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Last Online - Wednesday 12th of June 2024
Display Name Ahhhhhh
Member Since Sep 20, 2009
Active Record 7-8
Overall Record 23694-20145


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Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
4-26-2024 8:16 pm EST
EFC LHW is just dominated by you buddy. Nice.
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
4-20-2024 5:41 pm EST
This is my favorite camp to fight brother. Just instant battles each reset.
4-6-2024 4:17 pm EST
Jesus christ you have 37 guys in EFC LHW right now lol.
4-1-2024 5:02 am EST
Way to bully everybody on my roster 😂Good fights man
3-3-2024 4:24 pm EST
Always a pleasure man. Up for any fight and run a great camp.
2-24-2024 5:57 pm EST
Me vs you right now!!!!, i got this, thats on my mama! thats on my mama!!
2-5-2024 4:31 pm EST
2-5-2024 4:31 pm EST
1-1-2024 8:48 am EST
Cheers for all the fights broski
10-6-2023 7:25 am EST
Yessss brother!!
10-5-2023 8:36 am EST
Yesssssss you’re back!!!
9-17-2023 5:56 pm EST
Recruiting again
Who Knew
11-1-2021 7:27 pm EST
Hey AHHHHH, sign up for my event on the forums bro!
9-30-2021 5:57 pm EST
Number 1 in camp rankings again
8-16-2021 7:33 pm EST
This camp is strictly CHALLENGE ALL and DOES NOT accept title challenges below EFC level.
Cool Beans
5-31-2019 9:21 am EST
I like this little rivalry my fighters and yours have :)
Team Goat Beard
5-14-2019 2:10 pm EST
Sevastian Sidorov can easily make 125 lbs.
Team Goat Beard
5-14-2019 11:53 am EST
Have you tried Pat "FS trainer" Berry at 155 lbs? I know with certainty that 80 Desire can cut 30 lbs. I'm curious if 79 Desire can also cut 30 lbs. It's worth a try if you haven't tried yet.
4-25-2019 2:48 pm EST
No worries, just biggest individual event of the year and I get impatient lol. Hope the family stuff gets better!
4-25-2019 6:24 am EST
KoK is waiting on you bud. You have two fights to finish before we can move on to Tie Breakers. Check the forum!
Team Vegas
4-12-2019 2:43 pm EST
My laptop died yesterday and I had no way of logging on. Give me a break...
3-8-2019 8:15 am EST
Great looking fighter there in Frederick. Hoping the championship comes up for grabs as the two guys up top didn't answer challenges last reset. Maybe Atlas and Frederick swing for the belt ;) Best of luck, can't wait to see what your fighter becomes!
1-6-2019 2:11 am EST
Crazy to see a former Royal Blood brethren on top, good stuff gambygoo ;)
Marcelo Luiz Riz
Combat Team Brazil
12-24-2018 4:47 am EST
hey ma take a look in our forum that you have some fights to do for the alliance event
Chris Hansen
15 and Under
12-16-2018 2:25 am EST
hey buddy check the forums, we need you
11-30-2018 3:11 am EST
Haha yeh my work hours atm allow me to spam auto challenge both resets 😂😂
9-14-2017 5:19 pm EST
10 k win http://mmarmy.com/showfight.php?fight=6884864
Viper Fight Team is back
9-2-2017 12:40 am EST
hey im back. but blues and green rainbow gi pants will devour you' viper fight team
6-26-2017 8:28 am EST
Talking to them now...Trying to get it back
6-26-2017 4:22 am EST
What happened to DBA???
5-25-2017 4:07 am EST
Hey buddy, we need a couple of EFC guys under 200lbs for an event starting tomorrow. Do you have any?
Dublins Finest
3-31-2017 7:59 pm EST
Lol thanks, my little tribute to our mighty Lord zenex
Dublins Finest
3-31-2017 4:09 pm EST
I know doc cherry can cut, just wanted to try his hand at welterweight
Pressure MMMA
2-22-2017 8:03 am EST
Thank you for the shot very tough right-hand Ernest Corriea
Pressure MMMA
2-7-2017 8:42 am EST
Stop beating on my team fucker lol
Pressure MMMA
2-7-2017 8:42 am EST
Stop beating on my team fucker lol
Pressure MMMA
2-6-2017 7:15 pm EST
Your blue chip prospect is a beast, good fight proud of my guy for almost winning it, cheers
1-24-2017 4:49 pm EST
Hey bud you fight http://www.mmarmy.com/fighter_display.php?id=1346709 next in the Royal Rumble. Go ahead and send the challenge so Matty can accept in the morning. He's English so he's on here very early in the morning!
1-23-2017 1:15 pm EST
You are up for Alliance Event. Check event thread for your opponent.
1-1-2017 5:43 am EST
Are we the only two awake right now? I think that was 3 fights in a row!
6-3-2016 9:46 pm EST
RIP Muhammad Ali (1942-2016)
6-3-2016 7:50 pm EST
Has that always been your avatar or did you switch today since he's in the hospital?
5-16-2016 1:07 am EST
12-21-2014 3:10 pm EST
OI OI!!!
Sub N Tug FC
12-16-2014 8:44 pm EST
any interest in joining one? role started a new one are we are currently looking for new members. we mostly have returning vets such as yourself.
Sub N Tug FC
12-16-2014 7:11 pm EST
i remember you from awhile ago. are you still in mod?
2-26-2014 1:11 pm EST
2-23-2014 6:45 am EST
chiefs in charge now :)
Mister Judo
2-22-2014 10:28 am EST
yes sir :)
2-18-2014 9:41 pm EST
Cheers bud, get over to the forums :) and start fighting again, this place is under new management :)
1988 Top Team
2-3-2014 8:28 pm EST
that camp like water is a moron. when this game was well and alive he never had a #1..
Free Flow
Like Water
2-2-2014 12:43 pm EST
This isn't my only account smart one.
Free Flow
Like Water
2-2-2014 12:43 pm EST
Really? I've had numerous #1's.. lol.. WHEN THE GAME WAS FUCKING ALIVE DUMBASS! LOL
Free Flow
Like Water
1-30-2014 10:36 am EST
Nice #7's btw. Loser
Free Flow
Like Water
1-30-2014 7:30 am EST
Proof you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. There have been plenty of #1's in GEC. My guy is only 2.
8-13-2013 11:39 am EST
good to see you around
7-22-2013 2:56 am EST
Camp is looking good, man! Never surrender!
7-19-2013 10:59 pm EST
7-4-2013 8:46 pm EST
lol I do this on the side I actualy have a real fighting career
7-4-2013 8:46 pm EST
lol I do this on the side I actualy have a real fighting career
7-4-2013 8:44 pm EST
prolly not I do this for fun lol but I do fight in real life and ik youll never be as good as me XDDDDD Lamron http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&frm=1&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CDcQFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fcollinsvillepress.com%2F2012%2F12%2Fstrong-start-for-simsbury-wrestling-trojans-win-chaves-invitational%2F2857%2F&ei=PU3WUZzoMLTk4AOxu4GwBA&usg=AFQjCNE7dQWJ7Jq1Vd0hkQuJYkyiOtZVGg&sig2=G9aeC0H-MUCBm0oIfRO70g&bvm=bv.48705608,d.dmg willie valentine they mention me there n in my local
7-4-2013 8:44 pm EST
prolly not I do this for fun lol but I do fight in real life and ik youll never be as good as me XDDDDD Lamron http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&frm=1&source=web&cd=2&ved=0CDcQFjAB&url=http%3A%2F%2Fcollinsvillepress.com%2F2012%2F12%2Fstrong-start-for-simsbury-wrestling-trojans-win-chaves-invitational%2F2857%2F&ei=PU3WUZzoMLTk4AOxu4GwBA&usg=AFQjCNE7dQWJ7Jq1Vd0hkQuJYkyiOtZVGg&sig2=G9aeC0H-MUCBm0oIfRO70g&bvm=bv.48705608,d.dmg willie valentine they mention me there n in my local
7-4-2013 2:53 pm EST
that's embarrassing
6-9-2013 2:51 am EST
Shit sorry bro only just woke up! I always show online as i use an auto loader you should have just sat tight and waited....next reset
Mister Judo
4-21-2013 6:13 pm EST
u in an alliance? it would help u with ur all around game and with the "unwritten rules"
Mister Judo
4-21-2013 7:40 am EST
the criteria for title defenses are quality of wins, number of wins, activity imo. no one really defends on rank because it can be misleading
Mister Judo
4-21-2013 6:23 am EST
ur other guys the num 1 contender lol. are u on the forums much?
Mister Judo
4-15-2013 7:15 am EST
Hack codes
Anatoly Romanishin
The Kremlin Demons
4-8-2013 3:04 am EST
Thanks! I usually try to stress the good points of the guys I get rather than force onto them styles they're bad suited for.
4-5-2013 10:41 pm EST
gonna start training for sio/pg
4-2-2013 11:35 pm EST
Got bored atm, so think im gonna retire all my fighters and start again, maybe just stick with like 10 fighters to start with, havent got the interest to have 20 guys atm
3-30-2013 3:08 pm EST
old, bad camp. :(
Mister Judo
3-24-2013 5:30 am EST
I fight warren. Check the fight schedule . U gotta go back and fight a few ppl
3-22-2013 3:58 pm EST
level 5 flexibility reached
3-22-2013 3:52 pm EST
yea its cool
3-22-2013 3:25 pm EST
level 5 jiujitsu reached
3-22-2013 1:27 pm EST
deadman wonderland
marine force
3-22-2013 12:43 pm EST
hi, a question man, can u tell me the names of the fighters on your avatar? a want find this fight on youtube
deadman wonderland
marine force
3-22-2013 8:13 am EST
two wins for you, today ajaja seeya tomorrow. m agree with you, bleach lose my interest for a while, and naruto doesnt
3-20-2013 10:33 pm EST
only recruiting fighters who cut 20+ all others are useless fodder
deadman wonderland
marine force
3-20-2013 11:53 am EST
great!!! hajime no ippo, air gear, tenjou tenge,(grappler baki, new grappler baki ando baki son of ogre... amazing fights) and if you want more of all, find "Shamo" (murders, sex, drogs & rock n roll, kumite and mma fights) recomended 100%
deadman wonderland
marine force
3-19-2013 2:17 pm EST
yes actually my camps name "marine force" is from one piece manga, are you a fan "otaku"?
3-15-2013 3:02 pm EST
gonna try an see if any guys are weight cutters this reset
3-10-2013 9:05 pm EST
3000th fight
3-8-2013 11:19 am EST
BTW...nice ass!
3-8-2013 11:17 am EST
Hit me up with a PM and tell me about yourself and why DBA. Thanks for your interest! Looking forward to the PM.
3-4-2013 11:35 am EST
Itll be a 0-0 fighter so wont be too reliant on your camp, would just need a few guys to train off, cant see it starting too soon, will leave the thread up til the weekend then actually start the planning of the thing, the thread is literally to generate interest atm
3-4-2013 7:45 am EST
Trying to get together some coaches to try and get some interest going in the game again, proposing a massive tournament, check out this page and sign up if u want to :) http://www.mmarmy.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=348683&#Post348683
3-3-2013 8:45 am EST
Love the avatar!
3-2-2013 11:47 am EST
wassup buddy? good to see you back!!
3-14-2012 6:43 am EST
I have to stop taking bad fights
3-13-2012 7:42 pm EST
sory man, the game can be pretty weird some time
3-11-2012 6:20 am EST
Welcome back bud! :)
scott cooley
3-4-2012 3:24 pm EST
well well well look who it is....
1-31-2012 9:43 am EST
I Know My 8pts Does Well Against It, Also Think GnP>Ippon. Ippon>HKK. Go On The Forums Bud
1-30-2012 9:46 pm EST
1-19-2011 12:49 pm EST
I like this game, it doesn't always make sense when i get beat by someone with lame stats but other than that it's cool.
1-13-2011 3:30 am EST
Its Still Fun ATM, We'll See If Your Opinion Comes True, Why The Hate For The Game?
1-12-2011 3:17 am EST
Your Back?!?
scott cooley
1-10-2011 4:44 pm EST
the powers that be have dissolved it.
10-10-2010 1:26 pm EST
Upcoming 0-0 RB Tournament, Details On Forum, Check It Out!
9-21-2010 11:06 am EST
won a title with dirty boxing http://www.mmarmy.com/showfight.php?fight=3852816
The System
System MMA
9-21-2010 8:51 am EST
I think a basic wrestling build, with greco and boxing, would make a good dirty boxing guy. plus i'm working on making a PG guy with a dirty boxing switch. i think it will work out good, a few of the new guys are gonna try that out. we'll see how it works.
9-20-2010 9:58 am EST
mission accomplished!
7-23-2010 6:57 am EST
Pedro Trigo
Trigo Team
7-9-2010 10:30 am EST
Trigo Top Team is everywhere!!! Just look me around man. Take Care. ROYAL BLOOD
scott cooley
7-9-2010 8:56 am EST
gamby what is your forum name....?
scott cooley
7-3-2010 2:55 pm EST
i entered 2 competitors in the tourney.. oh yeah who cares about grammar? if that was the we wouln't use lol or rofl or any shit like that....the puppet master wouldn't fight me one time b/c he said my popularity was not high enough!!!! think about that....HA!!!! BELLY
scott cooley
7-2-2010 5:43 pm EST
done!!!! u r still the man!!!
scott cooley
6-29-2010 7:36 am EST
where have you been gamby???? you know me i apologized sincerely...dont be mad....i love beast and i really didnt know that it would get that far...cmon big guy!!!!! show me a smile....BELLY
KP Keough
Beast Mode
6-22-2010 8:45 am EST
My angry post to Belly Jitsu was in response to remarks he made about the alliance I'm in. I get that you're trying to defend your friend, but the dude crossed the line and got called out, end of story.
scott cooley
6-21-2010 9:23 pm EST
gamby you had better chill out!!!!!! or maybe i should chill out or maybe she should chill out....MAYBE I"M CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! MAYBE YOU"RE CRAZY!!!!!!!!POSSIBLY-hehehe........BELLY
KP Keough
Beast Mode
6-21-2010 6:19 pm EST
Chill out?
scott cooley
6-20-2010 11:41 am EST
thanks to you we now have 4 new camps...great job....
6-17-2010 8:43 pm EST
i am already in an alliance
scott cooley
6-15-2010 7:53 pm EST
good job gamby... keep them coming...no matter what the record or amount of fights...just keep em coming....the more camps the better...i'm thinking around 200 camps before we start world domination....once again great job.....BELLY
Venom Milkshake
The Viper Collective
6-14-2010 12:13 pm EST
Not in it yet but I pm'd Belly earlier today as well as someone else he asked me to pm. Hopefully soon.
Gabriel Bogdan
BTZ Training Facility
6-12-2010 6:31 am EST
hey mate... i can't find belly jitsu... care for a little hand?
Jon the Big O Oneill
UKz Elite Force
6-11-2010 4:33 am EST
yeah mate, u would have to talk to pain to get in
David Lambert
Reality Check
6-10-2010 6:54 pm EST
aye thanks mate but he doesnt make the weight , cheers for the advice though
Carpe Diem
6-9-2010 3:11 pm EST
Challenge him this reset, cause I can't find you.
scott cooley
6-8-2010 9:14 pm EST
gamby good job and keep recruiting...this time we will keep it positive......f-ck em all....we are back!!!!
scott cooley
6-6-2010 7:30 am EST
dont worry gamby i'm back.... but for the record i'm not gay all the time....royal blood is no more b/c there were other players on this game that said that they would never give us title shots or even enter tourneys if royal blood participated....so that's that! i quit the forums, and now i just train and fight....let me know ih you want to scrap b/c i like you kid...you got spunk....BELLY
6-5-2010 8:08 am EST
Are You Sure You Wouldnt Like Any Involvement?
6-4-2010 2:47 pm EST
Thats A Shame, We Would Accept You With Open Arms!
6-4-2010 11:44 am EST
I Was One Of The Suspects Yes! I Understand You Were Also A Suspect?
6-4-2010 11:37 am EST
Overcome By Aids!
Jon the Big O Oneill
UKz Elite Force
6-3-2010 4:57 am EST
o ryt i heard most ppl r leavein rb>? sooo goodluck with the blood in blood out thing lmao
Venom Milkshake
The Viper Collective
6-2-2010 12:22 pm EST
I'm definitely interested but the truth is, I don't know what it means to be in an alliance. Does that mean I only fight alliance fighters? Can you give me a couple of details?
Venom Milkshake
The Viper Collective
5-31-2010 4:25 pm EST
Bro, I got your invitation to join your alliance but I read Belly's home page and it doesn't look like he's affiliated anymore. Maybe next time?
5-28-2010 5:33 am EST
Yes There Are! And We Must Harass Them Until They Give In To The RB Revolution!
Jon the Big O Oneill
UKz Elite Force
5-27-2010 12:35 pm EST
lol wot u on about?
5-26-2010 1:36 pm EST
Because They Dont Want To Be Associated With Scumbags Like Me, You, Belly etc, We Are The Lowest Form Of Trainers In MMArmy History!
Venom Milkshake
The Viper Collective
5-22-2010 5:22 am EST
scott cooley
5-12-2010 6:40 pm EST
dont let ROyal blood die!!!!!!! i'll be back soon if they don't ban me...
scott cooley
5-7-2010 6:04 pm EST
r u up for war this weekend?
scott cooley
5-5-2010 10:38 pm EST
havent heard from you in a while...whats up???
scott cooley
4-28-2010 6:39 am EST
scott cooley
4-26-2010 10:16 pm EST
you mean you slapped your weiner across his face....just for writing ugly things on my board?????? no quit is going to get moist now!!!!!!!
4-26-2010 2:42 pm EST
I Think Your Evil Twin Brothers Description Of Belly Was Spot On! Congrats On Destroying My Virtual BFFs Life, Sweet Talking Him Like That Will Only Lead To Friction Between Me And Him As He Sails Off Into The Sunset In Your Kayak Made Of Past Victims Scrotums! You Have Hurt My Feelings With These Actions!
scott cooley
4-25-2010 7:12 pm EST
4-25-2010 6:46 pm EST | Restrict | Delete and i urge you to come out of that big closet you've been hiding in for your whole life. tell your Mom about your gym teacher, your uncle, the mail man, and all them other men that used your asshole as a cum dumpster. ok man? i feel bad for you :( WOW!!!!!!!!! all those years of therapy and i just now get a breakthrough....much anger i sense in you padawan.....
scott cooley
4-25-2010 6:57 pm EST
why so ugly?
4-25-2010 6:56 pm EST
yung tre
tre tre
4-21-2010 6:19 pm EST
4-17-2010 6:04 am EST
rob cherry has good hiddens and i wish he was in my main camp
Mister Judo
4-11-2010 12:21 pm EST
yes unfortunitly its not really judo focused but i work it in with my guys
4-3-2010 6:43 pm EST
or fs
4-3-2010 6:43 pm EST
im know what you do hahaha uno people are goin fall for ur sftf and the go cs and then pg beat cs
Sensei High Kick
Team LHK Security
3-31-2010 11:20 pm EST
No because it's a completely uneven match-up guy, thought that was pretty obvious? You blind?
3-31-2010 8:23 pm EST
talk is cheap
3-31-2010 8:20 pm EST
Talk is cheap
3-31-2010 8:20 pm EST
Talk is cheap
3-25-2010 3:02 pm EST
but i already did beat one of ur guys so how u feel
3-11-2010 12:08 pm EST
DBA at the present time is not expanding. I would suggest that you go into the forums and chat it up about joining an alliance. Also check out the alliance forum where you can post that you are looking to join an alliance. Good luck man.
3-6-2010 5:02 pm EST
Forum name is Warren. Ask if anyone is on from DBA.
3-5-2010 4:09 pm EST
I would suggest that you join the forums and introduce yourself so everyone can get to know you. See how it plays out.
3-5-2010 3:40 pm EST
I will get back to you on this request. Will take a day, two at the most.
3-5-2010 4:15 am EST
what alliance? i dont have one, nor am i in one
2-26-2010 11:41 am EST
Thanks man.
Elite Evolution
2-26-2010 9:00 am EST
Great camp here, good luck.
2-14-2010 7:49 pm EST
scott cooley
2-14-2010 6:41 pm EST
not really but it is refreshing seeing a fat boy whoop some butt. i do love the BELLY CRUCIFIX....
2-3-2010 6:41 pm EST
Work the Sambo a lot of times you'll kill GNP with it.
2-2-2010 6:32 pm EST
GNP doesn't always beat JJ. However, your Flex wasn't shit... it contributed to the whoopin'.
1-30-2010 5:29 pm EST
KO's the fuck outta GNPers
1-30-2010 5:29 pm EST
SiO baby, i use it
1-29-2010 9:19 am EST
i dont know, maybe to like 4.0
1-29-2010 8:39 am EST
13K/13K if in EFC sometimes more
1-28-2010 5:02 pm EST
cuz it so fuckin hard to get 5 level.
1-27-2010 3:47 pm EST
yes, i have 5 JJ equip
Smacku Two
1-13-2010 2:24 pm EST
Yes, it is possible. It is a matter of training your top 2 guys back and forth until one of them sees progress. One of your guys trains better then the other, though you may not know it. Eventually one of your fighters will see progress. The better your JJ equipment the faster this will happen.
1-12-2010 2:33 pm EST
to 4.0 JJ
Jorge Silva
Black Cadge MMA
1-12-2010 1:12 pm EST
I'm not sure, I just picked the stats I needed like MT, FW, and spd and got them a star in training then got a few fighter slots. Then got the next level of equipment in those 3 and that's pretty much all I have. When I train I pair off ppl with the highest in the stats I want and level them up together. I'm not doing great but that's all I do.