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Last Online - Friday 19th of October 2018
Display Name Supgee
Member Since Feb 23, 2010
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Overall Record 2707-2455


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3-22-2012 3:24 pm EST
Come on back to the forums, havent seen you around in a while :)
3-6-2011 6:29 pm EST
yea man i am on the forums my username is gogoyourmojo
3-6-2011 10:01 am EST
is it ippon good against Gnp ? what styles counter it. thanks for the advice.
3-5-2011 11:27 pm EST
hey, is lppon good against HKK ?
3-5-2011 11:27 pm EST
hey, is lppon good against HKK ?
2-28-2011 11:00 pm EST
Thanks for participating in my Lppon tourney. Yep, you won it all. Maybe some day down the road we'll have a 64 tourney for lppon.
Flying Armbars
2-1-2011 7:27 am EST
nah i ddnt get an auto challenge but im outta there anyway lol
1-7-2011 12:03 pm EST
Elvis and eddy are going to be throwing down at the nursing home.
11-5-2010 10:51 pm EST
yeah we've had a few wars. your asian lookin Tito was the last guy to beat up my Twitty. he retired early and i was starting to like him.
11-5-2010 6:32 pm EST
I appreciate your challenges man. Same style and you are at a stat disadvantage. Very honorable.
Ted Theodore Logan
Wyld Stallyns
11-3-2010 4:32 pm EST
Super-sweet sig.
Barock Howard
Hard Rocks Inc
9-18-2010 1:01 am EST
I do that but it never works... :(
9-12-2010 9:29 am EST
Great Sig!
mike mike
camp adma
9-11-2010 5:47 am EST
go on smash down
mike mike
camp adma
9-10-2010 12:28 pm EST
go on the last roster
mike mike
camp adma
9-10-2010 12:24 pm EST
i want to fight you right now
9-9-2010 8:17 pm EST
wow you fight a lot of my guys.. must always be on when i am.. because that was fight like 30 in the past 3 days
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
9-8-2010 4:32 pm EST
Anytime. Don't let the trolls get to you. (see comment below)
Mike Garrow
Grrows team
9-5-2010 1:12 am EST
I never train Reflex or balance. Add a little judo to go with the wrestling and strength and try sio/pg against the gnpers.
Chits Crew
2-28-2010 8:07 pm EST
R U on the forums? if not sign up, if you are I will PM you...