4 Lokos Fight Club

Last Online - Wednesday 3rd of May 2023
Display Name ThaiBrawler
Member Since Jun 21, 2010
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 2518-2978


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3-13-2022 1:49 am EST
lols just read that, slap n tickle :)
2-7-2022 8:00 am EST
I am shit at nicknames so cheers bro
Heart FC
1-3-2022 3:57 pm EST
12-3-2021 2:16 pm EST
Good to have you back games a bit slow and still sum can crusher out there.
11-30-2021 12:35 pm EST
Yes broski get active...
Heart FC
10-23-2020 2:19 am EST
I was confused. I thought you knew that camp coach.
Heart FC
10-15-2020 12:25 pm EST
You back 4 lokos? pink taco back also?