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unknown destroyer
Smashdown Gym
9-3-2010 4:34 pm EST
aw im still sad i lost but congrats on the w u deserve the title fight
unknown destroyer
Smashdown Gym
8-27-2010 7:13 pm EST
srry but my contract ran out i thought the auto renew would work but it didnt tell you wat if were in the same org lets fight
unknown destroyer
Smashdown Gym
8-26-2010 7:58 am EST
okay its on all we need is the champ to agree
Sonjay Dutt
Combat Arts
7-28-2010 6:01 am EST
Done and done. Check your challenges ;) - Guy Martel
7-16-2010 11:13 am EST
yeah man that sux. Vinne was a great fighter. i had the same thing happen to Caleb McDonald. shit happens.
Team Masquerade
6-29-2010 6:35 pm EST
Oh, and if I end up winning, it'll be my last fight in the org; so good luck after I leave.
Team Masquerade
6-29-2010 6:30 pm EST
Alright, I'll give you a shot next reset.
Team Masquerade
6-29-2010 6:24 pm EST
I agree, but if he gets on this reset, he should just accept my challenge; since you fought.
6-29-2010 5:13 am EST
Np man, that's a tough strategy because trainers are very important and affect how fast you gain stats. If your guys end up going for all sorts of things with 2.5 stats everyone will learn much slower then if you went for one or two styles and over time you built up some guys with 3.5+ stats!
6-28-2010 4:35 pm EST
mmartist is a really bad style man. Check the forums for more info on what styles/stats are needed. You will have a far easier time
Carpe Diem
6-27-2010 4:29 pm EST
I'll give it to you now cause no one else is on, but you need some more wins in LotC.
Carpe Diem
6-27-2010 3:54 pm EST
His record is great, but he needs a few wins in LotC. Get two or three wins in LotC and I'll give you the shot.
Carpe Diem
6-27-2010 3:41 pm EST
Which fighter?
6-20-2010 6:15 pm EST
Nice, well good luck buddy! I play softball every Friday night at cronomer park. You play any ball?
6-20-2010 7:57 am EST
Haha, thats awesome! I wrestled for nfa as well and played soccer. Who is the wrestling coach there now? When I was there it was Coach Courtney.
6-19-2010 8:27 pm EST
Haha holy shit! Thats where I wnt! Small world dude! I grew up in Newburgh my whole life. Hey anyone from Newburgh is a friend of mine. Let me know if you ever need any help or advice with this game at all. Where in Newburgh do you live?
wally bautista
6-18-2010 9:28 am EST
thats the name of my highschool aswell :Newburgh Free Academy idt its the same place ur talking bout
6-14-2010 7:34 am EST
Hey just curious. Why the name nfa? That was the name of my highschool.