Last Online - Wednesday 4th of October 2023
Display Name Adam Dyke
Member Since May 15, 2008
Active Record 172-230
Overall Record 5451-7490


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9-14-2023 7:29 pm EST
Hit me up on the forums, send me a PM
Heart FC
8-18-2023 8:15 pm EST
Asalamulaykum brother. You created your camp on my birthday in 2008. Where in Canada are you from?
Who Knew
9-20-2022 4:50 pm EST
Awesome Designs
Bone Machine
8-19-2022 9:38 am EST
Awesome fighter designs on this camp.
7-19-2022 8:51 pm EST
You pimp guys out the best. 10/10 tattoo game.
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
6-29-2022 8:16 pm EST
I've gotten like 3-4 special recruits in like all my years playing the game. I know some camps have gotten 30+ but I guess I'm not lucky haha. Did you get one?!?
Who Knew
5-26-2022 5:04 pm EST
You have an old camp and want to see you get some EFC belts you deserve up there man. Come on and chop it up. Forum kind of dead at times and we need coaches jump on there from time to time.
Who Knew
5-25-2022 5:38 pm EST
Brother, are you on the forums?
4-13-2022 4:32 pm EST
I like your camp. Always up for a fight.
3-5-2022 4:31 pm EST
Respect! We can run it back tomorrow if you want lol
lelizigoto MMA
lelizigoto camp
10-9-2013 12:09 pm EST
8-25-2013 11:23 am EST
Lol, I suck :)