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12-4-2010 10:09 am EST
10-17-2010 3:19 pm EST
yup ,,,,
8-28-2010 4:04 pm EST
Sorry man, i didnt get to game on time to accept the challenge. Who was your fighter? Good fights and good luck, sure we'll have time to dispute titles amongs us. Take care man (and yeah, Will whooped a lot of asses around there lol)
7-18-2010 8:27 pm EST
because i know all my guys very well and if you look at my guys history he has a record of losing pg vs pg even with a huge advantage. he probably has the worst sub defense of any guy i've ever recruited to be honest. anyway good fight
Devine Jiu Jitsu
7-14-2010 9:04 am EST
sorry, I missed that, I'm grew up in Fort Dodge, but I live in Cedar Rapids now
Zangy Wonkers
7-13-2010 11:15 pm EST
By the power of Greyskull, thats great. I had all 17 of my fighters He Man based. Most of em have retired. thanks for the comment.
Random Dude
Camp Random
7-12-2010 7:33 pm EST
sorry man.. its cool.. was having a bad day =)
scott cooley
7-12-2010 2:28 pm EST
you will never have to worry about that with me.... i fight....plain and simple.....BELLY
7-9-2010 12:27 pm EST
To further my game expierience and to give my camp there own look, my fighters will be getting gear from now on. Any fighter who wins a title or I deem worthy will get gear. The more titles the more gear. All gear will be black and gold to represent the greatest collegan wrestling team, The Iowa Hawkeyes!! So beware of the black and gold. This applies to Drainage, and thisisafeeder also
Carlo Triarlo
7-9-2010 11:45 am EST
No worries man I was dying for a fight and just trash talking. See you round. Good luck with your camp!
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
7-8-2010 8:30 pm EST
Ya man Good Luck with the MCC. I am sure I'll see ya a few times.
Devine Jiu Jitsu
6-22-2010 11:16 am EST
where you from in Central Iowa, bro?
Red Devil FC
6-18-2010 9:55 am EST
Thanks man, Thats what I'm hoping. I definitely need a winner on my roster.
4-7-2010 9:32 pm EST
not sure where i gave you feedback but thank you for the kind words...be patient with the game, there is no end or race to the finish line...best of luck and if you have any questions i can try to help...best thing is to become and remain active on the forums
3-19-2010 2:15 pm EST
nice man. i'm from iowa city myself