Last Online - Saturday 29th of September 2012
Display Name Roofie
Member Since Jul 25, 2009
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Mister Judo
9-15-2012 10:13 am EST
fair enough. gl!
Mister Judo
9-13-2012 5:12 pm EST
ic any interest in running with others?
Mister Judo
9-13-2012 4:17 am EST
lol is this malas? the camp looks familiar
torpedo hands
Boom Sticks
9-12-2012 4:39 pm EST
close one
Mister Judo
9-12-2012 10:59 am EST
who runs this?
torpedo hands
Boom Sticks
9-7-2012 6:23 pm EST
i guess your theory that i will never win against your guys is done now huh?
torpedo hands
Boom Sticks
9-3-2012 4:47 pm EST
ok 2 for you now, facing my weak guys, i will find you with my stronger guys and we will see who has the advantage lol. im a rookie at this.
All Day Pain
9-3-2012 4:39 pm EST
you got me with Foster, but soon it will not be that easy.
torpedo hands
Boom Sticks
8-19-2012 12:59 pm EST
D Row is weak but FLorida got me lol.
7-19-2012 3:42 pm EST
18 minutes till my fisrt belt
1-30-2011 7:42 am EST
Gladiator Coalition - it's an alliance, are you in one?
Alejandro Silva
Team Wilderness
1-4-2011 5:28 pm EST
thanks for the fight.
12-13-2010 10:03 am EST
good fight
Matt Master Means
2-10-2010 7:51 pm EST
badass avatar of the gummybear of candycornia!