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10-15-2012 4:51 am EST
The guy of Sixth Sense is already dead. Best regards, Ely "Spoiler" Artigas
10-14-2012 12:05 pm EST
Was schreibt ihr da bei mir für sachen?
10-11-2012 8:50 pm EST
warum so aggro, junge?! bin auch aus deutschland XD bist du auf drogen??
10-9-2012 3:49 am EST
Haha :D bist du auf drogen?.... ich bin aus deutschland
10-8-2012 8:25 am EST
Bin auch deutsch :D
10-3-2012 3:51 am EST
Mir schlottern die Knie vor deiner zusammengewürfelten Freakshow voller transsexueller, arbeitsloser oder pädophiler Nichtskönner!
9-15-2012 11:29 am EST
Da hatten wir wohl beide, etwas zeitversetzt, die gleiche Idee... ;) DU WIRST BLUTEN, FOTZE!
8-9-2011 2:08 am EST
I've created a tournament Buddy! "Elite Force MMA 2 The Challenge" Please enter 2 of your Top #800 fighters that have at least 5 FIGHTS
7-12-2011 6:13 am EST
Sorry, I had to delete all your (somehow even racist) guestbook entries. Despite how often you call me "fagg*t" or "n*gger" you won't get the title shot with a guy coming from a streak of 3 defeats. Neither a shot for my 3 HW nor for my 2 WW or 2 LW belts, as all of your guys seem to suck bad and don't deserve to fight my elite champions. Thanks for understanding.
7-10-2011 12:52 pm EST
Say Whaaaaattttttt???????
scott cooley
7-8-2011 5:33 pm EST
who are you? i must draw you!
Goodkid MMA
7-5-2011 5:53 pm EST
None of your ramblings made sense. It's about giving the best person the title shot. Not the guy coming off a loss.
6-21-2011 4:42 am EST
Hey, faggot! The best camp EVA is back. Prepare for your death!
Joao Rua
Evolve MMA
5-19-2011 10:18 am EST
No don't be sorry. The org just doesn't have many ppl in it. So, we haven't much choice but fight each other.
5-15-2011 7:42 am EST
Me in GEC because me looks beautiful! Me is for mix martial arts what George St Pierre is for hollywood.
4-20-2011 3:27 pm EST
hi guy, where are you from? nice camp, i like yours nicknames! are you on the forum or in an alliance? bye -jeyjey2912
4-16-2011 8:20 pm EST
no problem man and no hate from here good luck to you and your camp
4-7-2011 6:51 am EST
your comment gay factor > my comment gay factor
4-7-2011 6:50 am EST
Sun shines through the rain, a whole life so lonely. And then you come and ease the pain. I don't wanna lose this feeling. Close your eyes, give me your hand. Do you feel my heart beating? Do you understand? Do you feel the same? Am I only dreaming or is this burning, an eternal flame...
4-6-2011 3:18 pm EST
Mister, I could even FUCK!FUCK! rape your ass ASSHOLE! withOUT panties, ha! Anyway, got new white BITCH!! panties now. Damn, where is the WANKER! toilette? - Vanyusha Tourette
Xxtri starxX
3-29-2011 5:22 pm EST
So r u going to fight me
3-28-2011 3:59 am EST
The cruelest thing we Americans ever did to you Japs was not me, was not Hiroshima, but was, is and forever will be Roland Emmerich's Godzilla.
3-25-2011 4:03 am EST
They kidnapped my beautfiul wife when she comming flom school! Now I must fighting ol they lape and toltule hel. HELP!
Team Laughing Gas
3-8-2011 4:54 pm EST
Your mom hacked your computer? Haha. That's crazy, man.
Team Laughing Gas
3-8-2011 4:47 pm EST
There's a reason I denied your fight request four times. Why do you keep sending it? -Claus Nuckols
3-1-2011 4:29 pm EST
The fight was stopped way too early!!! Next time, Colt will mince you trough the fence like a boiled potatoe!
3-1-2011 11:27 am EST
I will beat you into a living death!!!