Pyrophilia Brazil

Last Online - Sunday 17th of May 2009
Display Name Eicher B
Member Since Jan 30, 2008
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6-8-2009 10:30 pm EST
You fellas have no basis to ban me for 24 hours or a week. I did nothing wrong today or tonight and yet you allow the ban of me for joking with a friend of mine then you turn around and say I was trolling all day? Joking with a friend of mine isn't trolling and every1 in the shout box knows that. If your MODs are going to be real MODs then they need to know everything that's going on and know the facts. Oh and if your going to talk about me in the SB or to my friend in a PM then u need to be
5-1-2009 5:09 pm EST
Welcome back!
Fedor McGeeno
Dynamo Training
4-21-2009 5:06 pm EST
Glad to see you fighting again man. One of the greats.
4-16-2009 7:11 pm EST
Welcome back!
3-31-2009 8:52 pm EST
Great to see you up and running again man.
3-23-2009 11:54 pm EST
Shady son of a gun. Thought nobody would notice you recruiting and sparring again. lol, welcome back man.
team gorilla
8-30-2008 4:49 am EST
ur a genius...
8-29-2008 5:40 pm EST
wow, impressive
Vasili Oschepkov
Central Red Army House
8-23-2008 6:11 pm EST
this is a decent camp too - sad
7-29-2008 9:22 pm EST
Who are you? And why do you matter?
7-28-2008 7:42 am EST
an honor to fight such a great camp
Sensei High Kick
Team LHK Security
7-19-2008 8:10 pm EST
Thanks for the good fight, it was a close one.
5-17-2008 11:51 pm EST
Mo fough your japanese guy before twice. Also was waiting for Tanner Nomad to fight but never logged in.
5-8-2008 10:20 pm EST
Both dudes were MW but figured they could make 170. Mohican rarely misses weight surprised he did. Hopefully is not a hidden stat. As you age you miss weight more often.
bobby boucher
the waterboyz
5-3-2008 6:22 pm EST
sorry man but no one will give me a fight and im just trying everyone... just click deny if you dont want to fight... its not like im a heavyweight or something , so they took that out and now your gonna complain that people in your weight class are trying to fight you?
4-29-2008 11:58 pm EST
that was wack running like that
4-22-2008 8:42 am EST
Damn those fight are tough when you can't duck the very best!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Man I wanted this win more than any other.
4-22-2008 8:34 am EST
Hands down, the sweetest win of my career!!!
4-20-2008 10:23 pm EST
Great careers for two tough M`fers bro.. im glad thata we had our couple of fights too.. awesome HoF fighters
No Surrender
4-20-2008 10:17 pm EST
Bro WTF! You beat and retire! Man Sorry about 2 Great Fighters...I know you will be back!
4-18-2008 6:12 pm EST
Good to know that your camp dodges #1 contenders bud
4-15-2008 11:16 pm EST
Remember to sign up your WW for the GP. Sign ups begin on Thursday.
jersey devils
4-6-2008 4:19 pm EST
Awesome camp! All your guys are versatile.
Team Vegas
3-26-2008 7:24 pm EST
Great Camp man
Allyson Pinheiro
Andre Xarope
3-25-2008 4:51 pm EST
Hey are you from Brazil? I am.. Vc é brasileiro?? me da umas dicas ae! valeu!
J Dawg
Ds Nuts
3-25-2008 1:28 pm EST
Good fight man. You chose the correct style match up. I was hoping that you would chose anything other than GnP. Take care dude.
3-23-2008 6:54 pm EST
More reason for Lavrov to want to pull a win out of his ass >:)
Boris Krabkov
Team Red Scare
3-22-2008 7:42 pm EST
It looks like I blow my title shot. Messed up my style selection against Jad and got knocked out. Good fight though. - Cael Johnson.
Gurney Halleck
3-21-2008 3:33 am EST
WOW, #1 and #2 P4P. Good for you. Bad for everyone else. Thanks for stepping up and giving Drago the title shot. I know you won't be fighting any welterweights. Good luck on being a great champ, of course until we meet again.
3-19-2008 4:42 am EST
Great fight, man. I hope we can fight again.
Gurney Halleck
3-17-2008 1:51 am EST
Short Shorts was a great win, but of top contenders all I saw was a loss to Drago and to Cunha sandwiched between victories over a guy that wasn't cracking the top 100 and two guys I had never heard of, one of which appeared to be the lowest ranked fighter in the EFC (David Avalanche Anderson).
Gurney Halleck
3-16-2008 9:33 am EST
Your camps still own. Good fight. Thanks for giving me the title shot.
Gurney Halleck
3-16-2008 6:54 am EST
I don't know how long I will be able to hold out against your camp's dominance. It would be hard to find a better camp at the moment. However, I just edged Alvarez and I am the logical #1 contender. Knock me off and you could probably have #1 and #2, an unprecedented feat.
Unger The Hunger McNeil
Pain of the Undead Fighti
2-25-2008 4:17 pm EST
Actually I know the Black Asian Mamba's camp owner and he thinkgs Big Foot is the man. Great fighter bro.