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We Will Fight
We Love Gay Guys
6-16-2015 6:57 pm EST
We Will Fight and We Love Gay Guys are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
5-6-2015 3:32 pm EST
tell soviet i said what up robj23
3-23-2015 2:47 pm EST
who is running this camp now ? nice to see it back!
12-22-2014 8:06 am EST
Not yet :)
12-10-2014 5:17 pm EST
Good to see this camp going.
10-28-2012 3:05 am EST
As I have said, I don't play by the rules that other make up for the game. I play within the game rules. It is Champion's Choice, he was a top contender with two wins, which was egual to or more than anyone else at the time. He got the shot. Once again, a whiner, steps forward and opens his mouth!
10-24-2012 9:20 pm EST
http://mmarmy.com/showfight.php?fight=5136264 LOL honorable = ducking Milk Snake in order to give a shot to someone with zero EFC fights. Backfire like a bitch.
10-23-2012 1:44 pm EST
All of my belts have been won and defended in an honorable way. Scout around and you will see that.
10-23-2012 11:11 am EST
Champions Choice doesn't mean that you ignor a valid contender. It just means that when a decision is made that isn't what someelse would of done...don't whine about it. It is a simple choice. Some whine, like Judo, and don't deserve the shot. Champions Choice simple means there is one that is thankful for shot and eight others whine about it believing it should of been them. In the end, sorry, Champions Choice...can't please everyone!
10-7-2012 7:18 am EST
Your such an EFC cockblocker lol!!!
6-18-2012 8:38 am EST
Attempting to. lol
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
6-14-2012 4:13 pm EST
shut up. that is all. i give you permission to carry on. -FFF
8-29-2011 7:08 pm EST
8-18-2011 8:01 am EST
cheers for the tip ill try him at ww
7-23-2011 3:07 pm EST
I appreciate the advice. This is a camp that I'm running for an experiment at the moment. I researched the history of Sambo (which I'm assuming Mkick did when he created this game) and found out that it wasn't just based on Strength but Speed was a major tool in Sambo. So I thought I'd play around with a camp and only train Sambo, Strength, Speed and Power and always fight PL/PL to get accurate results of my experiment.
No Surrender
7-20-2011 1:43 pm EST
ha, thanks for the idea..
7-13-2011 8:46 am EST
Yeah cheers for the comment mate, this is only my reserve camp but is progressing nicely. Gd fight - Dante Desjardins
Auvo Niiniketo
Hokutoryu JuJutsu
7-4-2011 1:46 pm EST
Thanks, I been there time by time but should check more often
Team Goat Beard
7-2-2011 5:00 am EST
Understood. I'll do my best to stick to what I said. Challenge above me and I accept almost any challenge. Thanks!
Team Goat Beard
7-1-2011 6:02 am EST
I ran out of space in the last post...sorry. Anyway, I only have one fighter in the EFC. Look at my camp. If I was a style/stat raper like you think I am, many more of my guys would be in the EFC. I don't choose fights carefully, I let the fighter determine whether or not he's good. I see fighters in the EFC all the time that I KNOW don't belong there and there's only one way they got there and we know it. But I don't complain, I just whoop his ass.
Team Goat Beard
7-1-2011 5:55 am EST
I believe that the challenges that you may have received from me that are one-sided are the exception and not the rule. How bout I make you a deal? I'm going to challenge ANYONE that's ranked ahead of my fighter regardless of style or stats. If you're fighter is ranked ahead of mine, then I'm assuming that's he's either got stats or hiddens. If I'm ranked high in an organization, then I'll only challenge 10 spots below. That's my best offer.
Team Goat Beard
6-30-2011 6:33 pm EST
There's too many rules for what is supposed to be a "game". If people wanna whine and complain about everything, then maybe I'll just find somewhere else to spend my time. Most of you "veterans" are crybabies. Just play the game and shut-up. Deny bad challenges....that's what I do. I hope MMArmy 2.0 doesn't have a way for people to communicate. It causes too many issues.
Team Goat Beard
6-30-2011 10:24 am EST
I'm guilty of doing the "challenge everyone that's online" thing. I don't have the mental capacity to remember everyone's camp and keep a log of everyone's playing style and demeanor. Sometimes I'm so strapped for time that I just click, click, click and don't even look at styles or stats....I just try to get fights in.
Silent Bob
Moobys Maulers
6-27-2011 1:31 am EST
Benn doing well. Ups and downs, you know the deal... But yeah man! Less than a month back to the game, and I am cleaning up in the lower orgs. Can't wait to see you in the upper echelons! Hope you have been doing alright!
6-23-2011 10:41 am EST
Oh yeah and sorry for the late response I just got back in the US from PUERTO RICO!! :)
6-23-2011 10:40 am EST
Dude I would but im far to busy right now dealing with other things. I barely spar anymore like im supposed to, let alone fight every set. When things settle down a bit I should be more forum active. keep you posted bro.
MMA Phreak
Phreak MMA West
6-20-2011 8:01 am EST
naw. i would not start posting unless i got the ok from mkick. i don't want my IP banned as i still read the forum occasionally.
MMA Phreak
Phreak MMA West
6-17-2011 10:25 am EST
nah. there would be people who would complain and then i could see your alliance being penalized somehow for allowing me in against the rules.
MMA Phreak
Phreak MMA West
6-16-2011 4:37 pm EST
i'm not allowed to participate in alliances.
6-16-2011 10:37 am EST
Yea man I'm part of DBA, thanks for the offer though. And good luck with your alliance!!
6-13-2011 3:15 am EST
Yea BiZkiT8u
2-21-2011 2:53 pm EST
1-1-2011 4:57 am EST
i will keep that in mind thanksss
12-26-2010 5:55 am EST
Hey, thanks for the heads up. Trying to still figure out the intricacies. Thought because my balance was so low s&b would be better but guess not. haha. See you around, and thanks again.
12-23-2010 5:24 am EST
U going to fight your boy stepanov vs twitty will b good fight
12-20-2010 4:03 am EST
thanks for the help man, the man.
12-19-2010 4:34 pm EST
wow, this camp is hardout haha ! could you help me out and tekk me what stats go with 8 points ? i know muay thai and power but whatelse goes with ? chur brutha
12-7-2010 3:32 am EST
SftF in a legend fight.., damn you lol. I didn't even think about it and went pl/pl
11-28-2010 6:16 pm EST
YO it is the holidays around here, to be honest it is a good possibility I gave a bad challenge. If I did and skipped your guy over for a guy less deserving I'm sorry
11-27-2010 3:54 pm EST
My bad. Didn't see that. Shit happens. See you in the PM??
The Lobster
11-27-2010 8:59 am EST
I know you're a notch above the rest when it comes to style picking. I went PG PG thinking you were thinking that I would put a SiO in there. Funnest part of the game right there.
11-20-2010 5:42 pm EST
Yea man, though you were the most deserving contender. It's always an honour to fight the best MMA camp around, even if its just a trainer. Take care bro! - D Lundy
Big Ace
11-9-2010 11:03 am EST
yeah I think so. Not positive at this point though lol. The old brawl/power trainers are actually servicable fighters sometimes lol.
11-5-2010 4:48 pm EST
ACtually at the moment i am in GC , but i dont think they ever put me on the roster
11-5-2010 3:08 pm EST
Thanks for the title shot first of all , and i think i'll take you up on the offer to join up. just hit me up with the info and i'm down
11-4-2010 5:40 pm EST
Not at the moment man , but maybe in a few weeks. Just wondering . but what alliance are you affiliated with? And how about a shot at the title for Will Turner at the SoCat MW title AM reset?
10-26-2010 5:07 pm EST
agree to disagree. Issue dropped.
10-26-2010 12:29 pm EST
how is he less deserving than not deserving at all?? You were out of the top 10 - there's a reason the champ can only challenge top 10. To move your other dude out of the weight class to move him up into it to send the challenge is circumventing it IMO and therefore shady play. I'd like to see these other coaches that do it all the time that you talk about.
10-23-2010 8:24 am EST
Thanks Sov!
10-16-2010 7:47 pm EST
yea, i set up a new account and pm'ed mkick and chachi. i'm just pissed.
10-16-2010 6:53 pm EST
hey man, in an attempt to get on today i cleared all my internet stuff and now i can't get on the forums. none of the passwords i have ever used are working and it won't send it to my email.
10-8-2010 4:20 pm EST
ok koool
10-8-2010 4:17 pm EST
cant i get my password reset for the old one ???
10-8-2010 4:06 pm EST
i cant get onto the forums and it wont send my password to my email coz you tell m kick this please
10-6-2010 10:28 pm EST
Eleven Lounge
10-5-2010 8:36 pm EST
i thaught about it a good while, and even made a thread about it. it was very close but it came down to him fighting ur guy twice in a row.
Eleven Lounge
9-27-2010 10:52 pm EST
i get what ur saying. ill look out for ur challenges from now on. we can get some fights in :)
Eleven Lounge
9-27-2010 7:03 pm EST
and i know i have in the past, and i know you have done the same for me
9-22-2010 4:22 pm EST
thanks for the fight
9-12-2010 7:16 am EST
not ccf, i understand, i keep accepting the fight because i want to avenge my losses... to no avail.
8-30-2010 6:37 pm EST
cuz that was a crazy challenge for you to take. From a guy that has a PG camp also there's not many at the top of the EFC food chain that take that fight.
The Captain
The Fighting 15th
8-22-2010 4:16 pm EST
I have an account, though I haven't posted much yet, (Smiley Mcgee) and no, I'm not affiliated with any of the alliances.
8-17-2010 3:38 pm EST
I send a lot of challenges to lower ranked people from my high ranked guys but to people who do the same or have not proven themselves to me yet. I won't give you a courtesy you wouldn't oblige and vice versa. Like I said, just because you play the rank game doesn't mean I'll black-list you. I fight your camps all the time because you're online at resets like I am anyways
8-11-2010 3:59 pm EST
Oh really? I saw he defended well after I lost to him. Not sure after that, Dino retired and don't have a MW in EFC for the time being.
8-10-2010 4:15 am EST
I left messages on his page and explained it to him. TBH I don't even think he knew what he did was frowned upon. In his mind it was the just title shot, anyways he said he would try and change. Some guys like that who don't go to the forums or have things explained don't know any better and I can't fault him.
8-9-2010 7:09 pm EST
Sorry dude, Bope Team missed a reset and then gave me a rematch after only 1 win (I'm not going to decline a EFC title fight.) I guess I'll be more wary giving him shots in the future
8-8-2010 10:42 pm EST
yeah man i dont pay enough attention to who does what in this game. i just saw he had 4 so i gave it to him. dumbass went SIO. lol. go figure
8-8-2010 7:48 pm EST
Sorry, I didn't accept your challenges. I was trying to challenge up today, and a few of your guys were a bit low. We will get to fight soon, I'm sure. -Abs
7-19-2010 7:36 am EST
whatever your reasoning Im impressed, good call!
7-18-2010 5:20 pm EST
Also my guy has a history of decisions on PGvPG how did u know?
7-18-2010 5:18 pm EST
Wtf? How did u know that? I thought for sure I was losing that fight. How did u call the first round sub?
7-16-2010 4:55 am EST
well try getting guys into the top 10 of the efc and have them sit at rank 25 and then accept fights from rank 500 fighters so if you win you gain nothing and if you lose you drop down out of the top 10. my guys are in the top 10 so often because i take hard fights and vet camps in the top 10 give me fights because we fight each other often and accept hard fights. maybe your complaining all the time is part of the reason why your guys are stuck in the middle of the ladder and get ducked so often
7-15-2010 4:24 pm EST
your way of playing is not your fault and no I'm not directing his nickname to you solely. I just think that rank ducking is as big a problem in the game and gives people an excuse to avoid unfavourable matches. and most of the times the guys who get top ranks don't take tough fights anyways. play how you want it's just how I see it and take it in consideration in my future generations when sending/accepting challenges
7-15-2010 4:11 pm EST
lol at me ducking because of style. look at my guys records i fight FS more than anyone
7-12-2010 5:46 pm EST
Thanks for the fight.
Charles Bronson
Team MMAndom
5-28-2010 5:14 pm EST
Well yeah, technically, I'm hardly ever on it, though. SN is Giff Hoyt.
Team Sharpshooters
5-23-2010 7:55 pm EST
damn lol i try. but my guy had lost 9 of his last 11. didn't think it would matter.
5-4-2010 4:33 pm EST
Thanks alot , I was wondering if you have msn or Facebook or something like that. Wanted to ask you something else. Best Regards
5-4-2010 3:44 pm EST
Hey i was wondering if you see any potential in my guy akihiro imada. Best Regards
4-28-2010 11:31 am EST
Thanks dude.
4-13-2010 4:48 am EST
LMAO I love your AV, hahahaha.
4-8-2010 1:10 pm EST
Thanks man, I'm glad you see it from my perspective. You're a good dude.
4-2-2010 5:07 pm EST
lol, i know i looked at the ranking to see if he fought yet....his guy is an animal
4-2-2010 4:47 pm EST
Yea man, I guess I should thank Tusya for making him rededicate himself. I thought kenny was done and just waiting to retire.....just wish i could get him that #1 ranking...if only Kloks guy would ever lose lol
Coach Bigs
Team Reality
3-27-2010 7:06 am EST
holy jebus! you can an active camp...you have more active wins, than i have total active win/losses!
3-17-2010 7:06 pm EST
Like I said b4, there isn't a thing you can say that will bother me. You are the last person I will accept a fight from. Hence why your fights keep getting declined. I will never fight your camp again with any of my camps.
Cecil Harvey
Paladin MMA
3-16-2010 9:14 pm EST
Thanks a lot for the info, I appreciate it! I needed to hear it.
Cecil Harvey
Paladin MMA
3-16-2010 4:56 pm EST
How effective do you think a FS/PG build could be? Could it make it to the top, you think?
Cecil Harvey
Paladin MMA
3-15-2010 3:25 pm EST
I decided to check in on your camp too. Rocking it as always! Get Karma to #1, brother!
Hardee Wreckshins
Gin and Chronic
3-8-2010 11:33 pm EST
Oh hell yeah man. I fell off a bit in the game because I transferred between colleges. If I had a premium G-Row wouldn't be the only one with a Dawgs avatar. Now that I'm settled and in an alliance I hope I see you more. I'll be sure to send some good fights your way.
Hardee Wreckshins
Gin and Chronic
3-8-2010 9:11 pm EST
Hey man, I saw you left a comment on my page back in the day and I wanted to see how your camp was going. Your active record is ridiculous bro! Your passion for fighting is inspirational.
Team Sharpshooters
3-3-2010 9:18 pm EST
man i gotta say, that might be the best cro cop highlight reel i've ever seen. wow.
Pit For Life
2-27-2010 8:39 am EST
agreed... which means one of us is losing a lot (it's me...)
Travis Michael
Americas Worst
2-19-2010 4:41 am EST
I dont have the time to go over everyones record. I could care less what little rules you folks have come up with on the forums. You have every right to deny my challenges at any time for whatever reaon and I will care less. Too many of you take this game waaaaay too seriously.
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
2-4-2010 3:00 am EST
LOL, right on man!!
1-29-2010 10:10 am EST
haha yes, because you always win, even if statistics say you shouldn´t. best greets
Big Losers
1-28-2010 6:23 am EST
yeah sorry, was trying to see how long i could keep him undefeated, cheery has popped, so he's open to taking an ass kicking
1-27-2010 1:55 pm EST
yeah, soul assassin has good hiddens. i think he's in the deep end though in glory and will need to put in some more work before he can succeed up there.
team GLC
1-21-2010 4:43 am EST
ill fight you tommorow if you want? ive only got 2 fights left on my contract and i want 1 to be a title shot, you can be the other one. elijah price
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
1-18-2010 6:18 pm EST
Man, everywhere I look, you are holding a title. Very well done.
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
1-18-2010 6:22 am EST
I don't know about one of the best. Decent maybe...lol Thanks for the fights. Anytime.
1-11-2010 6:31 pm EST
fuck that just flatout sucks
1-11-2010 6:17 pm EST
that is rough man. I had a guy in another camp who weighed 162 and he missed weight half the time. That shit made me mad.
Big T Plays
1-11-2010 5:23 pm EST
You are a great camp owner and this is a great camp. You are a solid player, man. Mad respect to you.
1-11-2010 11:44 am EST
Thnx. It's a pleasure to fight your camp also!
1-11-2010 10:28 am EST
Thanks for the advice, much appreciated
Cecil Harvey
Paladin MMA
1-11-2010 8:46 am EST
Thanks, man! And jeez I'm such an underachiever... you've got half the wins I do and yet you've got at least 4x the titles I've gotten and you raised a #3 fighter. Definitely a powerful coach + camp, here. Pretty admirable. And no, I don't have an account on the forums but I read it often!
1-11-2010 8:22 am EST
yea it is robj23 man and thanks again and you are a standup coach as well
1-11-2010 7:54 am EST
thanks for the support man
1-11-2010 7:17 am EST
-.- i know he earned it but it was 7 hrs to reset and i dressed up for school man its not like that i ducked. Everyone else had fought already so i gave him a shot but i guess he just accepted the fight...
1-9-2010 10:54 am EST
it wount let me buy the thing and i bet you won alot on your first guys.
1-8-2010 9:27 pm EST
yo im needing help with the credit thing think you could help?
scott cooley
1-8-2010 12:57 pm EST
USA USA USA....good fight thanks. belly
johnny vzn
volds ferraris
1-6-2010 8:43 pm EST
thanks for the help, 2 of my dudes didnt make their weight cut when they fought though :(. honestly though i dont really follow ufc/mma that much, but i always like these kinds of things
johnny vzn
volds ferraris
1-6-2010 6:59 pm EST
hi :)
1-6-2010 6:32 pm EST
Thanks, looks cool.
1-6-2010 6:25 pm EST
Thanks for the tip.
1-2-2010 2:22 pm EST
Great Gif! One Of My Favourite Fighters! Lets Hope He Picks Up A Win Tonight!
12-30-2009 8:16 pm EST
what did u mean hiddens? i started him at mw and was going to stop and train for awhile but i went to lhw and got the title when ilose ill prob train for abit and go back down
Big T Plays
12-30-2009 4:03 am EST
ur .gif is awesome. I loved when BJ licked the blood off his paws lol. My friends all told me that fight was boring... I thought it was a great asswhooping and the opposite of boring.
Team 7 Eleven
12-27-2009 7:58 pm EST
Nice Camp..
scott cooley
12-24-2009 9:28 am EST
she didnt look that good after she fought that MAN santos....
12-23-2009 11:42 pm EST
yea dude I haven't been on for a few days and just saw your comment. The guy with 2 wins didnt accept so I challenged the only guy on with a win five mins until reset. He killed me.. Well I am sorry about that.
scott cooley
12-23-2009 4:16 pm EST
i'm sry met net went down....you know i never duck anyone......
Team Nads
12-23-2009 1:53 am EST
Thanks man. Where did that good luck Ruski chick go? She was cute.
12-20-2009 7:07 am EST
sorry i could not make the striking tourney some real live issues poped up.
12-19-2009 8:40 pm EST
welcome to TLCS bro
12-18-2009 3:46 pm EST
ya bro i wasnt talkin bout just tonite...but I am a standup coach and fight all styles n enjoy the battle...so hit me anytime u need a fight...
12-16-2009 9:03 pm EST
im new lol dunno exactly what im doing
12-7-2009 4:24 pm EST
Yeh His FF Stats Were Unbelievable LOL! Makes Anderson Silva Look Like An Amateur!
12-7-2009 8:39 am EST
Sad To See Glen Albrights Last Fight Was That KO Win Against My Guy LOL!
PSU All American
Malign Mafia
12-3-2009 2:03 pm EST
ehh its alright, i have a house up here, lived on east side whole life. i have a few buddies who live out by you though... no training, just gym,
10th Planet
12-3-2009 5:02 am EST
yep im from vegas, i live on sunrise mtn, up on hollywood/washigton area
12-3-2009 12:44 am EST
oct 2107 - first efc champ @ 781 total fights.
12-1-2009 4:15 pm EST
haha well Bogdashha isnt so much for a star losning against fighters he should have won in hes past. Nelson Jenkins is someone i think will be good fighter =). Well tell him to take care of the belt ill try to win another fight and if he wants we can go CD vs PL
12-1-2009 4:00 pm EST
have a Cd vs PL but he didnt want to
12-1-2009 4:00 pm EST
True bro i traing Rocky a bit and he is a bad fighter lol losning twice already :P still Vincent is old now he had hes moments, tell ur bro that he was lucky and it was a cheap change =) thought we could
11-29-2009 4:47 pm EST
I'd love to drop to MW for a title, but my guy can't make the cut from 201 to 185.
Hardee Wreckshins
Gin and Chronic
11-29-2009 4:30 pm EST
I don't know what to say. I think Chad Simmons won those just because he was bigger or just by luck. Don't overthink this game.