25 Cents a Day MMA

Last Online - Sunday 23rd of June 2024
Display Name Grapple420
Member Since May 11, 2011
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 4711-4161


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5-12-2021 2:57 am EST
Haha, wont be long until you're smashing my pathetic fighters
5-12-2021 2:57 am EST
Haha, wont be long until you're smashing my pathetic fighters
4-23-2021 5:53 am EST
Welcome back!
We Will Fight
4-27-2017 7:35 pm EST
K man wtf is up with this mcdoogle shit?
Armed Assault
4-18-2017 5:40 pm EST
Hi Fatapple!
We Will Fight
4-14-2017 4:58 am EST
Did you hack me? And somehow change my display name
We Will Fight
3-20-2017 4:13 am EST
Ok good i didnt want to see those all start up again that was ridiculous lol
We Will Fight
3-17-2017 10:34 am EST
Are you that troll that made 23 accounts in an attempt to piss me off cause if so ur dedication to to this is quit admirable if it weren't so sad
Makruger Top Team
6-27-2016 11:55 pm EST
umm... did chief ban me from the forum? lol
4-23-2016 10:25 am EST
Didn't realize we were playing the internet tough guy game lol calm down. Fine i'll retract my request. Deserved the shot when i first challenged for it yet still never got it.
Tupelo MMA
Tupelo MMA
12-14-2015 6:02 am EST
yeah I know because you knock my guys out every fucking reset
11-16-2015 10:09 pm EST
april2470 marius cozma from camp Riddium ducked Zenexian Level Boxer for the HWT title. Gave the shot to a guy coming off a 2 month layoff instead of honoring the true #1 defender.
10-1-2015 9:17 pm EST
thks for the legend fight grapp
Goodkid MMA
2-26-2015 3:19 pm EST
Lol I love the camp avatar
Big T Plays
12-24-2014 11:49 pm EST
Mmmmm cheesesteaks