Hardcore Gym

Last Online - Wednesday 4th of October 2023
Display Name Wild Bill West
Member Since May 18, 2008
Active Record 153-120
Overall Record 25727-21733


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Chits Crew
5-10-2023 8:51 pm EST
glad to see you finally noticed me...
Chits Crew
4-30-2023 2:04 pm EST
Hey Bill, where is everybody?
The Redheads
10-14-2022 10:06 am EST
I was sure your guy was going to win the rematch against Cameron Fitzgerald, thanks for accepting
David Nuamah
Camp Spartan Lion
9-3-2022 6:02 pm EST
good fight
Who Knew
11-5-2021 3:25 am EST
Wild Bill, sign up for my event on the forums, thanks bro
1-25-2021 9:10 pm EST
Fat Camp
10-1-2020 9:53 pm EST
Yo bro check in the forums once in a while.
8-17-2020 4:56 am EST
hey man, you around? ive been offering the cff title
1-21-2020 1:47 am EST
Free SRs for this tournament, go put your name down :) http://www.mmarmy.com/forum/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=501915#Post501915
Team Goat Beard
5-14-2019 12:08 pm EST
Have you tried Kalib Fulton at 125 lbs? I'm pretty sure he can make the weight.
4-26-2019 2:03 pm EST
Hey you have a KoK tiebreaker fight pending. Check the thread...
10-18-2018 11:53 am EST
Hey can you participate in the upcoming event? If so please post your fighters.
7-27-2018 6:49 pm EST
Damn, Wild Bill! Great to have you as part of DBA. Our Alliance is really beginning to round out very well. Thanks for joining and welcome to the compound.
6-26-2018 5:12 am EST
I gave you access to DBAs forum. Pop in and say hello.
6-25-2018 4:06 am EST
Woot woot! Thats what I like to hear!!! Ill sign you up today buddy!
Chits Crew
6-18-2018 5:06 pm EST
Wild Bill thanks for the fights, always look forward to fight your camp. Like Fistk says it would be awesome to have in our alliance. Good day! Check DBA out sometime.
6-18-2018 10:13 am EST
To be honest it would be tough to be in an alliance without being on the forum, but there is a ton of good information on the forum. You would have access to the DBA only forum where we exchange tips, chat and just shoot the shit as well...
6-6-2018 6:22 am EST
Hey buddy give any thought to joining DBA?
5-14-2018 9:35 am EST
Hey bill, DBA wants you... actually, We need you!!! hit me up on the forum or my team page.
12-3-2017 5:52 am EST
Looks like we meet for the EFC LW Title. It will be a pleasure, I hope. ;)
1-19-2017 8:29 pm EST
What was your forum name?
5-16-2016 9:16 am EST
Hop on the forum if you get a chance. This is the owner of the game.
5-15-2016 4:21 am EST
You've got my number this morning.
1-6-2016 10:08 am EST
You always seem to kick my ass
12-3-2015 11:21 am EST
Good fights, always fun fighting this camp!
Big Losers
11-11-2015 11:14 am EST
my first fight after a 2 year layoff, and you stomp my ass. im quitting all over again.
5-27-2015 12:04 pm EST
coaches if you need an Alliance in the forum. All are full but I have places available. Pm me. (just ignore this message if you are in an alliance already or i didn't recognise a vets new camp) thanks
10-25-2014 4:05 pm EST
Thanks for the fights.
Sub N Tug FC
9-24-2014 3:27 pm EST
nice camp. thanks for the fight.
9-13-2009 3:49 pm EST
Pretty solid camp. Are you rebuilding? Have you given any thoughts to joining an alliance?