push off me

Last Online - Thursday 27th of October 2016
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3-18-2016 11:11 am EST
Im itching to knock your ass spark out lets go
Welsh Warriors
6-19-2015 11:43 pm EST
UK time here so only just woke up, 3 challengers, yours had only 1 win and not was in a lower org, the others had 2 Lotc win streaks hence you not getting the shot, get another win and its on next reset bro
5-31-2015 11:32 am EST
They hold tournements. Share advise on the game, tournements between all Alliances and social chat. Most of the best coaches in the game are in one of the 7 Alliances on the forum. All are full but I made a new one and have 9 new coaches already. If you want to join. 1. Make a forum account. 2 pm me your name and ill Add you to our sub forum 3 Just go to alliances sub forum and look for Tokyo Rowdy Temple. All of them are private but ill give you access to ours matey
5-31-2015 6:40 am EST
You in an alliance . Mine is recruiting . The rest are full
11-2-2014 8:52 pm EST
10-9-2013 12:19 pm EST
gate master
push off me
12-2-2012 4:38 pm EST
11-23-2012 1:28 am EST
No problem - you were a worthy contender!
11-22-2012 10:45 pm EST
Thanks. I'll try style changing. I have been switching him a few fights ago. just can't get the win though.
11-21-2012 5:53 am EST
yea man def didnt see that coming hope ur camp does well morgan murder kill carter
gate master
push off me
11-20-2012 1:07 am EST
This mutha fucka about to get shot if he say one mo thing
11-19-2012 10:54 pm EST
Get lost retarded.
11-18-2012 2:35 am EST
Don't be jealous your too dumb.
11-15-2012 8:45 pm EST
You're a dodging little pussy, bro.
11-15-2012 2:43 am EST
11-11-2012 4:42 am EST
wow what?
11-9-2012 12:50 pm EST
Who is criss cross?
Franky Johnson
Team Danger
11-6-2012 12:21 pm EST
Great fight. My guy wasn't prepared for that.
jesse neal
11-3-2012 12:47 pm EST
it was a great fight
gate master
push off me
11-3-2012 1:09 am EST
Rodrigo Jimenez Hall of fame and current top contender
11-1-2012 5:20 pm EST
Its not rank that title shots go by, its winning streak. In the result of a tie among those in the top 10 with the best streak, it's strength of victories(opponents wise). Just so you know. I dont care if you give me the shot or not, but I am deserving of the shot.
gate master
push off me
10-31-2012 4:37 pm EST
Rodrigo "Lil Nog" Jimenez beats The Pac Mans record With 13 Titles held in a fighting season.
gate master
push off me
10-30-2012 1:53 pm EST
SOSA bitch boys because we G.E.D Boys Bitch NIggas
gate master
push off me
10-29-2012 12:52 pm EST
66 titles at october 29/12
gate master
push off me
10-29-2012 12:10 pm EST
Sisco "bye bye" Garza #492 (23-11) Nico " BIG MEAT" Delgado #563 (26-26) Chus "The Mad Man" Munoz #711 (5-4) Zachary "hammer head" Taylor #752 (16-10) Cali "Hitman" Vasquez #905 (34-35) Carlitos "ICE COLD" Rodriquez #1002 (24-19) Hajime "Katana" Takashi #1004 Hall Of Fame
gate master
push off me
10-29-2012 11:52 am EST
Cirino "Pac Man" Huerta Hall of Fame
gate master
push off me
10-29-2012 11:50 am EST
Tomasito Jimenez Hall of fame
gate master
push off me
10-29-2012 11:49 am EST
Julio Martinez Hall of Fame
gate master
push off me
10-28-2012 9:11 am EST
Dick to the company and I'm taking over I'm releasing the hacks
The Devil Dog
Evil Till I Die
10-28-2012 6:54 am EST
Once again you confuse with messages on my wall, no idea what your on about bro. If you got a question then ask. If you got a problem, then say what it is. Otherwise get fighting and get on with the game
gate master
push off me
10-27-2012 8:20 am EST
New recruit to the camp hope he's the next best thing
gate master
push off me
10-24-2012 3:17 pm EST
The big five are dominating
gate master
push off me
10-22-2012 2:53 pm EST
Tomasito, Julio, And lex Are are three champions at this camp Nice job to these Fighters and we just got to keep parting
gate master
push off me
10-19-2012 3:04 pm EST
Camp is closed
9-30-2012 7:35 am EST
my roster? we talking about the roster thats way better than yours?
9-30-2012 6:06 am EST
what??? i sent you a challenge with my shittest fighter you fool, my worst fighter could beat your best.
9-27-2012 7:32 am EST
your dads a fag
9-24-2012 3:48 pm EST
cool bitch
9-24-2012 12:03 pm EST
ok queer.
9-23-2012 11:05 am EST
Im pretty sure i only have this on you ass bandit.
9-23-2012 3:13 am EST
that didnt make sense at all haha.
9-22-2012 4:04 am EST
fagget? you mean faggot? gimp.
9-21-2012 7:34 am EST
Ha ha ha ha ha ive got the better camp by a long shot you little punk.
9-16-2012 4:06 am EST
One more time what? You messaged my wall but not sure what you meant bro, was out all day yesterday so only just got the meesage, wassup?
gate master
push off me
9-14-2012 1:56 am EST
Vasquez Champion of wca, Martinez champ of Shaato,Nuckols champ of Heroes Three champions at one Time
gate master
push off me
8-25-2012 5:46 pm EST
The Jimenez Brothers Are The Two Top Cotenders With Titles At This Camp
8-16-2012 2:13 pm EST
shut up wetter
5-11-2012 4:38 pm EST
Wetboy what's up didn't I just cain your guys ass?, good fight
4-30-2012 3:25 am EST
Muhammed Jihad
Ah Durka Durka
3-14-2012 10:38 pm EST
u suck wetboy
2-14-2012 7:15 am EST
gate master
push off me
2-7-2012 4:17 pm EST
What Wait a day and get that ass kick
yorkers is me
avondale high school
2-7-2012 4:17 pm EST
You suck dick bitch Fight ,me
Tilde Moskva
2-6-2012 6:03 pm EST
Glad somebody got the reference
2-6-2012 3:57 pm EST
Yeah I am high, I'm always high nikka
gate master
push off me
2-5-2012 5:46 pm EST
Giants Win Super Bowl
2-5-2012 11:45 am EST
You hear me dawg, peckerwood aint got nothing on my joint
2-4-2012 7:49 am EST
Fuck you and fuck this dog and pony act you call the military.
Welsh Warriors
1-27-2012 9:38 pm EST
Send whatever u want mate. That guy is 4yrs old and is a MMA Artist build for a tournament so if your bro wants to waste tokens on legend fights when they are not legends then fire away. I dont expect to win but of it keeps your bro happy then whatever lol
Welsh Warriors
1-24-2012 10:21 am EST
Ok bro no worries, give ur brother a whooping next time he does it lol. Good luck with ur camp.
1-24-2012 2:40 am EST
thanks man, i will be waiting
Welsh Warriors
1-23-2012 10:03 pm EST
Whatever mate - Mexico v England means nothing to me, im not Mexican and im not English so go bother someone else until you stop ducking people when ur the champ when they are number 1 contender on a 9 fight streak.
Matthew Vassar
Vassar Top Team
1-23-2012 7:13 pm EST
Grow up brah.
Mister Judo
1-23-2012 6:06 pm EST
1-23-2012 5:38 pm EST
i gotta say, thats a pretty bad attitude for a "champion" and a person playing a game...
1-23-2012 5:33 pm EST
at least you man'd up instead of wasting my time. gotta respect that, good luck.
Welsh Warriors
1-22-2012 10:21 pm EST
Dont be so bloody stupid, that guy is a pile of shit and was one of my 1st gen fighters when i started playing the game, and you have picked your top ranked guy. Dont bother wasting my time mate - good luck with your camp
1-22-2012 6:55 pm EST
[quote]you lucky son of bicth im going to train and get better and then beat the shit out of the next fighter you put in front of me[/quote] Ok, sounds cool. :)
Welsh Warriors
1-22-2012 12:02 pm EST
Legends fight. Which one of my guys did you want to fight?
The Devil Dog
Evil Till I Die
1-17-2012 10:51 pm EST
Good luck bro - may the battles commence lol
The Devil Dog
Evil Till I Die
1-16-2012 11:01 pm EST
Thanks for the tip lol, I send a challenge just in case the number 1 contender does not accept, therefore giving the champ a chance to remain active...is that such a problem? You and your 800+ fights think you own the game or something - keep your business to yourself and hopefully we will have a few scraps on the way - thanks but I know how to play the game bro - cheers and good luck
1-9-2012 2:06 pm EST
Yeah bring it homie, I roll joints
12-23-2011 10:50 am EST
Any time,any where. Good fight bro
12-23-2011 8:51 am EST
no such thing as a lucky ko
Deadlist Warrior
Judo Base Camp
12-23-2011 8:14 am EST
one last fight. it's on
Maxim Serebriakov
Russian Pankration Center
12-21-2011 11:40 am EST
Your catch my guy ofguard)ill try to remember it and not to make same mistake again.Anyway good fight.
Mister Judo
12-20-2011 4:08 pm EST
ur welcome?
gate master
push off me
12-12-2011 2:29 pm EST
New champ has arvied Cirino"Pac Man" Huerta
Gonoreja BJJ
12-6-2011 1:43 pm EST
Deadlist Warrior
Judo Base Camp
12-3-2011 7:58 pm EST
A dog the little punks some wussy they dont wont to fight you cuz you the man
12-3-2011 7:52 pm EST
If you cant spot the error then you have failed the test lol
12-3-2011 7:51 pm EST
A bit of advise is also to stop bunking off school and maybe take some spelling lessons while your there.
12-3-2011 7:42 pm EST
How about get a grip u scrawny little retard. If u wanna fight, fucking challenge me u drip. get U weasly little scrubs and give them a bit of 2 block training lol.
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
12-3-2011 6:14 pm EST
gate master push off me 12-3-2011 7:52 pm EST | Restrict | Delete a i aint no newbie so wacth your fucking pie hole i been here for 6 years i just stop playin becuz i had a life unlike you you "had a life"? 6 years? what was you camp called back then?
The Last Emporer
Fedor Fight Force
12-3-2011 5:48 pm EST
what he said l \l/
12-3-2011 9:52 am EST
You said fight me for the title? Who the hell are you on about, im not a mind reader, if your in the top ten then challenge me? If your not deserving of the title shot then you wont get it, simple.
Rodeiro Fighters
11-25-2011 8:51 am EST
As you wish
gate master
push off me
11-25-2011 8:40 am EST
Im Back
11-19-2011 6:04 pm EST
Good Fight
gate master
push off me
6-30-2011 10:23 am EST
after a loss i have came back and defeated the champ with a elbow im back
gate master
push off me
3-13-2011 12:55 pm EST
i am a future champ even knowing i already have a title i will all ways be a legend womack 3/10/2011
m00nd0g Andys KO camp
duck 0r bleed
2-4-2011 5:11 pm EST
Sure. Send my m00nd0gs a fight anytime.
Jeff Gomes
Union BJJ Team
12-18-2010 4:54 pm EST
well, i'm looking for someone to beat my fighter Bubba Wiltsie... 9-0, 7 fights for titles, 7 victories. 3 belts
12-18-2010 10:25 am EST
agreed anytime
Jeff Gomes
Union BJJ Team
12-18-2010 10:11 am EST
why do you want to fight me? I'm just a beginer in this game o.
12-17-2010 12:12 am EST
did you see my ko slam victory in the tournement against tyrone collins
Team Masquerade
12-15-2010 4:17 pm EST
No problem. Good fight.
gate master
push off me
12-14-2010 10:48 am EST
why my best fighter they retire him this is not cool Zach you will always be remembered
12-13-2010 6:13 pm EST
okay buddy good figth
gate master
push off me
12-5-2010 8:51 am EST
i thank you people for fighting me