Stefan "Katana" Buturlin - Stats

Org    -
Popularity Mainstream Star
Camp Ronin Warriors
Record 105-59    
KO Win % 39
Sub Win % 9
Division LHW Weight 221 lbs
Age 859 Born Sep 2007
Years Pro 917 Recruit Date Dec 1949
Rank - Highest Rank #1
Retirement Rank -
Fight IQ Desire
Aggression Patience
Wrestling Conditioning
Catch Wrestling Strength
Sambo Footwork
Jiu Jitsu Speed
Judo Agility
Greco-Roman Flexibility
Boxing Balance
Karate Reflex
Taekwondo Rhythm
Muay Thai Coordination
Brawling Focus
Kickboxing Fortitude
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Secret Prison Fish
11-27-2008 4:45 pm EST
thanks for the shot
jersey devils
11-27-2008 5:08 am EST
Now ur just being mean! Guessed right on who I would fight, picked right style and still got smashed. Oh well back to the drawing board.
jersey devils
11-25-2008 1:00 pm EST
You sure didn't let me celebrate my victory for long. Good job champ.
11-25-2008 6:47 am EST
this guy has no ground game
Gurney Halleck
11-24-2008 6:45 pm EST
Out of great respect for the Muay Thai wizard "Katana", the GLORY LHW champ Ignacio Rodriguez has offered to pay for the first full year of lodging at the MMARMY Hall of Greats Retirement Home. Now retire already! Just kidding, great run man.
jersey devils
11-24-2008 2:10 pm EST
I was shocked by the outcome. Thanks for the fight, Stefan is a bad ass.
The Robj23
11-23-2008 4:08 pm EST
Thanks for the fight, really close fight
The Robj23
11-23-2008 8:08 am EST
oh well, next reset lol. It's good and bad at the same time, he'd make a useless HW but a great LHW, but he's pretty damn large.
11-22-2008 7:21 pm EST
Thanks for the shot champ! 101 wins, f'n phenomenal...good luck!
11-22-2008 6:50 pm EST
I dont get how this guy is the best. His stats arent even the best or anything special.
Camp clinic
11-22-2008 6:07 pm EST
Wow I had a fighter who beat you before you were all beastly not bragging im just suprised
thunder dome
11-21-2008 8:57 pm EST
well your succes obviously simbolizes obsession and the wasting of money on a game
11-21-2008 7:59 pm EST
Thanks for the fight! We are 1-1 now.
Sensei Dalton
Trinity MMA
11-21-2008 1:00 pm EST
Thanks for my first EFC title shot opportunity, you beat me up pretty good and are a worthy champion!
The Robj23
11-21-2008 4:59 am EST
good fight, got me that time!
11-20-2008 5:10 am EST
great win LOL.. i thought id throw a curve ball wished you would have gone 8pts.. i may have mde it out of rd1 lol.
The Robj23
11-20-2008 4:37 am EST
Regardless you've got the shot again, he used to make weight constantly and now it's like 2/3.
The Robj23
11-19-2008 5:54 am EST
I would have gave you the shot but I didn't make weight against Gan Parker the first time. - Heath Patterson
11-17-2008 7:00 pm EST
Good fight buddy!
11-17-2008 11:24 am EST
I apologize for missing your challenge. I got the white screen like five times when I tried accepting and then you fought someone else. If I still have the belt tonight you get the shot. Stefan is definitely most deserving...Good luck!
The Robj23
11-16-2008 12:47 pm EST
I guess it definitely seems that way, you're still #1 though
Kowboy Killers
11-16-2008 10:30 am EST
Great Fighter Stefan. Nate Robinson Ends up retired before you. I was hoping I would outlast you so I could put some beatdowns with the Title But no luck.
11-16-2008 9:24 am EST
im a beast face me and lose you will
11-15-2008 7:53 am EST
Damn, ANOTHER close fight!
No Surrender
11-14-2008 2:54 pm EST
hopefully we can fight tonight and be on the PPV in the forum
No Surrender
11-13-2008 4:21 pm EST
i hate you nice win :)
11-13-2008 1:21 am EST
damn man..this guy is tough. congrats
11-12-2008 2:22 pm EST
Thanks for the shot!
Shakespeare MMA
11-12-2008 2:10 pm EST
you are like fodor
11-12-2008 10:06 am EST
you have basically fought everybody in this org. and beaten them!...but you have not fought the blade! How about a title shot for cade king?
Kowboy Killers
11-11-2008 7:50 pm EST
I really wanted to Duck you. You know so I could have a win or 2 with the Belt. But no Dice. You are Anderson Silva I am Rich Franklin. Destined to loose every time we fight.
No Surrender
11-10-2008 4:45 pm EST
FINALLY! And Bro thanks for the Shot!
No Surrender
11-10-2008 2:59 pm EST
Let me try it again 1 more time :)
George Halas
Decatur Staleys
11-10-2008 9:06 am EST
Nice win... again. Thanks for the shot.
11-9-2008 4:21 pm EST
Close fight! Thanks for the shot, Cardosa will be back pretty soon.
11-9-2008 9:11 am EST
Think Chase "The Gay Porn Star" Williams can get a title shot.
No Surrender
11-8-2008 4:27 pm EST
Cleto too small for this division
George Halas
Decatur Staleys
11-8-2008 6:34 am EST
Nice win. Thanks for the shot.
Kowboy Killers
11-7-2008 10:16 am EST
Can You beat up on Nate Robinson Again you have everyone else already.
11-5-2008 6:44 pm EST
Thanks for accepting
11-3-2008 5:10 pm EST
It's ok. I get ducked by top fighters all the time. Just people trying to protect their belt. I just don't like when I have to fight top contenders, beat 3 then get to the top, then lose 1 and end up not getting a title shot. Good Fight.
11-3-2008 4:21 pm EST
It means most likely you're scared to fight my guy.
11-3-2008 3:13 pm EST
I just beat two top contenders in 1 rd. Are you gonna give me that title shot or are you gonna duck me next reset?
Eddie Valerino
Fight Club USA
11-3-2008 10:32 am EST
Thanks for the shot champ. - Shawn Ryan
11-3-2008 8:17 am EST
Let's do this. -Gan Parker.
11-2-2008 4:13 pm EST
Thanks for accepting
11-2-2008 10:22 am EST
Sot tonight for Paul Collins?
Kowboy Killers
11-2-2008 5:52 am EST
Why is it I only get shots at the title against you?? Your killing my win %. Good fight. Nate Robinson
11-1-2008 3:01 pm EST
DAMN...SPLIT' DECISION!! Stefan is a giant compares to Babenco... See ya!
Kowboy Killers
10-30-2008 10:52 am EST
Thanks for the Fight-I must be getting old. You Knocked me the F*** out.
10-28-2008 5:31 am EST
That was quick, thanks for the fight.
Sensei High Kick
Team LHK Security
10-25-2008 9:06 pm EST
Another good fight between the two of us, good luck - Hisao Komiya
Kowboy Killers
10-24-2008 9:57 pm EST
thanks for the Rematch.
Kowboy Killers
10-24-2008 10:01 am EST
Good Fight Champ. I would like to do it again if we could. Thanks Nate Robinson
Mr Fonzie
Camp Happy Days
10-22-2008 5:09 pm EST
hey mate, wanted to say thanx for accepting the fight yesterday. not many people would do that. respect and good luck.
Sensei High Kick
Team LHK Security
10-21-2008 5:24 pm EST
Thanks for accepting the fight, much respect - Hisao.
10-18-2008 6:02 pm EST
Come on chump accept my challenge!
10-16-2008 5:08 pm EST
Nice win. Ended my streak. Good luck defending.
10-16-2008 5:33 am EST
Nice... good fight too.
10-15-2008 5:10 pm EST
I understand your feeling on it but do you think any1 else would do the same for u? No they would fight whoever they want.
10-15-2008 2:52 pm EST
Ichrio would love a shot, i know you've beatin my ass quiet a few times but this might be my only chance and you got nothing to lose. i'm sure you can make this fight happen, thank you.
10-15-2008 11:21 am EST
Can Elvis Lapointe have a rematch at reset? Rubber match if i win.. thanks..
Sensei High Kick
Team LHK Security
10-13-2008 6:35 pm EST
No problem - Hisao Komiya
10-10-2008 11:35 pm EST
thx man and always a pleasure to fight a class camp like yours
10-10-2008 11:00 pm EST
good fight
10-8-2008 11:30 pm EST
no problem thx
10-8-2008 5:48 am EST
good fight
Hawaiian Pride
Tap Out Or Nap Out
10-5-2008 6:10 pm EST
thanks for the match
9-23-2008 5:29 pm EST
Thanks for the shot, champ.
Coach Cool
9-21-2008 2:34 am EST
Good fight---Al Belanger
9-17-2008 5:46 pm EST
Good fight. Good luck in the future
9-16-2008 6:59 pm EST
it's cool if you're looking for a title shot, just thought you'd return the favor since i didn't exactly have to fight you when i was at #1 contender spot. good luck anyways. - eugene wood