Karates Best

Last Online - Sunday 12th of November 2023
Display Name Fujimoto
Member Since Jun 24, 2010
Active Record 0-0
Overall Record 3634-4889


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1-31-2023 6:54 pm EST
Good Fight!
Sadaharu Oh Dojo
1-4-2017 4:51 pm EST
congrats on the belt. you should check out the forums.
1-4-2017 4:30 am EST
congrats for the efc belt, this camp improve quickly at this time;have you others camps or on the forum ?
1-2-2017 5:33 am EST
Good fights recently! If you have any questions feel free to post on my wall or hit me up in the forums. My SN is BiZ and I'm part the newest alliance called The Nice Guys. Check us out!
11-11-2016 11:44 pm EST
Welcome back to the game! :D
Team Laughing Gas
2-26-2016 8:26 pm EST
Loooooool I didn't even realize you could do that. Shit.
2-23-2016 4:37 pm EST
1-14-2015 7:55 pm EST
Hey are you on the forum?
7-14-2014 6:31 pm EST
420 Fight Club
6-21-2014 11:05 pm EST
Also, if you did have other camps, its cool, total within the rules of the game. I have several myself. Its only against the rules to fight them against each other.
420 Fight Club
6-21-2014 10:43 pm EST
420 Fight Club
6-21-2014 10:43 pm EST
well this camp is included in a lost of camps with the same IP address. Make a new forum name and come let everyone know you are not involved.
420 Fight Club
6-21-2014 8:16 pm EST
hey man. your camps have been mentioned in the potential feeder thread in the forums. Just thought you should know so if you arent fighting your camps against each other then you can come to the forums and let the community know.
6-29-2012 12:08 am EST
my camp is still coming for ur fighters....why u keep ducking my guys?
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
4-10-2012 5:32 pm EST
Rubber match? Lou won both fights! lol
be Scared
4-9-2012 5:43 pm EST
Down for whatever man
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
4-3-2012 9:24 pm EST
Gotta buy credits dude. With credits, you'll be able to hold more in your camp, but that has nothing to do with getting more features.
3-30-2012 10:57 am EST
3-28-2012 3:47 pm EST
What? Lol
Who Knew
3-27-2012 12:20 pm EST
You mean what I use to fight against it?
3-16-2012 12:12 pm EST
i listed the orgs i fight in on my camp page... cmon, homie...
Karates Best
3-14-2012 6:36 pm EST
Camps i take shits on- C0BRA KAI and C0BRA KAI. WILL take a shit on Brook Miller
3-14-2012 4:58 pm EST
im sorry, but C0BRA KAI is the best karate camp @ mmarmy.
6-5-2011 4:32 pm EST
George "the aussie" Lewis is the guy.
6-5-2011 4:32 pm EST
Holy shit, dude, thats like the fastest KO ever on this game. It was my fighter Drake bell that got KO'ed by one of your fighters with a head kick. http://www.mmarmy.com/showfight.php?fight=4429991
5-7-2011 10:05 pm EST
duck who? and who are you?
4-10-2011 12:50 pm EST
no problem man
4-5-2011 6:41 am EST
Hey man. You posted posted on Sergio "SARGENT" Castillo page on Monday something along the lines of "Can you like Fight?" What exactly are you referring to? Did I not accept a challenge from you or something? I don't know which fighter you were using to post that comment. Will you please fill me in a bit on that comment? Thanks
Team Vegas
3-31-2011 1:12 pm EST
Sorry about that, I've been bothered by too many guys to count so I tend to have no patience for it anymore. That and it's hard to tell who's joking and who isn't online. It also doesn't help that it's the end of the school year for me and I've got so many assignments to deal with I tend to be pretty on edge. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I'm not a douche or a hardass, I promise :P.
3-21-2011 6:19 am EST
Whats up dude. How's it going, kicking ass yet?
3-18-2011 5:46 pm EST
lol - you said legendary :) thanks for the complment.
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
3-17-2011 6:50 pm EST
lol me neither! It wasn't just broken, but shattered!
Karates Best
3-17-2011 11:01 am EST
i cant believe in one reset all my fighter lost to decision.
Oscar Souza
Jalapeno Top
3-16-2011 6:05 pm EST
Haha, I remember the breaking nose incident.