Heart FC

Last Online - Thursday 12th of October 2023
Display Name Chubby
Member Since May 30, 2011
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 24909-20571


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MMA Jeddah Club
4-29-2024 5:36 am EST
Just came back for this: FU Chubby
9-26-2023 1:26 pm EST
Thanks bruv
Sudo Magodo
Bushido Camp
9-26-2023 1:21 pm EST
Hi! Thanks for Your suggestions for my Camp!
9-11-2023 7:13 am EST
Hey Chubbs why don’t you pull 1 of your HW’s out so my guy on 6 streak can fight your champ
Chits Crew
9-1-2023 6:01 pm EST
are you banned from the forums again?
NorthernLights Out
8-13-2023 6:23 pm EST
Happy for you that you got outta the City. Goderich is a lovely place!
NorthernLights Out
8-2-2023 2:29 pm EST
What's up York!? Good to see you still playing! You know I cant stay away. Also glad to see the perma-nerf was lifted off your camp! =)
Vince Lynch
7-7-2023 7:29 pm EST
Kevin Goodman still awaiting that title shot. Last time he faced off with the champ, he defied all the odds and defeated him. That guy was greased to the gills, but Dark Chocolate overcame adversity.
6-26-2023 3:55 am EST
Reeeeeaaaaalllllyyyyy good to see you man! I was hoping you would come back some day! Hope all is well with you.
6-21-2023 11:39 am EST
try to get on the forums ;)
Chits Crew
6-21-2023 11:10 am EST
I see, hope it works out for ya. by the way, your fighters need more rest.
Chits Crew
6-20-2023 7:07 pm EST
well, do tell the about the epiphany of change and what is the path of life forward... asks a curious mind who cares about you, even though we have never met. i
Chits Crew
6-19-2023 5:35 pm EST
oh... then why did you leave our gang, you know its blood in blood out...
Chits Crew
6-19-2023 9:46 am EST
check your DMs
6-19-2023 7:04 am EST
Well you be back to the top in no time...
6-16-2023 9:27 pm EST
Ippon sucks :)
Vince Lynch
6-10-2023 4:19 pm EST
Ippon beats GNP?
6-9-2023 6:55 am EST
6-5-2023 12:06 pm EST
Love me some fat boy lovin
Chits Crew
6-4-2023 8:08 pm EST
http://www.mmarmy.com/fighter_stats.php?id=1773137 he's comin for you!!!
Heart FC
6-4-2023 4:17 pm EST
make it so you can sign a 1 fight contract in prel
Chits Crew
6-3-2023 9:04 pm EST
cant we all just get along
6-3-2023 12:37 pm EST
No the story your mother told me after she paid me was pretty accurate.
6-2-2023 2:12 pm EST
Are you even any good at this game chumpy? Heard you were terrible then found a glitch to take advantage of then quit like a bitch when the glitch was fixed. Sounds like you ran like a bitch.
5-30-2023 2:16 pm EST
Bring it on a Chumpy!
Heart FC
5-26-2023 4:00 pm EST
Call me "Chubby, the natty GOAT"
Heart FC
5-21-2023 3:37 am EST
Its the spice. The SPICE MELANGE.
Chits Crew
5-19-2023 7:46 pm EST
i hate starting over, but...n I'm older wiser now
5-18-2023 9:59 am EST
The man the myth the Legend.. yes broski shit ticking over don't get much free time nowadays
Chits Crew
5-16-2023 8:04 pm EST
Chubby! I miss you
5-14-2023 3:45 pm EST
Champ of what? I owned dudes like you before I left and you only became good when the game was near death.
5-13-2023 11:04 pm EST
I am seeing a lot of talking and no action !!!!
Heart FC
5-9-2023 3:48 pm EST
What happened to all you Ontario donks coming out to see me. I got my own place now, I live around the corner from a JJ school. MMARMY meet up summer 2023.
10-2-2022 3:47 pm EST
Where did he go?
10-2-2022 11:26 am EST
What are you on about fatass?
9-10-2022 11:34 am EST
Did you fix the issue?
1988 Top Team
5-27-2022 7:39 am EST
u gonna make a comeback?
4 Lokos Fight Club
12-29-2021 11:00 pm EST
What up
Heart FC
12-26-2021 2:45 am EST
12-10-2021 10:32 am EST
What no bants? this is a chubby imposter :)
11-30-2021 12:35 pm EST
Word on the street is you have stepped back out of retirement to educate us :) Great to have you back
NorthernLights Out
11-23-2021 8:45 pm EST
8-19-2021 11:30 pm EST
Yes Bro your Back
Rich Haney
No Pain Train
7-31-2021 1:58 pm EST
I saw some where you said chief isnt running the game? Who is nowadays?
Heart FC
7-4-2021 10:03 am EST
This shit is fucking tedious. Make it actually a game its 2021.
6-15-2021 12:25 pm EST
Hey there bud. The kangaroo court are telling me they unbanned you from the SB. You need to come back.
5-14-2021 4:21 am EST
Yo, come back to the game. Don't let em get you down. We'll get you back in that SB where you belong. Don't worry.
5-13-2021 6:33 am EST
You have gone very quiet?
4-19-2021 4:30 pm EST
Breast or Rump :)
4-14-2021 12:52 am EST
First day back at work today in 5 months.... well this is gonna be fun
4-13-2021 5:04 am EST
Lazy Build bahh humbug :)
NorthernLights Out
4-12-2021 10:39 am EST
Glad that the Gestapo has let you back to the forums.
4-11-2021 3:09 pm EST
Check the forums
4-10-2021 12:11 am EST
Yeah chuuby, MMArtist is hard to figure out and may be broken. I like to trying something on it sometimes. I will have answers in one month on what i tried to do as build. Will see.
4-8-2021 4:29 am EST
Chin up Chubby
Team One Punch
4-6-2021 12:43 pm EST
I'm not a mod lol
4-6-2021 4:56 am EST
Hey buddy, we miss you in HQ. Total BS. I've said so a million times but get ignored. I didn't realize you couldnt read your PMs on the forums either so i'll stop messaging you there. I thought you just couldnt post.
4-3-2021 1:35 pm EST
I just wanted to say good luck and we're all counting on you.
4-2-2021 4:31 pm EST
Keep hanging on
Miyata Gym
4-1-2021 6:59 pm EST
Hacked? Check out the beautifully themed fighter uniforms. I'm back, baby.
Heart FC
3-29-2021 11:02 am EST
Your account has been banned or locked. This is a permanent ban. If the Administrator has specified a reason for this ban, you will find it below.
Heart FC
3-25-2021 3:50 pm EST
I'm a record setter.
Mister Judo
3-25-2021 10:56 am EST
I don’t wanna post it on your wall, I’ll pm you on the forums!
3-24-2021 2:50 pm EST
I am going to stop trying to reason with these dudes on the boards for a while. It's becoming less about you more about defending the decision. I think I am doing more harm than good tbh. I hope you stay active on the game my dude and time will heal all, you'll be back.
Mister Judo
3-24-2021 1:41 pm EST
Hey man, I think I found a major piece to Mmartist that you’re not using. If you’re oure curious let me know!
3-23-2021 9:16 am EST
Any progress on you returning to the boards?
Heart FC
3-22-2021 8:22 pm EST
Who can say where the road goes, Where the day flows, only time. And who can say if your love grows, As your heart chose, only time.
Heart FC
3-22-2021 5:56 am EST
This game is as balanced as a Swiss watch.
3-20-2021 8:27 am EST
Dunno man. It's Kafkaesque, this.
The Captain
Bay Bombers
3-20-2021 7:17 am EST
It's double mmartist every time for the Quarter Chub. Easy mode.
3-20-2021 6:34 am EST
I finally found someone willing to give me a "reason" for your ban (I won't say who for confidentiality reasons). They said (paraphrasing) you "made some people quit". They will not tell me who you made quit. Any idea what that is all about?
Heart FC
3-20-2021 6:29 am EST
Chief will you unban me please. I never got closure on our MMARTIST conversation.
Mister Judo
3-17-2021 6:39 pm EST
Your poor math explains your real life success. Ask mom to get you the calculator.
3-17-2021 7:58 am EST
can you pass a message onto julian assange #FreeChubby
Mister Judo
3-16-2021 4:18 pm EST
700 active wins!? That’s incredible!! How many active losses you have champ!?
3-16-2021 12:25 pm EST
You getting unbanned on the forum or what? It isn't the same without you.
Heart FC
3-16-2021 8:59 am EST
There is a difference between Random and using Specific weight class recruitment. Don't believe anyone but me.
Mister Judo
3-15-2021 4:53 am EST
ill keep not understanding the game at rank #1 and winning efc gold every day. You keep retiring in tier 2. You should copy captain! He seemed to figure it out pretty quick
Mister Judo
3-14-2021 7:04 pm EST
Dude was 4 years old and his highest stat was 3 stars. I think I’ll kick it in prel for a bit. Could bump him down to tier 2 though like your 11 year olds I suppose
Mister Judo
3-14-2021 7:04 pm EST
Dude was 4 years old and his highest stat was 3 stars. I think I’ll kick it in prel for a bit. Could bump him down to tier 2 though like your 11 year olds I suppose
3-13-2021 9:12 am EST
Nope, no one on the boards will say. I have asked several times and it's always responses like "lol, don't you know" "he deserved it" or something. Never an actual reason.
3-10-2021 1:41 pm EST
Yo wtf did they do to you on the boards? You ok?
3-8-2021 7:42 am EST
Defo destined for Number 1 in the charts :)
Mister Judo
3-8-2021 2:57 am EST
Oh I’m happily taken! I wouldn’t let your mom hear that though... look how giving age is for a loser like you! Imagine what she’d do for a real man like me...
Mister Judo
3-6-2021 5:12 pm EST
Lol actually my job is almost exclusively male hires due to the physical nature of it. Cute of you to google it though. Somebody has to have sex with the women you’re unable too!
Mister Judo
3-6-2021 4:22 pm EST
You like to point out my job title for some reason lol. I’d do the same if you’d ever get a job I guess. I played with many styles. Started with pg, played Cs for a bit, discovered Fs before it changed then when chief made a Judo style yes I obviously switched to that. Might be hard for you to understand but martial arts are a real thing and I happen to have trained judo and done in most my life. I’m sure if there was a style where your mom did everything then you’d do that.
Mister Judo
3-6-2021 4:03 am EST
Cool you challenge all (not the case) how come you have people retiring in starting tier yet try to call me a crusher? I suppose that’s ok because you’re trying to learn a new style. Copy that Viking camp. He’s doing better than you ever managed. Must be because you’re juggling you’re busy personal life
Mister Judo
3-5-2021 5:37 pm EST
You’re full of shit lol. I have a screenshot where your 3 1-4 year olds didn’t challenge me but your 4 7-11 year olds had sent them to it. If you’re going to be a coward and crush dont point the fingers at others who don’t lol. Don’t throw stone chubby when you have the biggest glass house in the game
Mister Judo
3-5-2021 7:36 am EST
When you spam my 0 year old challenges with your five 8-12 year olds in starting tier but don’t challenge me with your other 1-3 year olds that’s attempted crushing. Fighters should not be in that tier at that age at all.
Mister Judo
3-4-2021 6:39 pm EST
Do I lose on purpose or drop when I can? Which one you going with? When my age or stats are as horrendously crushing like yourself then you can point a finger at me. Until then please keep feeding me wins with a style that’s supposed to beat me
2-27-2021 5:04 pm EST
barney mcgrew, is light on his feet... float like a butterfly sting like a bee
2-26-2021 8:07 am EST
pew pew barney mcgrew
2-19-2021 6:54 pm EST
logical semantics......
2-18-2021 7:24 pm EST
ERRR..... I think I prefer the strange words...
Smooth Jesus
2-18-2021 11:03 am EST
Chubby you have the best shittiest fighters in the game! #LFCdomination
2-16-2021 11:41 am EST
Sit and Stay...there a goodfella...biscuit time?
2-14-2021 8:21 am EST
kathwack!! nungnungnungnungnung.......Who let the five-year-old lose on my camp wall...
Mister Judo
2-14-2021 3:57 am EST
Blame Canada for your shitty camp then. Also those weren’t drums you were hearing in the night, it was me banging your mom
2-7-2021 4:24 pm EST
The only thing I promise my fighter is I will turn them into Thugs
2-6-2021 8:48 am EST
....... zlonk I have referenced this word, and even with your sausage fingers, you could not have hit Z instead of B puzzling......
2-4-2021 8:47 am EST
OOhhh my learnings of the Art of War are paying off :)
1-29-2021 1:54 pm EST
"Bonk" What is this Timmy Malet? UK reference
1-20-2021 4:30 am EST
Nope, it's when I whop you!!! :) Your Camp page is better reading than the Art of War
1-18-2021 7:59 am EST
I can tell when I beat you cause I always get a comment :) This brings happiness and Joy....
Heart FC
12-23-2020 7:54 pm EST
Judo fights his fighters down in T1 with a style he has run for 15 years. He says the problem with the game is people not fighting. He thinks he is good because he can win in T1. He thinks he is good because he takes a fighter who has no businesses being good and cherry picks and cheats his way to a record he likes. He never had a record like this before. Way to keep the game honest.
Mister Judo
12-18-2020 4:45 pm EST
Ya it literally is. Take some time away from your busy eventful life and put a magnify glass on my camp all you want. No one talks shot about my style or etiquettes but you and you do based off jealousy.
Mister Judo
12-18-2020 4:17 am EST
Well ya see chubs this games rank system is broken so instead of ducking or sitting out and cooking fighters like yourself I’m trying new things. It’s rather annoying when your 38-10 fighter of the same age as my 85-37 out ranks me even though I have greater efc success. So instead of sitting out until they’re 5 or having them take unnecessary losses that ruin their rank in game years down the road I’m trying new things to stay as active yet fight similar age and started fighters, take n
Heart FC
12-15-2020 9:26 am EST
Its strange. Almost every fight that I lose by decision now has the stanza "Fighter fires a haymaker but misses and spins himself around". It is across all my camps. No matter what style I use, no matter what style I am facing. Without fail that stanza comes up.
12-7-2020 8:12 pm EST
Vinnie Caldwell is a lovely fella, he makes a cracking cuppa as well.
10-28-2020 3:56 pm EST
your point? no clue how many cams you run nor do i care
Stuart Ullman
Bomb First
10-26-2020 10:54 am EST
Not sure what I did to get on your list, but I'm sorry. Have a great day.
4 Lokos Fight Club
10-24-2020 9:38 am EST
yeah ill plan to play until i get bored lol. I've been on and off this game a couple times
4 Lokos Fight Club
10-23-2020 8:10 am EST
oh lol, No i dont know them
10-23-2020 3:33 am EST
In my mind, GSP is the pure MMArtist (wrest + box), and nick diaz the perfect PyP (boxing + JJ). You may be wright about JJ in MMA but i got the same kind of result with no training it as far i remenber
4 Lokos Fight Club
10-22-2020 4:00 pm EST
Was that a joke? Whose pink taco?
10-22-2020 1:21 am EST
Yeah, but i think MMA works better than PyP. I find nothing which work for PyP. Maybe i should retry boxing+JJ for it but it failed bad last time. boxing + JJ for PyP and Boxing + wrestling for MMA make sense since they both are complementary style.
10-21-2020 4:04 am EST
Look at that fight ! http://www.mmarmy.com/legend_fight_display.php?id=28361
10-21-2020 4:02 am EST
http://www.mmarmy.com/fighter_display.php?id=1591529 http://www.mmarmy.com/fighter_display.php?id=1573113 http://www.mmarmy.com/fighter_display.php?id=1538259 i have a couple others but thats among my best
10-19-2020 6:34 pm EST
Big chubstar, thanks bro! Just waiting for the inevitable losing streak... he is not following the camp game plan... you almost have 40k fights og!
10-9-2020 10:24 am EST
Hello Im not New but i have played at 4/5 years at MMArmy
Master Oda
Tokugawa Dojo
10-9-2020 7:38 am EST
Thanks man 2008 was when I started training mediocre fighters lol. Team GTFOH is my other team I started back in 2017, I forgot my log in info for these accounts and just got back into them yesterday!
Sannyas Pingo
Academia Sannyasins
10-5-2020 6:16 am EST
I am waiting for more information.
9-30-2020 11:38 pm EST
stick to the roots lol you showed me
Sannyas Pingo
Academia Sannyasins
9-30-2020 8:53 am EST
I'm nobody.
Camp Lankenstein
9-28-2020 8:12 pm EST
For sure, ill join. Recently moved and couldnt get internet for a month so i'll need get new some recruits going but i should be back to speed in no time.
NorthernLights Out
9-12-2020 4:21 am EST
Care to explain beyond that? Thats quite the wild accusation to be making.
NorthernLights Out
9-11-2020 6:42 pm EST
Why so salty? Seriously.
9-11-2020 2:28 pm EST
ill have whatever you're smoking :)
9-2-2020 3:48 pm EST
pumpkin eater
8-22-2020 7:29 pm EST
I see you
5-2-2019 5:59 am EST
I'm lost in the sauce, bro. So many new styles since I last played.
5-1-2019 5:30 pm EST
Still going strong, I see. Nice!
4-25-2019 5:11 am EST
Sure what i gotta do?
12-15-2018 9:26 am EST
Hey bro
10-18-2018 11:41 am EST
Hey buddy can you submit some guys for the event? Rosters due tomorrow, thanks!
10-14-2018 9:21 pm EST
Its all good bud, even if i don't retain your the number 1 contender. Shit happens in this game.
9-5-2018 11:17 am EST
lol chubs. To shook. Didn't even realise my guy was in efc, which shows you how much I play these days.
6-9-2018 4:49 am EST
Chubby check in on forum. WC Event is beginning and check your PM.
Sadaharu Oh Dojo
4-20-2018 3:46 pm EST
Sorry, busy AF and dead phone. Back now.
3-15-2018 12:36 pm EST
Too bad unless someone is your camps nationality, the AH is so damn expensive my guy from my other camp cost 350 down from like 1.5 mil at the point im at I could 3 pieces of equipment for 1.5 mil lol
1-1-2018 4:29 am EST
Always fun fights bud :)
Chris Hansen
15 and Under
9-17-2017 1:42 pm EST
check your forum PMs please, I guarantee it will be worth your time.
Jeremy Carlson
Pacifica Sportfighting
9-9-2017 11:20 pm EST
Hey, could you take the fight against David Reid? Thanks in advance
6-24-2017 7:27 am EST
and thanks* for the aldrich fight
6-24-2017 7:26 am EST
and for the aldrich fight !
6-24-2017 7:26 am EST
Yo chubb! i gonna run a legend event and it would be great if you could you enter a team for ! It s called clash of legion; check the forum for more info
5-26-2017 1:22 pm EST
Chubbs, same thing for Ancil Jordan, we're short on EFC MWs, and your guys are the best fit for it.
Rock Hard MMA
12-26-2016 5:24 pm EST
sorry man i missed that EFC shot i took a normal fight because i wasnt active last reset
6-6-2016 4:46 am EST
Don't forget Kumite recruiting starts today! Please recruit a HWT either this reset of next and post in the forums.
4-3-2016 11:04 am EST
Chubby KoK has started check the forum bud!
3-24-2016 6:54 pm EST
Hey Chubbs check the forum you have a guy that's up for the alliance fights plus you need to sign your guys up for KoK4. Thanks man!
420 Fight Club
12-30-2015 1:21 pm EST
hey fag butt, its me vs you in the legends tourney. Send the fight meat boy.
11-22-2015 11:38 pm EST
What do you mean? I never went anywhere. I just wanted to talk to you about builds n stuff.
The Domain
11-11-2015 8:47 am EST
Thanks for the fight GL! - Jerry Hansen
10-29-2015 10:26 pm EST
Yup. I saw that you went for the belt instead. Thanks for being hella cool too. Some people on here are DicksDicks
10-29-2015 6:51 pm EST
Can we fight please? even if you whoop my ass. Just looking for a fight
10-24-2015 6:49 pm EST
Ok thanks
10-23-2015 4:35 am EST
cool would be interested bro
10-22-2015 1:54 pm EST
hey bro .. heard your alliance looking for new peeps?
The Rated R Star
New World Order
9-27-2015 6:29 pm EST
Its all good bro
9-26-2015 11:11 am EST
Nah Chubby, I never decline a fight unless I'm in line for a title fight.
Welsh Warriors
7-9-2015 12:24 am EST
What fighter and who do I need to challenge as I'm in work so won't be for about 10 hours yet
Efrain Dario
Head Bangers
4-17-2015 1:59 pm EST
Please join my tournament, it's called Bushido Pride Grand Prix.
The Akuma
2-24-2015 2:59 pm EST
Just got the 4th finish on my iron chin event guy. Hey man, Phreako is up in LOA, when you get a chance, got a fight with Jarnohs guy.
2-22-2015 3:52 pm EST
Are you still in WDoA?
2-22-2015 6:11 am EST
Kamogawa Gym
2-4-2015 6:10 pm EST
dude, totally peanut butter and jealous.
Takamura Gym
2-3-2015 8:05 pm EST
i didn't get your comment?
Takamura Gym
12-24-2014 11:48 pm EST
i'm a purist. this is my ptp camp. i'll use ippon if needed, but i like to roll with ptp. i have issues.
12-23-2014 7:53 am EST
that dude started off really bad, was a great trainer. Tried him out again and he shot up the rankings
Takamura Gym
12-20-2014 4:48 pm EST
yea, i got lucky and nabbed one of those special recruits everyone is raving about!
12-11-2014 4:39 am EST
Send any challenge that you might have, good Buddy. We have always had some mighty good battles.
11-26-2014 3:01 pm EST
lol lol cant wait bro gnp your ass back. :)
11-25-2014 5:37 am EST
on and off with this camp but getting back into it.
11-25-2014 5:21 am EST
:) Isle of Man flag i think
11-24-2014 4:15 pm EST
english or welsh or what ever you lol worst cuss bro
11-21-2014 3:50 am EST
Itagaki Gym
11-12-2014 3:23 pm EST
thanks bro. i know he's good. just a run of bad luck. luckily, he seems to have a good chin and submission defense. so there's hope for him yet.
Mister Judo
9-29-2014 8:05 am EST
The true goat has almost returned to form. Soon il finish ya don't worry lol
ChiChis Grande
Locos Vatos
9-26-2014 6:43 pm EST
7-27-2014 4:38 am EST
Thats it Chubby, calling my fighters bums..... The War is on LOL. Turbo
Diamond Danny
Flesh Rocket MMA
6-20-2014 6:30 pm EST
Hello Heart FC. You seem like a good fit for a gang I'm trying to create. We aren't your average gang either. We like to play with trains, eat cake, and listen to the finest metal from the 80's. Do you like Saigon Kick? Those dudes rock faces! Oh I also like Tora Tora also. Tora Tora totally puts boots to pooters.
Sick Puppy MMA
6-15-2014 1:48 am EST
Thats all right because when shes doing her thing Im at your house throat fucking your mom. When she tucks you in and gives you a good night kiss, thats my cum you taste son.
Sick Puppy MMA
6-14-2014 12:44 am EST
LOL right, its my fault that you refused to fight a champ twice in the last 2 resets. Are you just terrified of me or are there other camps that cause you to puss out and refuse to fight when theyre up for a shot?
420 Fight Club
6-13-2014 3:53 pm EST
Wheelchair Assassin AKA The Gout White Hope AKA Kid Pussy Ho ducks my rightful #1 challenger for the 5th time in 2 weeks. May2383.
420 Fight Club
6-13-2014 3:51 pm EST
Another fucking duck. You must be absolutely terrified of me. LOL fucking pussy.
Sick Puppy MMA
6-13-2014 1:35 am EST
When you sit your champ out instead of defending its still a duck pussy. Scared as fuck to fight me when its not a stat rape. Straight up bitch.
Sick Puppy MMA
6-7-2014 6:49 pm EST
Forgot to defend again LOL. Such a fucking coward.
Sick Puppy MMA
6-7-2014 12:06 am EST
If I suck so bad why do you duck me when you dont have a massive stat advantage? Pussy.
5-7-2014 10:51 am EST
musical belts. Thanks.
5-1-2014 5:21 am EST
Chubby you're stopping me getting #1 'cause of Gabe
Spit Fire
4-30-2014 12:02 pm EST
Hey, we don't know each other but I use to play this game and to be honest its the best I love it! I forgot my login to the forum but I'm just looking for an update of the game and whether or not its still worth playing? I know a lot of people left but I still have hope. If you could be so kind as to get me back up to speed of what's going on I would greatly appreciate it.
4-24-2014 7:52 pm EST
Nice swap of belts there bro. Yeah zeke whooped that ass :)
4-22-2014 8:09 am EST
You mean i need to be more selective in terms of weight? I recruit trying to get big cutters but some guys don't cut and some medium cutters have good starting stats.
4-19-2014 6:15 pm EST
what style are you thinking of switching to?
4-19-2014 12:51 pm EST
one of these days my fighters will be good enough to beat your beasts on a consistent basis
4-15-2014 8:46 pm EST
hey man I have a few left over tokens so I sent a couple challenges to Chin Inspector, just trying 3 different style set ups. I think Chin Inspector is probably the best ever.
4-11-2014 3:49 pm EST
Well, you have beat my boy Tito twice in the past. Let's go again for the Glory Strap!
4-6-2014 9:06 am EST
Chubby can you put your best fighters into the KOK2 Event i posted on the forum. It's an event for the best fighters ever and Hector Rios and others should be in it. Also Title shot for you this reset. Thanks
3-22-2014 8:58 am EST
How does Flying Subs do vs PTP?
3-12-2014 4:51 pm EST
damn you and you ptp split dec wins...much love tho bro--- amped
3-12-2014 4:21 pm EST
Chubb get in my journeyman tourney...see forum for details
Mister Judo
3-3-2014 4:07 pm EST
U missed a title shot - ko me
2-21-2014 10:56 am EST
Its tough when your 165-185 beast is fighting 275 lb beasts
2-21-2014 5:25 am EST
Think Duane was tired, just retiring and all. Good fight. Get a guy in the tourney Chub.
Sick Puppy MMA
2-19-2014 8:07 am EST
Guess who's back meat truck? Prepare to get dominated. Ill be seeing you soon fat boy.
2-17-2014 3:37 pm EST
Your avatar scared the shit out of me, thought i was seeing things...
2-15-2014 6:12 pm EST
Hector "The Chin Inspector " Rios has been invited to participate in the MMArmy Legend Invitational 2014.
2-11-2014 4:46 pm EST
deleting comments after I read them is just something I do.....no offense meant.
2-6-2014 2:16 pm EST
Lee was the best i ever had, it's a shame i couldn't get him to #1
1-17-2014 12:35 pm EST
I've sent you a message on the forum Chub, i need you to respond
1-17-2014 12:32 pm EST
Chubby i've made 64 man tournament in the tab over there
1-17-2014 12:32 pm EST
Chubby i've made 64 man tournament in the tab over there
1-2-2014 8:22 pm EST
thanks for the fight
1-2-2014 6:56 pm EST
Very good event starting soon in the main forum of the game. Sign up Chubby. - Chief
12-24-2013 8:07 am EST
Merry Christmas Chubby
donnie brasco
Hardknocks MMA
12-22-2013 6:44 am EST
I'll move up and fight MW but def not HW.
12-16-2013 3:02 pm EST
Thanks for the advice
Truly Hated Criminals
THC Wolfpack
10-24-2013 10:37 am EST
Whats up dude. This is the artist formerly known as Sharky. Want some veteran camps like the THC alliance camp?
10-23-2013 12:32 pm EST
Chubby - we need you to enter TUF 3 mate, can you put x2 fighters in mate ?
9-25-2013 3:42 am EST
Thanks bro! Going to see if he can live up to Hector's status!
9-14-2013 7:51 am EST
Why isn't this game popular anymore :(
Ryan Wallace
Canadian Top Team
9-3-2013 7:04 pm EST
Going to be hard to stick around. There's no challenges and I simply can't get any of my guys over. Not sure if I'm missing something but whatever I'm doing isn't working.
8-29-2013 6:31 pm EST
Yeah, I used a few Breaking Bad nicknames for Walt White for awhile. He just sucks so bad, but I can't bear to cut him!
Lyle Humphreys
Stand Up Camp
8-16-2013 1:01 pm EST
You guys should play a real MMA manager game, www.mmatycoon.com
8-7-2013 2:03 am EST
Lol I see, I've looked, hector was kick ass good
8-7-2013 2:01 am EST
Nice one, why was hector good lol
7-27-2013 11:56 pm EST
Come on man, get in the WDOA TUF torny, thats an order lol
7-20-2013 3:11 am EST
na its ok bro LHW div is weak thought it was the only way to get to Number 1 good fun trying
7-4-2013 11:28 pm EST
Congratulations on five thousand wins!
6-28-2013 5:40 pm EST
Cool thanks chub
6-28-2013 4:24 pm EST
Does 5 mill equipment make that big difference?
6-27-2013 4:47 pm EST
For sure, hope it will be bad ass.
6-27-2013 8:58 am EST
Thanks for the fight Chubbs...I am revamping the Kentucky FC camp...going with a different style. Sorta an experiment...thanks bro! \
6-3-2013 11:06 pm EST
Lol yeah will have a think mate. Yeah Pistols at Dawn and Brawl for it All I think the first 2 where...will take a look through the Hall of Fame
4-9-2013 9:18 pm EST
You fucked up my guys tonight there Chub!!
3-2-2013 4:10 pm EST
for sure...i don't deny fight requests even when im at disadvantage...i don't want paperchamps in my 2 camps (c0bra kai and nw0)
2-9-2013 10:05 am EST
We Will Fight & We Will Fight Spain are in Alliance with each other! So don't bitch about cheating pussies
1-24-2013 5:54 pm EST
No worries. :D
Judoku USA
1-20-2013 3:56 pm EST
Not sure yet. Still testing.
1-19-2013 7:13 pm EST
He had a 3 win streak. Like hell i sit on titles, not my fault guys i challenge don't log in to fight.
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
1-17-2013 9:17 am EST
I do not think moving your MW to LHW will make the challenge come out. I tried the same. There are still only 5 guys to send it to as it will not send it to 2 of your fighters. Maybe it will work though. lol
Heart FC
1-16-2013 6:51 pm EST
I thought you'd never be back@!! I was so scared.
Humphrey LLC
12-22-2012 3:56 pm EST
Thank you.
Humphrey LLC
12-21-2012 3:47 pm EST
Hey, I gotta question if you can help. All of your guys are like 4 plus stars and age is a lot lower than mine. Is that because of equipment?
12-14-2012 8:10 am EST
Sweet bro. sure we will have some good fights in the next couple of months
12-9-2012 4:06 pm EST
Lol there has to be a stoppage soon you would think haha
Humphrey LLC
12-8-2012 5:05 pm EST
Thanks lol
12-7-2012 3:38 pm EST
Oh my event is for legend fights. So its just the best of the retired guys.
The White Tigers
12-4-2012 4:04 pm EST
Hey it's not my fault it's a glitch on the game, don't blame me for something that should have been addressed by the programmers of the game since the very beginning, like 4 years ago.
11-17-2012 3:57 am EST
11-14-2012 10:26 am EST
Lol damm chubster you just cant beat my guys at the moment. Im on a roll lol
9-20-2012 10:42 pm EST
Well ive had pure HKK for a while, so kinda getting bored of it, so gonna build a hybrid which offers lots of different styles. Wrestling/Sambo/JJ/Cond/Strength/Flex as the 1st few, maybe add a few more if that bores me :D
9-20-2012 12:02 pm EST
Im building a whole new style base for my camp, as you have fought my other camp when youve been at a style disadvantage, i guess i jumped the gun a little with my criticism
9-12-2012 1:06 pm EST
LOL Bruth pissing myself with comment, never mind Sftf should be spit bucket duty> Turbo
gate master
push off me
9-9-2012 4:53 pm EST
Title Fight
9-9-2012 10:08 am EST
Wow, Your challenges are pathetic, and reading below it seems as if u do it all the time!! Stat and Style rapes all in one! Impressive!!
8-7-2012 7:01 pm EST
You have no idea what I would or wouldn't say to your face. I just just might tell you to suck it and then piss on your shoes for all you know
8-7-2012 8:17 am EST
no need for that i can already figure out your a fool without meeting you in person. oh and just thought id point out that my fighter was also UNDEFEATED on a LONGER winning streak and HADN'T sat out several resets, so the unbeaten shit is a cop out.
8-7-2012 5:23 am EST
ok man write off your bad play as what you want you pulled shit and that is that at least man up and admit it scrub. Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 7 bullshit is bullshit at any level.
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
6-15-2012 6:03 pm EST
Thanks man!
Heart FC
6-9-2012 12:35 pm EST
Heart FC now has its first 5 bar equipment.
6-7-2012 6:46 am EST
LOL, you are dumb as fuck kid. Why would I duck your shitty camps? I KO your FSer with my 8pters silly. I dont fight any camps that play like pussies, Yours included. Keep living in your fantasy world dumbass.
6-6-2012 7:38 am EST
And like I told you before, I made the decision to not fight your camps a long time before you decided to get lippy b/c I noticed that #1 I never got any challenges from you that werent style or stat rapes, and #2 I would accept some of your rapes but you consistantly would duck my challenges where you didnt have a huge advantage. You play how you want, just keep your bullshit off of my walls if you cant handle the truth thrown back at you son.
6-6-2012 7:28 am EST
It took me 5 minutes to scroll thru some of your fighters records to see how you play. Its not rocket science. Funny thing is, had you never talked shit on my wall after I KOed one of your FS bitches with an 8pters, I would have left you alone and not pointed out how you play like a coward. Next time you wanna call someone a ducker, you better make sure your camp isnt full of them genius. You want me to keep chewing you up, keep posting on my walls.
6-4-2012 10:20 am EST
You dont think people have a problem with you challenging day old guys with your 12 year olds in tier 1? You are a fool. The reason you dont here about it more is because your camp is fucking garbage even though you try so hard to stat and style crush. If you ever get a consistant flow of EFC fighters, people will notice you completely duck certain styles and only send challenges when you have a massive stat advantage. Its hilarious that you play like a bitch and still suck at this game tho.
6-4-2012 7:40 am EST
Anything you say puss boy.
6-4-2012 5:31 am EST
LOL at this pussy with his 3.75 stats in tier 1 challenging 1 day old fighters!!! You duck like a ho, and you stat and style crush like a chicken shit bitch. Fuck off puss boy.
Sick Puppy MMA
5-7-2012 6:15 am EST
LOL, keep talking. You duck GnPers constantly and I blew your cover b/c you were ignorant enough to claim I was ducking your weak ass fighters. BTW, its not ducking, its a blacklist, I dont fight any shitty coaches who play like cowards. Still laughing at no GnPers challenging your shitballs.
Sick Puppy MMA
5-5-2012 12:08 pm EST
Youre a ducking bitch and a style and stat crushing pussy. I dont even check challenges from any of your camps because I already know its a Caranogirl type challenge. Oh, and LOL at no GnPers challenge your weak ass fighters. Guess that also makes youa lying scumbag too. I got 4 camps, do yourself a favor and dont even bother sending challenges. I dont fight pussies like you.
4-30-2012 1:06 pm EST
yeah no doubt, thanks for the fight
4-6-2012 3:52 pm EST
Good fight
4-5-2012 6:48 pm EST
Mister Judo
3-18-2012 11:34 am EST
lol im just starting a friendly rivalry. come at me bro!
jimmy chin wynn
2-5-2012 3:29 pm EST
thanks for the shot champ
1-30-2012 4:43 pm EST
hmmm...i do wish to be cool like you but i'm already in an alliance
1-30-2012 11:37 am EST
then umm... why is he set at LHW?
1-17-2012 12:11 pm EST
Down to you v me for the last spot in the semis bro - good luck
sportfight academy
12-20-2011 4:16 pm EST
awesome fights man for me n e way haha . no but they were exciting battles
sportfight academy
12-19-2011 10:45 pm EST
Hey man whats up with the tourney? when do they fight?
12-18-2011 1:46 pm EST
2 of mine & 2 of his. lets go
12-18-2011 11:45 am EST
Yes I am. Idgaf really just didnt get the reason behind it to begin with. You can fight my boyfriend he understands this shit better im still tryin to figure it out
sportfight academy
12-18-2011 9:58 am EST
Like i said man its not that serious my girl was a little offended but it was all in fun . i dont do tourneys really but im down if you wanna set it up as for records i just dont believe you can have an all time record like yours without a good bit of paddin On this game . im sure this aint your first camp but whats the point if your not even making competitive matchups ?
sportfight academy
12-18-2011 7:35 am EST
Couple typos cuz predictive txt on my phone but its not that serious bro just don't be rude to my. girl
sportfight academy
12-18-2011 7:30 am EST
Shit if you near or in Vegas come down and ill choke you out live modified if not then ill settle for fkn up your guys. Padded ass records. It really doesn't matter what you think or say its the way you said it. How you gonna tell someone they aren't a girl?to set you straight pink tacos is my gf's camp that she startted after she kept taking over my campsites it is possible for girls to Enjoy mmarmy.
12-17-2011 9:48 pm EST
Do u really have nothing better to do but play this game n talk shit to random people? Grow up dude there's more to life than the internet n playing with yourself. Sorry your life sucks.
sportfight academy
12-17-2011 1:07 pm EST
why you talkin shit bro?
12-16-2011 11:04 pm EST
What's ur problem? Just because you've never seen a vagina doesn't mean I don't have one! ;)
12-10-2011 4:56 am EST
Ye dude good fights
11-19-2011 12:43 pm EST
no dude he fights shitty at 185 i dont know y?like the w8 cut kills him or soemthing.
El Charrua
Mauro Canaris
10-25-2011 12:48 pm EST
thanks. Good luck with your fighter.
10-7-2011 11:37 am EST
Hey man, Thanks for the fight and it was a good one. I'll be glad to give you a rematch next reset.
10-1-2011 1:28 pm EST
Thanks man...you got a pretty nice camp going. My guys record is nice but its been all luck. Im out of town for the year and can only play on my phone. To make it worse i cant retire my fighters or send challenges. So i just have to wait for challenges, really sucks getting stripped of your belts because nobody will send you a challenge. Lol
Welsh Warriors
9-26-2011 9:38 am EST
OK mate - you need to register to the forum and send me a private message, you will find me as b33rm0n5t3r. I can then forward your details to get you added to our WDoA sub forum. When you get access take a look at the posts and introduce yourself - cheers m8
Welsh Warriors
9-24-2011 9:50 pm EST
My alliance is currently recruiting active coaches, I think you would be a good addition to the team. You would have access to our forum which we would expect to post on a regular basis. I run all the on house tourneys and we have a lot of experiences coaches who you can share hints and tips and help to generally make the game more enjoyable. Let me know what you think.
8-21-2011 7:07 pm EST
one more match i will win
Head Smashers
6-13-2011 9:16 am EST
Once again I am victorious!!!!!! It cannot be bullshit this time my friend.
Head Smashers
6-11-2011 11:17 am EST
Ha! Dont hate. Congratulate! Smashed ya!