Shannon "6" 66 - Stats

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Popularity Mainstream Star
Camp Welcome to H E L L
Record 100-47    
KO Win % 47
Sub Win % 6
Division HW Weight 277 lbs
Age 888 Born Oct 1983
Years Pro 922 Recruit Date Dec 1949
Rank - Highest Rank #1
Retirement Rank -
Fight IQ Desire
Aggression Patience
Wrestling Conditioning
Catch Wrestling Strength
Sambo Footwork
Jiu Jitsu Speed
Judo Agility
Greco-Roman Flexibility
Boxing Balance
Karate Reflex
Taekwondo Rhythm
Muay Thai Coordination
Brawling Focus
Kickboxing Fortitude
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Natrone Tubbs
Ribs Out
2-22-2012 4:45 pm EST
666 finally gets one over Gary Bennett, only 3 and a half years later! It's crazy trying to start up a camp again, I just did so a couple of days ago!
8-7-2011 3:51 pm EST
great fight
Shannon Stock
Beast FC
6-17-2008 12:06 am EST
Good run and good riddence. Miss you on the leader board.
Natrone Tubbs
Ribs Out
6-16-2008 3:10 am EST
lol, guess you were right, he did retire tonight.
6-15-2008 11:10 pm EST
One of the Best Superstar...Best Heavyweight of All time! 666 You will be the Greatest no Matter what! Hope your new job as a Trainer Produce some new Great Fighters! Now Enjoy a GREAT, GREAT Retirement Best Buddy! Great Run!
6-15-2008 10:20 pm EST
Oh damn man. We never fought past a decision in our feud. Damn. Hope you recruit another 666 soon.
Natrone Tubbs
Ribs Out
6-15-2008 5:05 pm EST
Thanks again man, was another good fight... decided to take that top off though eh?
Natrone Tubbs
Ribs Out
6-15-2008 7:00 am EST
Thanks for the challenge man, it's nice being able to beat a legend... might not see another dominating fighter like you for awhile.
6-14-2008 9:43 pm EST
Man, that was one hell of a battle, both of them were doing pretty heavy damage there. Great fight like always. Hate to be the one delaying your record breaker though. Great fight.
6-14-2008 1:20 pm EST
Just wanted to say, much respect for your fighter and the time and effort you put into training him, I'm a big fan, good luck and get your belt back!
6-14-2008 8:13 am EST
Your #1 in the world and I took the belt off you via decision, you get the rematch. I also want the #1 spot if I can get it, could also be your 100th win. Im expcting a barn burner of a fight. Probley another decision... Robert
6-13-2008 8:35 pm EST
Holy sh*t, another decision! Thats incredible considering we both have a good amount of KO's to our list. I had a feeling I would win this one, changed my secondary style up.
6-13-2008 4:00 pm EST
Up for another go with Robert?
Spencer Fighting Systems
6-13-2008 6:32 am EST
Best HW along with OW and BT. 3 tied for best.
6-13-2008 5:12 am EST
Man, you copied what I did in the second round. That's essentially me beating myself there.
Sesame Chicken
6-12-2008 7:58 pm EST
6-12-2008 6:53 pm EST
Thanks for the shot. I've got some plans for this guy. Expect to see him again. Unless...
6-12-2008 5:28 pm EST
Im more ancious to see which one of us will finish the other, you seem to have the judges in your pocket with decisions:) Robert
6-12-2008 8:56 am EST
Heh, another 5 rounds:) Good fight. Robert
6-11-2008 7:54 am EST
I hope you stick around long enough for my new EFC contender to take you out :). Might take a while though.
6-11-2008 5:12 am EST
Good win man. Belt's never off your waist for long.
6-10-2008 11:49 am EST
Thanks for the fight man.
6-9-2008 5:28 pm EST
Cool. I'll send you a challenge next cycle.
6-9-2008 5:18 pm EST
lol fuck thanks for the shot
Badass Inc
6-9-2008 11:15 am EST
Lol im just joking with you. I just wanted 1 vs 2 but I can see where you coming from.
Badass Inc
6-9-2008 10:53 am EST
I would be the top contender if I moved up so yeah it would be fair, whatever I see the fear in your eyes. I wanted 1 VS 2 for all the marbles but your still afraid of Badass Inc from when Dick Cooper KO'ed UK Sensation. :P
Badass Inc
6-9-2008 10:33 am EST
Hey Im debating on moving up in weight to fight you, afterall to be the best you gotta beat the best. If I decide to move up will ya give me the shot? -Kunio (Pepster on the forums :P)
6-8-2008 5:13 pm EST
Another 5 rounds, hehe. I wish you would just finish me off or take a dive:) I look forward to any future bouts. Robert
Gurney Halleck
6-8-2008 3:00 pm EST
EPIC Record alert - ALright dude, you are now #2 on the list for EFC title wins. Soup has 45 overall, but 35 as a MW. Two more wins sets the record for domination of a division.
6-8-2008 1:35 pm EST
Like crabs on my ex-gf, im gonna be all over you. Robert:)
6-8-2008 9:29 am EST
Our last fight was a 5 round split, I respectfully request another shot. Meat Wrack
6-8-2008 12:10 am EST
You are the better Shannon! Congrats, I hope you keep winning.
Spencer Fighting Systems
6-7-2008 5:57 pm EST
Most EFC HW belts of all time. If you keep going, maybe you can beat Soup in # of total EFC belts.
Shannon Stock
Beast FC
6-7-2008 5:48 pm EST
Congrats on your milestone. Keep it up Champ!
6-7-2008 8:49 am EST
Congrats on passing Del! 666 is now the most accomplished HW of all time.
Spencer Fighting Systems
6-7-2008 5:49 am EST
Equal title holdings with Delicious.
Blake Wallace
Blake wallace
6-7-2008 4:22 am EST
"Power House" vs "Satan" Lets make it happen.
6-6-2008 5:20 pm EST
Damn! I just got owned!
6-6-2008 5:07 am EST
Good win man.
6-5-2008 5:39 am EST
wow I can't spell
6-5-2008 5:38 am EST
It's over for Del. He retired to persue his porn career. Think you can match his record? Only two more wins for you.
team gorilla
6-5-2008 3:52 am EST
Uno PoLsKie
PiNoy BruTaLiTy
6-4-2008 11:04 am EST
Yea Boi!!!
6-4-2008 6:57 am EST
damnit, how?!
6-3-2008 9:25 pm EST
Good win man.
Uno PoLsKie
PiNoy BruTaLiTy
6-3-2008 7:56 pm EST
c'Mon PiNoy! Get ur BELT bak u droppin your Pants already....
captain cannabis
los chronica
6-3-2008 4:37 pm EST
cmon mma... i wanna fight a former number 1... please
6-2-2008 9:58 am EST
Damn! Bad coin flip. Good job,Bro.
6-1-2008 6:35 pm EST
Thanks for the fight man.
6-1-2008 3:00 pm EST
Sure thing.
6-1-2008 7:53 am EST
Thanks for the shot,Bro. - FLoyd
5-31-2008 6:48 am EST
I hate you in the worst possible way.
Toj Flojian
Flojian Academy
5-30-2008 11:15 pm EST
Toj Flojian
Flojian Academy
5-30-2008 11:09 pm EST
You waiting for Rogers, or wanna do a rematch?
5-30-2008 8:52 pm EST
Heh, I been challenging them for months:)
5-30-2008 8:22 pm EST
I took on the giant, was a close nail biter, but he took the split. If I can get a fight with another top 10 I will, but they seem to be avoiding real competition. Robert
5-30-2008 5:05 pm EST
You must be sick of defending against the same faces over and over, grant me a shot and we will put on a show. "Meat Wrack"
5-30-2008 5:11 am EST
Thanks for this great fight champ!
5-29-2008 5:10 pm EST
Hey bro, how about a title shot for Daichi Takudo?
Toj Flojian
Flojian Academy
5-29-2008 5:10 pm EST
Thanks for the ass kicking. I'll be back if i don't...
5-29-2008 2:44 pm EST
JK, already a legend
5-29-2008 2:22 pm EST
Congrats man, I was really glad to see...The # of people hating you +1 LOL
5-29-2008 4:48 am EST
5-28-2008 11:12 am EST
I think you deserve a rematch, chump. -Delicious
Gurney Halleck
5-28-2008 7:40 am EST
Ouch, I was pulling for you to get a new record for consecutive title wins. Didn't know you would be fighting the "Delicious" one. What an epic rivalry.
5-27-2008 9:35 pm EST
wow nice run.
5-27-2008 7:25 pm EST
at least im somewhat comming close to beating you : /
5-26-2008 9:07 pm EST
F`n cecil strikes again LOL.. good fight man.. 4 months, and 3 wins is all i need, and i will dethrown 666 hahahaha.. if Money does not retire
5-26-2008 1:27 pm EST
That was an action packed fight. 666 has the better chin, though.
Uno PoLsKie
PiNoy BruTaLiTy
5-25-2008 11:41 pm EST
Denggggggggggg! PiNoY
5-25-2008 9:27 am EST
pg/pg lol did not work
5-24-2008 8:42 pm EST
man, i am so stoked watching silva ko jardine right now i don't even mind that you beat me. good fight!
Bubbles OFallon
5-24-2008 12:09 pm EST
don't get it you don't have an amazing skill but hey more power to ya
5-24-2008 6:50 am EST
damn... a split
5-23-2008 6:57 pm EST
LOL DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN new efc champ bald Eagle?? hahaha
Jhow Beaver
Coritiba Academy
5-23-2008 2:22 pm EST
How we fighting??
5-23-2008 6:19 am EST
The end is near my friend. I think Del has lost his fighting spirit.
5-23-2008 6:01 am EST
:sadface: This is getting ridiculous.
pat riley
team fastbreak
5-22-2008 11:42 pm EST
Yeah we can fight tomorrow. I'm in Alaska and am not on till around noon eastern time at the earliest
5-22-2008 5:30 pm EST
the sun shines on a dogs ass some day !! you got lucky ass! lols.. go get that belt again m`fer
5-22-2008 5:27 pm EST
YOU FUCK!!!!!! lol i thought you gonna try your 8pts shit hahahaha
pat riley
team fastbreak
5-22-2008 8:30 am EST
thanks for the shot although I didn't exactly eat your soul as I predicted
5-21-2008 12:02 pm EST
Thanks for the rematch, I am surprised that was a split decision, can't see where I did much that would have made a judge call it for my fighter.
5-21-2008 6:45 am EST
Congrats on the #1 spot. -Delicious Rogers
5-21-2008 4:40 am EST
#1 by number, still #2 behind Kenta!
5-20-2008 9:28 pm EST
#1 Fighter @ 900pm 5/20/2008
5-20-2008 8:01 pm EST
God damnit dude! Good work.
5-20-2008 11:08 am EST
Hey MMA, if Guzman/Chavez fight can the winner get a shot tomorrow AM? Currently 3 and 4 in division. Only 666 and Del ahead.
5-19-2008 6:03 pm EST
Damn, I finally get my title shot and don't get past the first round. Back to the drawing board.
5-19-2008 8:23 am EST
Damn. Good win man
5-18-2008 11:36 pm EST
Just send me the challenge if you on earlier. I will accept right away. MWUHAHAHAHAHA
5-18-2008 11:17 pm EST
Ok sucka. Might be around 10AM PST. WEST COAST
Shannon Stock
Beast FC
5-18-2008 9:45 pm EST
Great job man. Best of luck to you in the future.
5-18-2008 8:46 pm EST
wtg bro!
Gurney Halleck
5-18-2008 8:11 pm EST
Congrats man! Awesome win.
5-18-2008 6:25 pm EST
And the guy on the roll Elix ROgers lost to Modelo just now.
5-18-2008 6:24 pm EST
Kanta coming off a loss. Plus Modelo ranked higher than him.
5-18-2008 6:15 pm EST
Who's next? Modelo whooped who looked to be next in line. A lot of dudes lost. Modelo #1 contender imo.
5-18-2008 5:53 pm EST
oh damn. Stupid GnP :(. good win
5-17-2008 6:49 pm EST
Good fight sucka. 2-1
5-16-2008 11:53 am EST
Wow 666 is on a stomping spree.
5-15-2008 9:15 pm EST
i hate you! lols.. thnks for the shot bro!
5-15-2008 10:12 am EST
Congrats, you are the Del Destroyer.
Gurney Halleck
5-15-2008 8:50 am EST
Congrats man, Well done.
5-15-2008 6:03 am EST
You deserve it now man. I'll leave you alone for a while and let you defend a few times before I ask for another rematch.
5-15-2008 5:57 am EST
haha SHIT! I knew that would happen. Good switch.
5-14-2008 7:05 am EST
i never fight you ! lets do it anytime, belt or not bro ! CHuck!
5-14-2008 6:00 am EST
You lost it already? What a girl!
5-14-2008 5:00 am EST
congrats bro on the belt, let me know for a shot. i will kick del ass otherwise (lol) thanks - chuck
5-13-2008 10:31 pm EST
MMA, have I ever mentioned that you are the smartest person on the forums? Cause you definitely are by a wide margin. - Blindphaedo p.s. Oh, btw, Title shot for Tyler Harris tomorrow? Just thought I'd ask while I was incidentally complimenting you.
5-13-2008 9:09 pm EST
IM 10th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol i want my shot tom am.
5-13-2008 8:06 pm EST
What this punk won the EFC Belt? MFer, Modelo kicked your ass. lol
5-13-2008 5:40 pm EST
Good work. I'll be back!
Gurney Halleck
5-12-2008 6:58 pm EST
LOL, ya Bizarro was just scouting the competition for Brody Scott.
5-8-2008 5:27 am EST
lol.. i dont think it matters.. hell im 5th in the ORG lols..
5-8-2008 5:25 am EST
lol you gonna keep you word on not challenging Kenta? He has the Glory belt now lol
5-7-2008 8:17 pm EST
lol.. its cool bro i need to beat everyone to get to the belt, so if Kenta cant, he shouldnt be fighting for the belt anyways
5-7-2008 6:51 pm EST
good win bro!
The Great Master
Agile Mobile Hostile
5-1-2008 9:26 am EST
can benedito lima get a shot right now?
Carlos Daddy
204 Fight Team 3
4-13-2008 9:45 am EST
btw, it's Cru Robinson! but i guess u knew that already..
Carlos Daddy
204 Fight Team 3
4-13-2008 9:43 am EST
Okay cool.. I'll send u a challenge 2nite!
Carlos Daddy
204 Fight Team 3
4-13-2008 9:19 am EST
We're the top 2 ranked fighters in the division.. we've had 3 wars! Rematch 2nite?
Frank Shamrock
Under Ground Killers
4-13-2008 7:22 am EST
thanks for the shot champ.
4-13-2008 7:12 am EST
How about a title shot dude? You've certainly shown Cru who's boss.
Harry Pitz
He Who Smelt It
4-12-2008 7:37 pm EST
feel like fighting the dingleberry tonight?
Red Thunder
4-12-2008 6:32 am EST
I'm going to retire with Cao Arona. Please, give me a title shot for finish my carrer with style xD. Thanks..
Carlos Daddy
204 Fight Team 3
4-11-2008 5:34 pm EST
Good win man.. rubber match tomorrow?
4-10-2008 6:29 pm EST
Good luck getting a shot at the champ... He only fights cans. Check his record.
jersey devils
4-2-2008 5:08 pm EST
Good fight man. Danny Parker