Alans Wolf Pack

Last Online - Sunday 23rd of June 2024
Display Name Slymanz
Member Since Feb 15, 2010
Active Record 382-341
Overall Record 37876-30321


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420 Fight Club
6-10-2024 6:39 pm EST
Thanks man. We’ve been getting a lot of fights in lately.
Sadaharu Oh Dojo
3-11-2024 7:34 am EST
Hey bro, got an alliance event we could use you for. Hit me up.
Sadaharu Oh Dojo
1-21-2024 12:27 am EST
Alliance Event starting soon if you want to get in check the forums. Would love your help.
Mister Judo
12-2-2023 5:14 pm EST
They’re like 8 fighters in the org and 4 of them are mine, lame excuse
Heart FC
5-10-2023 6:06 pm EST
The Champ is HERE!
1-16-2023 1:50 am EST
Cheers bud :) we’ll see how long it lasts lol
1-14-2023 11:21 pm EST
Let me grow my camp i just come back! :)
Truth Top Team
1-14-2023 6:47 pm EST
Thanks for the comment on my first EFC Belt I am stoked! :)
1-1-2023 12:24 pm EST
Happy newyear bro
8-18-2022 10:53 am EST
lols the Jinx powers are real..... no ladies here
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
7-28-2022 4:36 pm EST
Damn Sly. I beat one of your guys for a belt and you have 27 lined up for the next reset. MONSTER.
5-27-2022 6:15 pm EST
Sent you a Legend fight challenge. Your guy was Leo's last match before retirement. His chance at a rematch!
5-21-2022 10:02 pm EST
Thanks for the fight
5-7-2022 10:50 am EST
This has been one of my all time favorite camps for a decade bro.
Who Knew
11-1-2021 7:28 pm EST
Sly, sign up for my event on the forums bro!
3-8-2021 2:12 am EST
haha yeh i know but others might not see it the same way XD
3-5-2021 12:23 am EST
Ive removed the nickname Altho it wasnt a racial thing
1-31-2021 7:43 pm EST
He showed up briefly in the top prospects, time will tell.. cheers for the fights
The Captain
The Fighting 15th
1-3-2021 9:52 am EST
Welcome back. Always got good fights from this, and your other camps :)
1-2-2021 2:20 am EST
Barbie dress up :D I need to up my game
8-19-2020 2:06 am EST
miss you chino, and your sexy customised fighters XD
2-14-2017 6:24 pm EST
Just noticed your comment! Thanks bud hope he doesn't let me down. Seems like those normal recruits that come with high stats become duds eventually.
Pressure MMMA
2-6-2017 10:33 am EST
Thanks for the fights today really enjoy taking on your guys, even when they kick my ass
8-6-2016 9:47 pm EST
Yeah Alan, thanks for sending all those fight to ZOmbie, you give him some trouble using Ring king against him! Your fighter is great!
7-19-2016 9:03 pm EST
thanks to you for challenging, i have 0 legend tokens, thats why i didn't send you back some, pleasure Sly!
7-18-2016 7:22 pm EST
Thanks for the bunch of legend fights Sly! Prety interesting to fight Brend !
BJ Dwinell
Team Birdman
5-28-2016 9:15 pm EST
Good fight man really good back and forth...see ya next time - Mighty Mouse
5-24-2016 8:02 am EST
Get your "Bitch" ready for a go at the EFC FW Title. See you at the PM reset.
5-2-2016 1:03 pm EST
Bring the hunt to me and you may very well become the victim of the hunted.
4-30-2016 12:33 pm EST
The "Mauler" is up for the PM shot at the Prel. belt. Get him hopped up for an ass whipping!
1-30-2016 2:35 pm EST
I am shooting up as fast as I can. The confrontation will be upon you faster than you think.
1-29-2016 5:21 am EST
I am an addict! I have no control this matter!
12-26-2011 1:22 pm EST
starts pm reset, get your fighters entered!
8-4-2011 9:03 pm EST
I hope Heath Long gets into a plane crash!
6-15-2011 7:42 pm EST
SLYMANZ - war coming up tomorrow am. roster is due tonight and im going to use one of your guys if i can. check the forums TOMORROW AM before you fight any guys in glory range.
5-31-2011 7:32 am EST
you should stop the forums and get in the upcoming season of the most hated.
3-11-2011 8:49 am EST
Don't worry about it man, think we are going to roll with the guy we have in there now.
3-11-2011 8:34 am EST
he would only need to fight 1 time but you couldn't be holding the belt during the fight. if that would be ok i'll get back to you
3-11-2011 8:22 am EST
Lol Really?!? My Bad!
3-11-2011 6:37 am EST
check comment on the big fella
3-11-2011 6:37 am EST
check comment on the big fella
12-17-2010 12:35 pm EST
last night gec title fight benson henderson vs pettis
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
11-26-2010 12:33 pm EST
great camp man. good fight again with rj. send a challenge for a rematch!
10-23-2010 2:52 am EST
np send my camps fights anytime
10-22-2010 6:09 pm EST
ok fair enough as long as you accept my fights i will accept ur future fights then and if so my bad on not giving you the shot then!!
10-8-2010 3:49 pm EST
check forum pms! we entered some of your guys in the wac, please read pm's and check the alliance forums.
9-16-2010 12:34 am EST
Thanks bigman. Hope we can lock horns again sometime.
9-10-2010 3:48 pm EST
Great camp name, Hangover rocks. They are making a new one.
6-16-2010 12:19 pm EST
JOIN ROYAL BLOOD NOW. PM HERE TO GET IN : http://www.mmarmy.com/camp_display.php?id=19107 and here as well http://www.mmarmy.com/camp_display.php?id=19467
5-26-2010 12:07 pm EST
i like your camp very well rounded fighters
Team Sharpshooters
5-15-2010 3:04 pm EST
Lol love the camp name
5-15-2010 3:45 am EST
Gotta Be One Of The Best Episodes Ever Of South Park LOL!
Conan of Cimmeria
4-11-2010 5:54 pm EST
thanks dude!
4-6-2010 12:12 pm EST
thats assuming if the guy has stats for pg
4-3-2010 3:42 pm EST
dude it works. i go sftf against evrybody execept pg
Jack Yeo Camp
3-14-2010 4:18 pm EST
yah that is the best camp name i have seen lol
3-10-2010 4:03 am EST
Nice camp name!
2-25-2010 4:17 pm EST
This should help. http://www.mmarmy.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=postlist&Board=9&page=1
2-16-2010 7:46 pm EST
love the camp name