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Last Online - Monday 21st of June 2021
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Chits Crew
7-18-2019 1:24 pm EST
Thought about joining an alliance
12-27-2017 11:25 am EST
Yeah pretty close fight, i agree for the first three round, you took r1 and r2 and i took r3, then round r4and r5 pretty close but i think r4 should have gone to you.. an immediate rematch would be very interesting but i wouldget killed by pesant if i do that lol
12-26-2017 8:16 pm EST
Damn sorry for the texting in my last message, pretty hard to write from a phone lol. I said at the end that you will have the shot next reset even if you not fight this reset (oct 2598)
12-26-2017 8:11 pm EST
Hey findin nuts, sorry for the oct 2598 reset. You definitly had the shot at fly in efc, but i took another challenge for preventing a no show. Indeed, my guy is old and was at one belt away from the hof... so thats why i went another challenger. However, even if you not figh, i m giving you the next reset, nov 2598, thanks and sorry for that again...
10-28-2017 2:36 am EST
i said something like retire him i guess lol? Yeah, sometimes, some fighters can bounce back pretty well but it happens not a lot! The current efc WW champ from my camp has the same carrier as yours, i were close to retire him quick, then turned him into a coach and now efc champ ! Anyways, good job on your champ !
Badass Inc
5-27-2015 6:48 pm EST
Hey be sure to post your fighters in the raging cock fight fighters thread.
5-27-2015 2:09 am EST
New coaches if you need an Alliance in the forum. All are full but I have places available. Pm me. (just ignore this message if you are in an alliance already or i didn't recognise a vets new camp) thanks
5-6-2015 6:10 am EST
yep many good fights! lol nice avatar pic xd
9-5-2010 6:12 am EST
dunno which fighter and i assume it was titleshot.. and yes i fought with guy who wrote comment about ducking, he lost.
Primo mma
8-12-2010 5:22 am EST
I have no clue. I'm not even in the org anymore
8-2-2010 8:40 pm EST
Agreed, but who's going to pass up a title shot if given the opportunity?
7-25-2010 2:24 pm EST
http://www.smashdown.net/u/ScouserDan its abit like this but boxing should give it a look
Team Talon
Team Talon
7-20-2010 12:16 pm EST
that sucks, I was looking for him, thanks, I hope he goes a long way, he's already 33 though
6-30-2010 12:06 pm EST
Boxing Battle Arts
6-29-2010 5:16 am EST
Heh, sorry, I tend to just go down the list of whoever is online at the moment until all my guys have fought. If I'm pestering you, it's not intentional.
Benjamin Colby Jeffords
Colby Combat Sports
6-2-2010 6:47 am EST
Thanks, though it was fleeting. He's my first #1 fighter, never had better than #3.
5-31-2010 11:45 am EST
The Mussel Is Back And In Contention For A Title Fight And Nash Is Back And Wants The LW Title Belt He Never Lost Back