gladiator Coalition.
12-12-2018 5:59 pm EST
Ok,Register for the forums and I will accept ya over there and then I can fill you in on the rest.Just let me know what your name is over there after you register.
12-12-2018 2:38 pm EST
You on the forums?
12-11-2018 4:52 pm EST
You up for joining a new alliance?
7-19-2016 8:17 am EST
Posting about your return to keep up my yearly comments XD
8-23-2015 11:07 pm EST
Another return?
9-15-2014 12:25 am EST
Good to see your camp back!
Glory Gangg
8-13-2014 8:16 am EST
Nice fight. although I dominated the entire first round until the end where the match was stopped due to submission. I thought I could match your ground game, but I guess not. Good luck to you and your camp and I hope to see you in the future! - Ruy Argao
Goodkid MMA
7-7-2014 3:14 pm EST
Ah ok. No problem then. It's happened to me a few times when I accept an auto challenge and log off. If I win and nobody challenges me, sometimes I don't even realize I have the title.
The Awesome Ones
1-26-2012 11:23 am EST
challenge Julio Rios to the SaoHeroes Welterweight Championship
6-14-2011 8:31 pm EST
HI!pre-joining are requested to enter in IN-HOUSE SURVIVOR SAMBO Tournament!you can join your best LW PowerLock fighter on the forum,here : http://www.mmarmy.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=279249#Post279249 . I find your camp great and would be happy you are in. BTW who are you on forum ? bye ;)
Mister Judo
5-12-2011 4:34 pm EST
another thing. i think u should buy up to atleast 10 fighters. this will give u more sparring partners so retirements wont hurt u as much and in the long run u will get alot more money for equipment
Mister Judo
5-12-2011 8:33 am EST
hey man srry for the late response. personally for ippon i only train judo and balance it works fine like this for me. how have u been? - judo
scott cooley
4-23-2011 9:46 am EST
i need your two best fighters
scott cooley
4-22-2011 5:46 pm EST
alright man... my bad. i apologize. just send 2 people to the tourney. just two. okay?
scott cooley
4-22-2011 3:33 pm EST
dude are you in my alliance? or are you a dick that cant read simple instructions?
Flying Armbars
4-11-2011 5:43 pm EST
ya man every week ul see an "alliance season week#" thread in our forum. post all ur best wec org fighters in there
Flying Armbars
4-11-2011 12:12 pm EST
cojemi! were not seeing much of u on the forums! :( please stop by we could use ur fighters for tournies! also i think u should buy a few more fighter slots. more fighters = more money
4-10-2011 6:51 am EST
For your fighters to have a chance of being accepted into the Headkick Classic, you must enroll them on the thread in the Hype Factory subforum.
Hells Lair
3-30-2011 7:38 am EST
there is a team Mica in las vegas where i live. its a brazilian JJ place. i have gone through a few times.
Hells Lair
3-29-2011 7:15 pm EST
you happen to train with mica team?
Flying Armbars
3-21-2011 6:44 pm EST
i sent u a pm on the forums
Flying Armbars
3-21-2011 1:19 pm EST
looks like u have a good camp im looking to recruit ppl for merchants of death. do u have a forum account?
gate master
push off me
2-22-2011 7:15 am EST
nice fight
Flying Armbars
2-21-2011 3:26 pm EST
r u in an alliance?
scott cooley
2-5-2011 8:39 am EST
do you have a forum id yet? you have a nice camp. much better than mine when i started. once you get a forum id, i will put you into a group vote. there is no leader in rebirth. we all vote on who joins. 9 yes and 1 no and you're out. oh well, are you interested? i'll get things rolling.
scott cooley
2-4-2011 4:23 pm EST
are you in the alliance rebirth?
1-16-2011 5:08 pm EST
I have to redo the Judo tourney. Just re-admit your guys in a bit.
Sean Wooldridge
Wooldridge Training
12-31-2010 8:42 pm EST
I don't know why you wouldn't be able to change your 2nd style. PG is required for primary, but 2nd can be anything. That would be a question for mkick.
11-19-2010 3:59 am EST
Thank you.
11-16-2010 5:03 pm EST
Thanks man,you've got a nice camp,I noticed the nickname of your fighter and had to accept the fight right away.
10-3-2010 4:13 pm EST
you on the forums man? nice camp