Warriors of the Five Ring

Last Online - Monday 14th of June 2010
Display Name Vorlik
Member Since Jun 2, 2009
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 2266-1920


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8-12-2010 12:49 am EST
Sorry to see ya go...
Tyler Langston
Cage Wolf
6-7-2010 12:04 am EST
yea man... anytime.
5-20-2010 7:30 pm EST
thank you for always being a good fight...what alliance are you in? or do you go to the forums?
Red Night Sambo
5-19-2010 7:25 pm EST
You're welcome kind sir Vorlick
David Lambert
Reality Check
5-16-2010 3:00 pm EST
thanks man , yeah i think your right , i was just about to cut him then he went 3-0 , congratz on win.
scott cooley
3-8-2010 4:05 pm EST
3-1-2010 3:19 pm EST
no problem, i thought i would get you the second time around. guess not, good luck. Kent.
The Rated R Star
New World Order
2-22-2010 2:17 am EST
thanks for the shot. i kinda figured i would lose but i figured i would give it a shot
The Godfather
859 Academy
2-4-2010 5:03 pm EST
great news, hope finals didn't take too much out of you.
The Godfather
859 Academy
2-4-2010 11:06 am EST
hey vorlik... hoping you can start being more active on the forums, we've got a lot of people wanting in TLCS, so we want the current members to step up.
Team 7 Eleven
1-29-2010 5:02 pm EST
I know what you talking abt bro, alot of ppl want the easy win.
Team 7 Eleven
1-29-2010 2:39 pm EST
Thanx man that was a nice fight bro.. nice camp.
1-26-2010 4:07 am EST
no prob, I'm new so any time you want to go again just let me know.
1-20-2010 12:56 pm EST
well shit i guess i should have ke3pt it on SWTF, damn minin checks my new perodijy. i would love a rematch.
Athlon MMA
1-19-2010 5:33 pm EST
Thanks man, its always nice fighting your guys.
1-18-2010 3:14 pm EST
i do clear them....nothing personal to anyone....i just try to keep myself on a "schedule"....thanks for the fight again and i will see you in the cage soon
1-8-2010 3:30 pm EST
haha did you just say thanks for the fight before i did accept? becouse you knew i would go ff vs pl? Anywa congratz on the win
Not Too Tough
Not Too Tough
1-8-2010 9:49 am EST
thanks dude!
Unleash The Beast
1-3-2010 10:00 am EST
yeah i got to go back to school too
1-1-2010 3:08 pm EST
I can see you still play , bro :D .. i dont know if you remember me and my camp's name ... i stop some time , but i am coming back now ... see you around ;D
Unleash The Beast
12-30-2009 1:59 am EST
Hey dude whats up haven't talked or fought you in a while how is it going?
12-29-2009 7:01 pm EST
Hey good fight. I will be on in the evening tomorrow if u wanna run it back. -->Jean Meunier
The Godfather
859 Academy
12-23-2009 8:08 pm EST
good to hear vorlik... hope school wasn't too stressful.
The Godfather
859 Academy
12-21-2009 6:09 am EST
Hey man... haven't seen you around the forums much lately, and there are a lot of new guys wanting in. What's your situation?
10-9-2009 9:54 am EST
regarding Richard Hayden, first one was auto challenge, and second one was minutes before other reset and only challenge. I was sure I would beat him so no worries. :)
9-26-2009 6:02 pm EST
hey man, would you be interested in joining my tourney? its in our alliance forum, called the ultimate dude, check it out if you are interested
9-26-2009 5:27 pm EST
I got me a win so what do you think?
SnaPs N TaPs
9-7-2009 10:16 pm EST
lol you're too much vorlik...I figured it wasn't like you to not fight man...that guy retired anyways :(
8-26-2009 10:34 am EST
Thanks he's been getting pretty lucky.
8-25-2009 5:45 pm EST
thanks man and anytime our camps can fight i run ncaa as well
Unleash The Beast
8-23-2009 4:14 pm EST
Thanks man
8-21-2009 11:39 pm EST
naw came with 3 stars of power and tough to get fights
Cyborg Crush
8-19-2009 10:08 am EST
thanks, i'm only keeping my 153 pounder around as a trainer.
8-16-2009 10:31 am EST
Ohh right.. Eddie has a dificult with the adaptation, bu i think now it's ok.. =D
8-16-2009 8:13 am EST
hey dude... Fs is fighter style? I'm from Brazil and I can't understand everything...
Niceguy Camp
8-11-2009 9:34 am EST
np man..im just glad to have champ once again
Rico M
Leona Boyz
8-9-2009 12:36 pm EST
thaks or the fight
Hunter Rose 999
8-9-2009 12:19 pm EST
Was a great fight up until the triangle choke. Haha. Thanks.
8-3-2009 6:11 am EST
good fight
8-2-2009 7:03 am EST
The arm tattoos are "sun" tattoos in the shop.
Tap or SNap2
Taps N Snaps 2
8-2-2009 5:10 am EST
Hey Vorlik thanks for the words of encouragement dude...I hope I win too but this next fight is gonna be tough...
Athlon MMA
8-1-2009 7:25 am EST
Hey Vorlik, it's always great to fight your guys. I know I don't always get around to responding when you say "good fight," but I just wanted to let you know that it is appreciated. Are you on the forums?
7-30-2009 7:26 am EST
Good luck in the LBC.
7-30-2009 5:51 am EST
Thats cool. I belong to the SFL, its an alliance of new up and coming players and me (not so new). You seem like a standup camp so if you're interested I can pass your name along to the head. Good luck with whatever alliance you decide to join.
7-29-2009 7:17 am EST
Have you ever thought about joining an alliance?
7-28-2009 5:42 pm EST
cool looks like we'll meet in the noob war. is it saturday? :)
7-26-2009 4:55 pm EST
hey man you should check out the forums, i am running a tournament where the winner wins a free premium account!
7-24-2009 5:11 pm EST
Ok thanks for the adivce.
7-23-2009 5:22 pm EST
i see you are doing pretty good now eh? :D
7-23-2009 9:00 am EST
yeah I grow them for a while before I let them out in the world
Daddy Mac
7-19-2009 9:20 am EST
I just missed the Akiyama vs Belcher fight, I only saw the fights after. I really dont like Belcher though. Never was a fan, heard that was a really close fight though.
7-19-2009 7:54 am EST
Yeah, it sucks but after going 2-10 in last 12 the fighter's pop is so low that the little orgs are the only ones available. So what can one do?
Kenny Webster
Slap yo momma
7-18-2009 10:48 am EST
Thanks awesome man. Good luck defending it!
KP Keough
Beast Mode
7-16-2009 5:50 am EST
Nice work with the camp dude. You're doing the right thing by getting lots of fights. Hang in there, because once you buy a few 500k equips, you'll be winning big fights.
Ickabod Crane
its secret
7-6-2009 9:22 am EST
haha yeah your guy definitely pummeled him.
7-5-2009 4:21 pm EST
thx good fight
6-19-2009 2:41 pm EST
I Think we are even now but i'll look forward to change that soon :).
Felix Silva
Team Nature
6-17-2009 6:17 pm EST
thanks for the fight as well. good luck to your fighter.
6-15-2009 4:43 pm EST
no problem thank you
6-15-2009 5:03 am EST
always fun to fight your camp /;]
6-8-2009 6:49 am EST
ok, deal.
6-8-2009 3:39 am EST
sure keep on working hard and i'll do the same /;]
6-7-2009 5:58 pm EST
Thanks, brother! I'll try my best, but you've put a lot of preassure on me! :)
6-7-2009 8:19 am EST
hmm, no its 2-1 for me hehehe.
6-7-2009 8:19 am EST
hmm, no its 2-1 for me hehehe.
6-6-2009 12:16 pm EST
yea i got shocked too o_O
Daddy Mac
6-5-2009 4:27 am EST
thanks for the advice, I will try it.
6-4-2009 5:26 am EST
left some comments on your fighter pages. hope it helps. - wocker
Diamond cutter
Fight art AZ
6-3-2009 3:52 pm EST
thanks your brave