Smooth Jesus

Last Online - Wednesday 21st of July 2021
The Nice Guys
Display Name Smooth Jesus
Member Since Jan 21, 2017
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 12878-12415


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Mister Judo
1-6-2021 5:53 pm EST
You still won, idk why you’re complaining lol
9-21-2020 9:55 pm EST
haha thks for the kinds of words. But my fighters aren't that good. Can't be very consistent these time
9-16-2020 8:46 am EST
dam smooth, thank it ez on my figthers lol
Who Knew
9-3-2020 11:28 pm EST
E hug
Who Knew
9-3-2020 3:54 pm EST
Bruh, not trying to be like anybody. You had two hw's, which blocked me from a deserved shot, because, another coach skipped you.
8-31-2020 2:59 pm EST
Thanks for the kind words. Best wishes to your camp.
8-9-2020 12:51 am EST
Lol hogan retired the reset after your comment :D
8-8-2020 12:14 pm EST
decent career in length only haha, hes such an average fighter XD
Who Knew
6-10-2020 10:40 pm EST
Was to get a belt to drop. Forgot he was there
6-10-2020 5:55 am EST
Thanks dude!
Witty Bombs
5-10-2020 7:26 pm EST
Saudian arabia recruits with low WRV for a long time and being top5 camp for a long time too its a huge accomplisment. Hard mode on for sure, congrats
1-17-2020 4:46 pm EST
Interesting. I only dress them when they make it to EFC and only nickname them if they win a belt in the tier before or make it to EFC. Don't have camp money to dress everybody, esp if they have never had belts for EFC.
Vince Lynch
9-6-2019 4:05 pm EST
Not so smooth today, says Slade Day. Smooth Jesus has nothing on white Jesus.
Smooth Jesus
Smooth Jesus
8-29-2019 10:00 am EST
June 2700 - All 3 female champs and 4 champs total
12-5-2018 3:55 pm EST
Good fight bro.
11-29-2018 7:29 pm EST
Lol thanks bro its been a long time coming thats for sure
12-2-2017 5:38 pm EST
Nice looking camp. Are you on the forums?
6-28-2017 3:55 am EST
Hey man would you have any interest in joining DBA alliance on the forums? Alliance's get to participate in cool events against other teams etc
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
6-11-2017 10:12 am EST
Great camp. Let's put together some big fights in the future. I've been playing mmarmy since 2011 or something like that..
1-27-2017 1:08 pm EST
Yeah a lot of change lastly with new stats and styles.you can find many info on joining the forum.lets me know your userName, I Will send you more advices
1-27-2017 12:12 am EST
a lot of changes, lastly : more stats more styles ...the game is better now.you can join the forum to find a lot of tips. Ask to join an alliance with experienced coaches is the way to quickly improve.if you join the forum, post me your username and i will send you a personal message with more infos. good luck
1-26-2017 6:14 am EST
I love this camp name. welcome if you are a newcomer in mmarmy; have you others camps ?