Last Online - Wednesday 7th of December 2016
Display Name Hinch
Member Since May 8, 2008
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 3433-3443


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1-3-2017 3:33 am EST
Wassup hinch, haven't heard from you in a while!
11-20-2016 11:10 am EST
I have always hate FS so much! I can't believe I am actually using it with a few of my fighters. They will be gone soon and everything will be back to normal.
11-18-2016 2:38 pm EST
Aah, ha, haa. There is more than one way to skin a cat! Always a ease to fight your camp!
11-13-2016 6:35 am EST
Your always on my mind....ALWAYS
11-13-2016 12:38 am EST
You make me sex wee in my panties
11-3-2016 11:35 am EST
always bud.
11-2-2016 7:08 pm EST
understand bud well just know you're always welcome to come back.
10-14-2016 9:33 am EST
nothin homie just getting back on again. you back with THC?
10-13-2016 12:22 pm EST
hey bud
No Mercy
9-9-2016 6:26 am EST
you'r good player keep playing this game ;) welcome back
1-26-2016 2:35 am EST
Hinch you fucker come back......
10-31-2015 7:27 pm EST
Where you at hinch, where you at motherfucker?
10-29-2015 5:02 pm EST
Hinch, Buddy, where you gone?
Chris Hansen
15 and Under
10-27-2015 9:58 pm EST
Wtf? Someone call the cops... everyone is dead?
10-22-2015 9:14 pm EST
Dude its all good I will jump on any challenge and I appreciate it as long as you think its right!
10-22-2015 10:31 am EST
It's all good dude can't hate the player, just the game. LOL
10-21-2015 5:53 am EST
How well would you say it's doing against grapplers?
10-14-2015 5:56 am EST
Trust me when I say that I have had many a misfire when selecting a style to fight with. We just move on...
9-27-2015 10:57 am EST
Hinch chief banned me for some reason. Can you find out why and for how long. Better not be for long or I may never bother coming back
9-25-2015 4:57 am EST
9-24-2015 4:17 am EST
Have you tried CS?
9-18-2015 8:46 am EST
Hey Hinch, I was wondering if you were in an alliance. I think it's about time I joined one.
9-13-2015 5:03 am EST
At the moment I am looking to fight for the championship belt. Will be looking for you soon enough. ;)
Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor
9-6-2015 11:59 am EST
Sick avatar man
9-3-2015 1:05 pm EST
Ha, ha... love the new Avatar! You should think about keeping this one.
Jiddy English
Jiddys Secret Service
8-31-2015 6:57 am EST
8-25-2015 1:20 pm EST
See what I meant by 8pts. being able to beat FS these days? In days past that would NEVER have happened. Congrats, man.
8-25-2015 4:10 am EST
leaning towards. hkk since they both rely on heavy punches i added a lil focus to see if it helped at all
8-21-2015 10:22 am EST
working on con and focus now since chelf made con effect your ko ability
8-20-2015 5:51 pm EST
thanks man just messing around with this build go figure the guy i mess around with has good hiddens lol
8-13-2015 5:34 am EST
Your camp is coming along great. A few little tweeks and you will advance quickly. Send me a PM outlining your camp and concerns and I will give you what limited knowledge that I have.
8-13-2015 5:06 am EST
I have found that AA is about 50/50 with FS. Because my guy was a SR he might of, probably did, have an advantage.
8-11-2015 4:16 am EST
Not a problem. Bring it and I will try to figure a way to beat your boy up!
8-7-2015 4:28 am EST
Then just tell your lads to cover their bodies in olive oil. You'll win everytime.
8-7-2015 4:24 am EST
Dreadnoughts ... weary? We fear nothing. lol
Bound By Honor
Bound By Honor
8-5-2015 4:14 am EST
pretty cool knockout.first time ive gotten that
7-30-2015 8:14 am EST
All is good homie! - Sam Keller :)
7-28-2015 4:18 pm EST
That was emotional
7-26-2015 4:13 pm EST
Nice to meet you. That was emotional.
7-25-2015 2:08 pm EST
save a bottle for me
7-24-2015 4:22 am EST
Yeah it's been a while. It's 7am where I am and I'm not always up at this time. It's always a pleasure to see you here when I am.
Scheppy Man
Jiu Jitsu Squad
7-9-2015 2:29 pm EST
you know it man hahahahahahaha - Outchea
7-8-2015 4:41 am EST
Good luck with him! ;)
7-8-2015 4:28 am EST
Man, I would have run his sorry ass out of town a long time back. Possibly tar and feather candidate.
7-7-2015 4:09 pm EST
Thanks for the fights.
7-1-2015 2:24 pm EST
lol, i can't get all five :(
6-28-2015 4:34 pm EST
I'm of celtic ancestry and like the tales of my forefathers.
6-28-2015 5:02 am EST
Anytime bud, love your avatar lol
Sick Puppy MMA
6-24-2015 1:36 pm EST
no worries hinch, i dont usually pay alot of attention to smaller belts. if i get a challenge for one ill accept it but i dont usually check to see if im on a streak unless im in prel or efc.
6-23-2015 9:30 am EST
just wanted to make sure you knew im not trying to beat on people this guy suck and ill take any fight if someone challenges him
6-9-2015 8:32 pm EST
I love you.
5-31-2015 9:09 am EST
damn ok next time then.
5-31-2015 8:54 am EST
fightme Hinch :)
5-27-2015 11:44 am EST
coaches if you need an Alliance in the forum. All are full but I have places available. Pm me. (just ignore this message if you are in an alliance already or i didn't recognise a vets new camp) thanks
Dublins Finest
5-27-2015 10:09 am EST
You got it cap'n
4-13-2015 4:31 am EST
4-13-2015 4:08 am EST
Good luck with the new direction. If I were to try my hand at MMArtist, I would experiment with Wres, KB, Cond, Str, Speed, and Pwr. What did you use?
2-19-2015 12:44 pm EST
True enough.
UK Dragons
3-26-2012 4:24 am EST
Wassup Hinch, check the WDoA p4p league in our forum, you got into the top 10 this week.
3-20-2012 3:30 am EST
Always works like that as well bro might see your fighter later
3-19-2012 3:48 pm EST
Sure thing bro, good luck with your guys he's good
3-19-2012 1:30 pm EST
I must've been gapping my comments board. I have an ongoing thing where i say a different Chuck Norris joke for every roundhouse kick victory. I hate to lose too but like you said, roundhouse kick=acceptable(sometimes)
3-13-2012 12:49 am EST
No worries bro always good to see more peeps join
3-11-2012 8:51 am EST
Welcome bro
Welsh Warriors
3-11-2012 6:19 am EST
Nice one. I got you access and sent you a message. Plenty of brits in our alliance so you will fit right in bro.
Welsh Warriors
3-10-2012 7:20 am EST
Hi mate, I run the Wanted Dead or Alive alliance and heard that you want to join from my mate Turbo. I can see you have been on the game a while but not many fights so joining an alliance should help you get better quickly and make the game more interesting. You need to join the forum and send me a Private message to b33rm0n5t3r so that I have your details and can get you access. I will tell you what to do from there. Cheers mate, where are you from by the way?
3-7-2012 6:31 am EST
I would say join an ally as we have all the threads for learning and thye are good lads that help you out.
3-6-2012 5:07 am EST
:) at least you got back to me bro
2-11-2012 4:46 am EST
Let me know if you are instrested in joining mate, we have a good punch of lads
2-8-2012 4:13 am EST
Cheers bro, always good to see positive comments, are you part of an alliance mate.
12-20-2011 10:23 am EST
It's all good tho still a fun game and thanks for the fight