Masters of Puppets

Last Online - Tuesday 18th of June 2024
Display Name Jarnoh
Member Since Jun 10, 2008
Active Record 46-38
Overall Record 7287-6008


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5-29-2024 12:44 am EST
Good to see you back Jarnoh!
7-20-2022 12:06 am EST
welcome back Jarnoh ^^
5-26-2021 8:30 am EST
Camp is fucking killing it atm!
Gi All Stars
4-29-2021 3:17 pm EST
Thanks bro hope i can keep that shit for a while
4-13-2021 5:01 pm EST
My baby lost to your beast crazy stats.. 12-year gap but was still a good fight. Respect bro
1-22-2021 5:57 pm EST
What are you feeding your fighters?
11-2-2020 9:21 am EST
Hahaha well drop by the hideout so we can make fun of you as well!!!
Black Santa
Team Ochocinco
10-28-2020 6:55 pm EST
Welcome Back dude!
10-28-2020 7:11 am EST
Hey!!! Where have ya been???
10-22-2020 1:42 am EST
hahaha those sneaky switches XD