Last Online - Friday 24th of November 2023
Display Name DrinkDrankCrunk
Member Since Dec 21, 2008
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Overall Record 9550-8926


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5-17-2020 4:33 pm EST
Im brazilian and i find this camp name offensive. Joking, its funny though
6-25-2015 8:09 pm EST
No problem =)
The Godfather
859 Academy
6-11-2015 5:52 am EST
Got ya in the Cockfight today brother, just 2 more resets.
6-7-2015 3:44 pm EST
I was just joking because you whooped my guys as bro. Sheesh.
The Godfather
859 Academy
5-29-2015 5:14 am EST
Hey brother, check the cockfight thread before fighting please.
5-28-2015 5:10 pm EST
http://mmarmy.net/fighter_stats.php?id=1153165 4.75 on this guy lol :) just trained it today. first time ever I think
4-20-2015 6:04 pm EST
Well looks like I got banned from the forums for very little, so let everyone know in THC. I don't know if I will be returning to the forums again or even continuing to play.
Ed Banger
The Dukes
4-14-2015 6:20 am EST
Please join my tournament, it's called Bushido Pride Grand Prix. .
4-11-2015 1:39 pm EST
Hey, dude it's best of 7 not 5. 💥
Badass Inc
10-31-2014 7:26 am EST
WAR is set for SATURDAY PM RESET. Check the thread in THC forum.
10-30-2014 9:08 am EST
Drink do I get the shot
10-30-2014 8:53 am EST
I'm not on the forums or anything, but I've been playing this game on and off - mostly off - since 2008.
Sticky Green MMA
10-7-2014 10:20 pm EST
good fights drink
Maike Garcia
Garcias Fighter
9-9-2014 9:19 pm EST
neither enter the forums, I can not speak English
Maike Garcia
Garcias Fighter
9-2-2014 5:36 pm EST
brasileiro ?
Sick Puppy MMA
8-25-2014 9:42 pm EST
drink, go fight your legends fights. only waiting on you now.
7-6-2011 3:57 pm EST
Good Luck to Panda Man, now running this camp! - drink
4-23-2011 8:48 am EST
yea, they had a song on the ea mma soundtrack i sid i liked and J told me to listen to the rest of their stuff. It's cool in a weirdly awesome sort of way.
1-4-2011 1:07 pm EST
good fight man you see my tribute of you yet?
10-18-2010 12:43 am EST
yeah, I lurk in the forums from time to time .. why? any particular particular thread I should know about?
10-6-2010 9:07 pm EST
I think i might just stop accepting challenges from you. lol :)
sensei Mica
Mica MMA
10-5-2010 9:17 pm EST
no feeding i swear i hav a friend who plays and i fight him sometimes but thx man u got a great camp here good luck to u man
8-14-2010 11:53 pm EST
Great Battles!
8-5-2010 6:12 pm EST
wrong camp - meant to send it with groundhogs - but you get the idea lol.
8-5-2010 6:12 pm EST
thanks drank. I must admit I don't think I see a guy who takes harder fights in this game than you. I almost feel bad accepting some of the challenges you send me lol. Any challenge from your camps is always welcome - auto accept.
7-17-2010 4:10 pm EST
Props to your camps. I'll accept your fights in a heartbeat, I find it funny every reset we trade wins against one another with style advantages lol. So long as I don't fight a particular guy too many times I'll always take your fights. It's a shame that most don't play like you but whatever. I still get butthurt when you got FS on my 8pts guys though, that won't change :)
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
7-2-2010 10:55 am EST
1-2 against you this reset. I wanted to GnP sperrymint but my brawling sucks.
King White Belt
Sharpshooter Jiu Jitsu
6-20-2010 11:27 pm EST
This is the greatest avatar I've ever seen on here.
6-1-2010 6:05 pm EST
My other camps are Central Iowa Manglers, and thisisafeeder
6-1-2010 6:04 pm EST
You have always been good to me plus your from Iowa City so whenever you want a shot at any of my titles just send the challenge
5-3-2010 7:53 pm EST
love fighting ur camp man we always have great fights and you always accept send me fights anytime man Ncaa, Hitmen, Team Smash and Team FireEmUp
4-4-2010 9:03 am EST
awesome Iowa Hawkeye season ticket holder
3-9-2010 6:17 pm EST
RH has ur number today, 2-0...
Sensei High Kick
Team LHK Security
3-4-2010 8:19 pm EST
lol, sorry man.
Ho Brah
1-21-2010 4:37 am EST
thanks man it feels good to be a part of the group.
1-11-2010 2:28 pm EST
@ ape comment: Thanks.
1-11-2010 9:53 am EST
Just A Shame That Moon Village Is Gonna Kick Your Ass In His Virtual Boxing/Muay Thai Gym Lol!
1-11-2010 9:52 am EST
Thanks For The Comment On Kamikaze!
11-23-2009 4:25 pm EST
thanks...your camp is very strong itself!
Moon Village
10-22-2009 4:30 pm EST
How bout you shut up. Unless you can do the stuff thats in the game you cant talk, If you want a real fight come visit my real Boxing/Muay Thai Gym
Moon Village
10-21-2009 5:06 pm EST
You ruined my record
10-17-2009 4:02 pm EST
My two JJ workout champs are gone, how about some actual fighters?
Zangy Wonkers
10-4-2009 6:09 am EST
thanks for the shot
9-26-2009 7:10 pm EST
Tempting but schoolwork is eating all of my time right now. Sorry.
8-18-2009 6:11 pm EST
LNP is all i have left, and with his constant weight missing it sucks : /
Coach Brave
Braveheart Gym
8-10-2009 12:25 am EST
unlucky man. good fight
8-9-2009 8:07 am EST
Josh "The Life Taker" Baker retired today. Seriously undersized, yet still made an EFC run. RIP
Big Ace
8-1-2009 6:11 pm EST
No Problem dude - I'd be bitter too. It happens to all of us. I'll try and dispose of the rest more forcefully so you still know you got a good fighter on your hands :)
7-27-2009 6:22 pm EST
Torben Lima retires from MMA. Takes over as head trainer/gym manager.
7-10-2009 3:44 pm EST
Member of The Lebowski Crime Syndicate
6-8-2009 6:22 pm EST
Tomas "Belongs in the WEC" Rodriguez retired today. Weighing only 149 lbs, he fought his heart out against bigger guys, utilizing his dominant wrestling and GnP. He fought til the age of 43, winning 2 of his last 3 fights.
5-2-2009 12:50 am EST
Alfredo Dias, good luck in your life after MMA
4-28-2009 10:09 pm EST
Dean of Mean Cherry Retires. Congrats on your career.
4-19-2009 7:41 am EST
shot was yours but you didn'tmake weight. Maybe next time
4-16-2009 4:06 am EST
son of a bitch good fight
3-4-2009 8:39 pm EST
Alberto Gruber named as Gym Coach